CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014

Hindi A Class 10 CBSE Question Paper 2014 

Hindi is a widely spoken language in India and many parts of the world. Such is the popularity and importance of this language that CBSE made it compulsory up to Class 8 in its schools. Though it is optional in Class 10, those who opt for this subject stand to gain a lot career-wise. Many government and private jobs require candidates to know Hindi. Knowing this language is beneficial for expanding one’s business in multiple states. Apart from that, learning Hindi helps students speak and understand other languages like Urdu and Punjabi. Aren’t the benefits multifold?

While the language is so useful in today’s context, it is not at all difficult to learn it. Hindi, being a phonetic language, the words are written exactly the way they are pronounced. This makes learning this language pretty easy. And since students have been learning Hindi from Class 1, they will not find it hard to study and understand the chapters discussed in Class 10. 

However, studying the chapters and understanding the concepts and themes are not enough to score good marks in the examination. Students need to practice a lot to ensure that they retain the concepts and do not forget them during the examination. Extramarks have arranged all previous Hindi A question papers, including CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014, so students do not work hard without purpose or direction. Solving the question papers not only makes them confident but also channels their efforts in the right direction. They learn the question patterns, and if they are lucky, they might find the same questions again on the question paper; sometimes, questions get repeated. 

Besides, students get to learn time management which is very important to solving the entire paper. They realise the topics they are weak at and the questions they need to practice more. They also get to identify the portions that are stressed more, the types of topics usually given in essays, and the best ways to approach the questions, especially the creative ones. All these factors make their preparations more in tune with the examination pattern. 

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014 

For those searching for authentic CBSE question papers for the past years, look no further than Extramarks. Here, students can find question papers for all the subjects of at least five to six previous years. And what more? Students get the solved version of all these question papers. This certainly is a boon for them as they work hard to prepare for their Class 10 Board examination. And for subjects that have multiple books like Hindi, these solved question papers can be their saviour. Not only will they make revision easy but also help them identify the chapters across the books that are given more importance. 

Extramarks has been a leading education portal that constantly works to offer the best educational resources to students across all economic backgrounds. To ensure money does not pose a hurdle to quality education, it offers chapter-wise PDFs of all the books, NCERT solutions, and solved previous years’ question papers, among other resources, for free. Once students register with the website, they can access them at their convenience. All the materials are available in downloadable PDF formats so that students can also save them on their devices for easy access. Students willing to give mock tests can print previous years’ question papers and solve them within the stipulated time. Then, they can cross-check the answers with the solutions and score themselves. The availability of all the study materials has also made the students independent. 

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014 

Preparing for the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A examination can be challenging if students do not have suitable materials. CBSE Class 10 is the first big and career-determining examination that students face in their lives. Apart from this, board examinations introduce students to the kind of tests they will face in their academics in the coming years. So, students often tend to overthink the tests and become prey to anxiety or examination fear. However, there is nothing to fear or worry about as the board exams are quite easy when students know the right way to approach them. As they know by this time, their NCERT Books are enough to help them score high in the examinations. The same goes for Hindi as well. They have four books – Kshitij-2, Kritika, Sparsh, and Sanchayan Bhag-2. The examination is divided into two parts – Course A and Course B, wherein Course A contains Kshitij-2 and Kritika and Course B covers Sparsh and Sanchayan Bhag-2.

To make the studying process easy and help students understand the concepts and themes better, Extramarks offers chapter-wise NCERT solutions for each book based on the current CBSE Syllabus. After students are done learning the lessons, they can start practising previous years’ question papers offered by Extramarks. One of them is the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014. The best part about the 2014 Hindi question paper is that it contains the pattern followed by CBSE for years. You also get the CBSE Sample Papers in the same pattern. As students start practising these papers in a given time and gradually acquire speed and an understanding of how the examination can be, their fear evaporates, and they become more confident. The extensive practice also exposes them to several challenging and tricky questions and prepares them mentally to deal with them. With time, they hone their skills and develop a precise idea of the question types usually asked in the Hindi A board examination.  

To appreciate the efforts and hard work of the students, Extramarks offers the answers to the previous years’ question papers. Here, you can access the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014 Solved PDF

Highly-experienced subject experts in Extramarks have written the answers to the questions. They have used simple language following the CBSE guidelines so that students get a clear idea of how to attend the exam. These experts have answered the questions in a way that will help them understand the concept concisely. As they can try attempting the answers themselves, the solved question paper acts as a guide. The question paper also gives them an idea of the marking structure. Students must learn about it to better plan their course of study. 

The CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014 contains multiple choice questions on literary poetry and prose pieces, essays, descriptive questions, creative writings, etc. Practising the previous year question papers also help students get an idea of the essay topics. 

To sum it up, as students remain consistent in their efforts to solve previous years’ question papers, sample papers, and give mock tests, they become more and more confident in their ability to pass the examination with flying colours.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What benefits of solving previous years’ CBSE Class 10 Hindi Question Papers?

Solving previous years’ question papers better equip them to face the examination. They become aware of the marks distribution system, patterns of questions asked, prioritized topics, etc. They also learn time management. This helps them strategise better for the examination and score good marks. 

2. What does the CBSE Hindi A course contain?

The CBSE Hindi A course starts with multiple-choice questions on several proses and poems. Then, it moves to essays and creative writing. This section judges students’ flair for the language, in-depth knowledge, vocabulary, ability to express their thoughts creatively without fodder words, etc. To excel in the course A examination, students can access multiple study materials at Extramarks. Professionals have designed these materials in lucid language to help students understand the concepts, use of grammar, and themes better. They have also exposed them to relevant keywords and better expressions to help them get better marks on the test. 

3. Does Extramarks offers question papers of the past 5-6 years?

Students get both the question papers for the past few years and their solutions at Extramarks. This enables them to practice as much as they want without overexerting themselves. Experienced teachers have solved all these question papers, which are available for free. They can download them anytime and start their practice accurately. 

4. Why chose the study materials, including the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014 Solved PDF, offered by Extramarks?

The solved question papers and sample papers offered by Extramarks are prepared by professional teachers having years of experience. They have written everything in easy-to-understand language to provide students with a better understanding, in-depth analysis, and logical explanations of the chapters and help them learn the correct use of words, phrases, and various expressions.  

5. How can one score well in the Hindi board examination?

To attain high marks, students must thoroughly read the Hindi NCERT Books, solve the exercise questions, and practice the previous years’ question papers. They can also refer to the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2014 Solved PDF. Solving the question papers will help them cherish their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and become aware of where they stand regarding their preparation. 

6. What is the best way to write a Hindi essay?

Students can become experts in writing Hindi essays if they follow the below-mentioned points:

They should start the essay with a solid and interesting introduction. If the essay’s first paragraph is not exciting, nobody will prefer to continue reading it. 

Second comes the main body, which should contain detailed information about the topic in precise language. Students must not write unnecessary sentences to increase the word count and instead focus on making the main body tight and compact. 

The last and final paragraph should contain a beautiful conclusion that seamlessly expresses their final thoughts.