Using Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a feature of Microsoft Word that helps in sending the same letter to number of people. Using mail merge, we can create personalized letters, envelopes, labels, name tags, e-mail messages and directories. The mail merge process involves the following three steps: creating main document, creating a data source and merging main document and data source.

The main document contains the information that will remain the same in each record. Click on Start Mail Merge. Select the Mailings Tab and choose the type of document. The steps to create a data source are as follows: The address list stores information which is merged with the main document. Table contains columns to enter information. Each row contains the name and a set of related information known as a data record. Create the main document as per the requirement using one of the options such as Form letters, Mailing labels, Envelopes and Catalogs and merge it with the data source. To print the merged letter, click on Finish & Merge under Mailings tab and select option Print documents. Merge to printer dialog box will appear, now select the desired option and click on OK.

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