Franchise and Representation

Universal Adult Suffrage

  • The power of the state over the people is exercised by the elected representatives of the people. The people rule through their elected representatives.
  • The electorate is the body of all the people who have the right to .... Read More

Minority and Functional Representation

  • For the proper functioning of democracy, it is essential that system of representation should be such that it should be able to represent minority and majority both in a balanced manner.
  • Minority is a group having little power .... Read More

Political Parties

  • Political parties are extra-constitutional structures. A political party is a distinct group of people, actively and peacefully participating in the political process for the promotion of national interests.
  • Political parties play a major role .... Read More

Classification of Party System

  • A traditional basis for the classification of party systems has been the quantitative one. According to this classification scheme three types of party systems are identified: i.e. one party system, bi-party system or two party system and multi-party system.
  • One party system is .... Read More

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