Working with Queries

Microsoft Access efficiently stores and retrieves all types of information. The primary reason for its success is its interactive query interface. Queries are the primary mechanism for retrieving information from a database. Queries are categorised into four types: Select Query, Update Query, Cross tab Query and Append Query.

The Select query finds and displays data according to the supplied criteria. To use select query, click on the Queries tab in the database window and then select option ‘Create query in Design view’. ‘Show Table’ dialog box opens. Click on ‘Tables’ tab. Select the desired table to make a simple query and then click on the Add button. To add fields to the query, double click on the desired field from the field list. The selected field would be added and displayed to the ‘Field’ row. The ‘Table’ row displays the name of the table.

To specify simple criteria, click on the ‘Criteria’ row of the design grid and specify the criteria to filter the data. Now, save the query and then click on the query to view the query output. Multiple criteria in a query can be specified using ‘OR’ property.

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