Log on to Access

MS Access is used to collect sets of related data and keep the data organized. It helps to create relationship among the tables by using common fields. It provides the facility to add, update, delete, view and retrieve data in a desired way by using tables, forms, queries and reports etc. Table is a collection of rows and columns. It is used to store data and information called records into it. Queries are used to extract information from database according to the specified criteria. Forms are used to design front end of the database. Reports are designed by the user to view or print the records stored in table or queries. Pages show the shortcut database of various data access pages. Macros are used for doing the functions of a database in an automatic manner. Modules are used to do advanced functions of the database.

To open Access, go to Start select All Programs and click on Microsoft Office. Choose Microsoft Access from the drop down menu. Once the window appears, the user can easily create a table. A table can be created in a database by using any of the following methods: Create a table in Design View, Create a table by using the Table Wizard and Create a table by entering data into a datasheet. To close MS Access database, click the Microsoft Office button. Click option Close Database from the menu.

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