Democracy in India: Challenges

Political Violence and Casteism

  • Indian democracy strongly believes in the rights of the individuals and their development. It is for this reason that the constitution grants rights and guarantees the protection of these rights.
  • Political violence .... Read More


  • Communalism can be understood as a strong allegiance to one’s ethnic community rather than society. Communalism today is rejected because it is totalitarian in nature.
  • Community based violence has been pr .... Read More

Regionalism and Seperatism

  • The emergence and growth of demands for separate independent states out of India, demands for full statehood for different areas, demands for regional autonomy, and advocacy of regional interests over and above the .... Read More

Social and Economic Inequality

  • India is a hub of diversity. ‘Unity in diversity’ is considered to be soul of the nation. Greatest success of our democracy is that we have developed a sense of national integration. India is the only nation in third world whe .... Read More

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