Tools and Options

Adobe Photoshop provides various tools for painting and editing the colours of an image. Brush Tool is used to create soft strokes of colour in the image. Pencil Tool is used to draw freehand drawings with hard edges. Color Replacement Tool is used to replace the original colour of the image with the foreground colour. History Brush tool is used to restore an image to its former state.

Type Tool is used to insert text in an image. It is of two types: Horizontal Type Tool and Vertical Type Tool. Horizontal Type Tool is used to type letters horizontally from left to right. Vertical Type Tool is used to type from top to bottom. Warp Tool is used to position the letters or text in different shapes. Shape Tool and Line Tool are used to draw different shapes and lines. Custom Shape Tool creates custom shapes by modifying predefined shapes or defining one’s own shapes. Path Selection Tool is used to select the path and vector objects by clicking on them. Two types of Viewing tools are Zoom Tool and Hand Tool. Zoom Tool is used to zoom-in an image by clicking on the tool on the canvas to see its magnified view or zoom out by pressing Alt. The Hand Tool is used to adjust the picture on the screen. Image Adjustment allows one to set the Color Levels, Contrast, Brightness and many more settings of an image. Hue-Saturation Tool is used to adjust the hue, saturation and lightness.

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