Organs of Government : The Executive

Introduction to Executive

  • There are three organs of the governmenti.e.Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.The executive branch is the administrative arm of government which implements and enforces all the laws created by the legislative branch, and as interpreted, from time to time, by the judiciary.
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Civil Services

  • The civil service constitutes the permanent and the professional dimension of the executive. Civil servants run the administration of the state in accordance with the policies of the political executives.
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Executive Head in India

  • An Executive is the branch of government which has the responsibility of putting into effect a country's laws and the administering of its functions. The entire executive authority in the union is formally vested in t .... Read More

Parliamentary Executive in India

  • According to the Constitution of India, President appoints the leader of the majority party as the Prime Minister. If a party or a coalition group gets a majority, the President appoints the leader of the .... Read More

Changing role of Indian Prime Minister

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Executive in USA

  • US Constitution provides for Presidential form of government. President is the custodian of all the executive powers of the federation. Constitution denies executive power to the Congress and the Supreme Court. President of the United States is elected by the people.
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Comparative Study of Executive :- India, U.S.A and U.K.

  • In the UK, the British Prime minister exercises all the executive powers while they are theoretically vested in the King/Queen. In the USA, the President is vested with all the executive powers, which are also exercised by him.
  • In India, the President is an indirectly elected h .... Read More

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