Organs of the Government: The Judiciary

Introduction to Judiciary

  • The judiciary is an important organ of the government. It shoulders the responsibility to apply the laws to specific cases and settle disputes by interpreting and applying laws. Judiciary is a system of courts that interprets and applies law in the name of the state.
  • The judici .... Read More

Judicial Review

  • Rule of law means absence of rule of any person and supremacy of law. The rights and liberties of the individual can be safeguarded till the time one remains within the limits set by law.Individuals can be punished for the breach of law. Punishment is given only after that breach of law h .... Read More

Relation between Legislature, Executive and Judiciary

  • Government is the institution through which society makes and enforces its public policies.It is the agency through which the state exerts its will and works to accomplish its goals. Legislature, executive and judiciary are the three organs of the government.The three functions are kept s .... Read More

Judiciary in U.S.A

  • The USA is a liberal democratic and federal state with a strong and independent judiciary. The existence of a well organised and independent Judicial system is a necessity for every democratic system because without it the rights of the people can never be protected from possible violatio .... Read More

Indian Judiciary- The Supreme Court

  • The powers of the government in India are divided horizontally among three organs, i.e. the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.
  • The Indian judiciary has the Supreme Court at the apex, which is also the court of final appeals in India.Indian c .... Read More

The High Courts and Subordinate Courts

  • The High courts are the principal civil courts of original jurisdiction in the state along with District Courts which are subordinate to the High Courts.The High Court is the highest court at the state level.
  • The High Court con .... Read More

Comparative Study of Judiciary:- India, U.S.A and U.K

  • India,UK and USA are liberal democratic states. The judiciary in each of these enjoys a very important and powerful position. They have an independent, impartial, honest and efficient Judiciary. Principle of Separation of power is followe .... Read More

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