Video Editing

Windows Movie Maker is a free video creating and editing software program that is used to capture, edit and arrange audio and video content to create movies or presentations. It includes features such as video effects, transitions, titles and credits and narration that can be used to easily create home movies, photo albums or any other type of presentations.

To build a project, import the video, picture, audio or music files. Click Import video in the Movie Tasks pane. The Import File dialog box opens up. Select the video or picture file to be added to the project. Click on Import button. The selected clips are added in the Collections pane. To add a clip or a picture to the Storyboard, select the desired clip or the picture. Choose Clip and click on Add to storyboard. The selected clip or picture will get added to the Storyboard.

Movie Maker provides many video effects such as Blur, Gray Scale and Fade in from white. Titles can be added to any place in the movie – at the beginning or end of a movie, before or after a clip or overlaying a clip. However, credits can be placed at the end of the movie only. Transition effects control the way how one video clip or picture changes into another video clip or picture. These effects can be added between two pictures, video clips or titles. Movie maker can also be used to add audio or music to the movies. Audio clips can be added in the timeline view only.

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