Natural Resources

Life on Earth depends on various factors. The natural resources available on the Earth and the energy from the Sun are necessary to meet the basic requirements of all the living organisms on the Earth. The atmosphere plays an important role in controlling the temperature of the Earth. The heating of air over land and water-bodies causes winds. The evaporation of water from water-bodies and subsequent condensation causes rain. The rainfall patterns depend upon the wind prevailing in an area. A constant interaction between the biotic and abiotic components of the biosphere makes it a dynamic, but stable system. Various nutrients in the environment are used again and again in a cyclic fashion by the process of biogeochemical cycle. This leads to a certain balance between the various components of the biosphere. Pollution of air, water and soil affect the quality of life and harm the environment. Some of the harmful effects are ozone layer depletion, green house effect etc. We need to use our resources in a sustainable manner because these are not unlimited and the demand for all resources is increasing.

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