Using Excel as Database

Excel database is used to keep a track of information. Data form is a dialog box that is used to enter or display the complete information or a record. Before adding a record in a data form, the worksheet must have a field name. Excel uses these field names to enter records in a form. An Excel command can be easily added to the Quick Access Toolbar. The data form can be used to add, find, change and delete rows in a range or table. Using the data form, a new record can be added. Data form can be used to search a record stored in a database. A data form provides the option to delete a particular record. Sorting is the arrangement of data according to a particular field in increasing or decreasing order.

MS Excel provides following ways to analyse data: AutoFilter, Advance Filter, Subtotal and Pivot Table. AutoFilter is used to display the records that one needs and temporarily hides the rest. Advance Filter is used to filter data on multiple fields using specified criteria. Adding subtotal in a worksheet is used to manage and analyse data. Pivot Table is used for consolidating, summarising and presenting data. Data validation uses validation rules that check for correctness, meaningfulness, and security of data, which is the input to the system. Data validation is used to restrict the cell entries within the specified range.

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