Organs of Government: The Legislature

Introduction to Legislature

  • Government is an agency which exercises the power of the state over all its people and areas. The legislature is the law making organ of the government. It vests in the state, legal authority and force.
  • Modern legislatures have .... Read More

Indian Parliament

  • A Parliament is a national representative body which has supreme legislative powers within the state.Law making powers of the Indian Union are with the Union Parliament.
  • It is a bi-cameral legislature with the House of People (Lok Sabha) as the Lower House and the Council of St .... Read More

US Congress

  • US legislature is known as Congress.US has a federal legislature. The congress is a non-sovereign legislature. It is bound by a written and supreme US constitution.
  • House of Representatives is the popular, lower and directly el .... Read More

Comparative Study of Legislature:- India, U.S.A and U.K.

  • Legislature in Britain is a sovereign legislature, Indian and American legislatures are non-sovereign legislatures. The British judiciary has no power to conduct judicial review over laws passed by the pa .... Read More

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