Indefinite Integration

Integration is the inverse process of differentiation. If the differentiation of a function g(x) is f(x), then the integration of the function f(x) with respect to x is g(x) plus a constant of integration.
From the geometric point of view, an indefinite integral is a colle .... Read More

Methods of Integration

•    An integral is a mathematical object that can be interpreted as an area or a generalization of area.
•    The method of evaluating an integral by reducing it to standard form by a substitution is called integration by substitution.
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Definite Integral

The definite integral is introduced either as the limit of a sum or if it has an anti derivative F in the close interval [a, b], and its value is F (b) – F (a).

Definite integral as the limit of a sum:
Let f(x) be a continuous function defined on a .... Read More

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