Office 2007 Overview

Microsoft Office 2007 has introduced a completely new interface with new sets of file formats. In Office 2007, the Ribbon has three parts: Tabs, Groups and Command. In Office 2007, the drop down menu is replaced by ribbon. The Quick Access Toolbar is a place where the users can easily add commands of their choice. In Office 2007, for every single button on the Ribbon, there are shortcuts called key tips. When the user presses Alt key, these key tips are displayed.

In the Insert tab of Ribbon, there is a new section, called the SmartArt. On clicking the SmartArt button, the desired SmartArt can be selected. By default, the Picture Tools tab is not visible. However, if any picture is clicked, the Picture Tools tab appears above the other tabs of Ribbon. The new Mini Toolbar is a context menu, which is automatically shown when the text is selected. It provides easy access to formatting commands. Live Preview allows the user to see possible impact of a formatting or design decision before it is actually made. A formula is an expression that can include cell addresses, numbers, arithmetic operators and parenthesis. Simple and complex calculations are performed using functions. Chart is an effective way to display the data in a pictorial form. Pivot Table is a powerful tool for consolidating, summarising and presenting data.

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