Advance features of Excel

Chart is an effective way to display the data in a pictorial form. It is used to draw comparisons and analysis of information. When a chart is inserted, the data is displayed in a window called datasheet. The components of a chart are Chart Area, Data Series, Category Name, Plot Area etc. Chart Area includes all the area and the objects in the chart. X-axis is the horizontal axis of the chart. Y axis is the vertical axis used to plot the values. Data Series are the bars, slices that represent the data values. Category Name is a label that is displayed on the X and Y axis. Plot area is the area of a chart on which data is plotted. Chart Title is the descriptive text that helps a user to identify the chart. Axes Titles are the titles given to X, Y and Z axis. Legend is the unique colour or pattern that identifies a data series. Gridlines are the horizontal and vertical lines in the plot area, which enhance the chart readability. Data Label provides additional information about data.

A user can create a chart in Excel using Chart Wizard. Some of the most commonly used charts are: Column Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart and Pie Chart. Formatting improves the appearance of a chart. Goal Seek is a feature to fix the specific result of one cell by adjusting the value in another cell.

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