Office 2007 Overview

Office 2007 has introduced a completely new interface with new sets of file formats. In Office 2007, the Ribbon commands are organised into tabs that group the related commands together. The Ribbon has three parts: Tabs, Groups and Command. Quick Access Toolbar is a place where the commands can be easily added. In Office 2007, for every single button on the Ribbon, there are shortcuts called ‘key tips’. When the user presses the Alt key, these key tips are displayed. MS Access can be used to create a database. To create a new database in MS Access, click on All Programs and then click on Microsoft Office. Select Microsoft Access 2007. Click on Blank Database option. Type the file name and click on the Create button. To create a table in MS Access 2007, go to the Create tab and click on Table Design button. Now, add the fields and specify their data type. Save the table and open it to view/insert the data.

The Primary key uniquely identifies each record in MS Access 2007. To set the Primary key, select the desired field and then click on the ‘Primary Key’ button under ‘Design’ tab. Structured Query Language is used to filter records from the table. The records are generated according to the criteria specified by the user. The user can also filter the record from the database as per their need with the help of query.

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