Industrial Regions: Location and Distribution

  • The place where primary products are processed into more refined and usable products is called an industry. Industrialisation helps in modernising agriculture, which is the backbone of our economy. It generates .... Read More

Agro Based Industry

  • There are many industries, which use raw materials produced in the agricultural sector. These types of industries are known as agro-based industries. Two main types of agro-based industries are: .... Read More

Mineral Based Industry

  • Heavy industries, using minerals as the basic raw material, are known as mineral-based industries.  Iron and Steel industry forms the backbone for the industrial development of a country. Almost all industr .... Read More

Chemical Industries

  • Chemical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. The Indian chemical industry accounts for 3% of the global chemical industry share. Some of the major types of chemical industries are: .... Read More

Tourism Industry

  • We can define tourism in simple words as, “the temporary movement of people to destinations other than their place of residence or work.” The industry that is engaged in providing services and facili .... Read More

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