CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014

CBSE class 10 papers are designed to test students regarding their overall command of the subjects they are studying. Hindi as a subject is divided into two courses, Hindi A and Hindi B, with each part focusing on a particular set of skills. Students who are rather skilled in Hindi often take Hindi A, which has in-depth prose and poetry. Students who study Hindi as a second language take Hindi B.

Students who are going to attempt the boards need to start their preparations early. As such, it is a good idea to solve as many sample papers as possible once their preliminary preparations are over. Previous years’ sample papers are excellent for providing good practice. Most papers are prepared in the same format as previous years, so students will find it helpful to attempt recent years’ papers. 

Hindi B Class 10 CBSE Question Paper 2014

Hindi B has 21 chapters in total. The chapters are divided into Sparsh and Sanchayan, with Sanchayan containing long chapters and Sparsh containing both poetry as well as prose which are rather short. All the chapters in Hindi B are important, and students must study all the chapters as much as possible.

In addition to the chapters in their books, students must also study grammar in Hindi in order to fare well in their exams. Once they are thoroughly prepared, they can solve practice questions starting from their NCERT books to sample papers, previous year question papers, and so on. Students who practice previous years’ question papers often find that they are more familiar with the CBSE questions while writing their exams. This familiarity gives them confidence and helps them do better than others.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014 

The CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014 has a regular pattern. The paper is usually divided into Reading- A, Grammar- B, Literature- C, and Writing- D. Students must get used to the question paper pattern by solving previous years’ question papers. Questions in the exam include those from literature as well as grammar, so practising the entire paper is very useful for students. 

Students can now download CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014 from Extramarks for free in pdf format and practice for their exam whenever they want.

More about CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014

An excellent way to practice for exams is to solve the previous year’s question papers. Previous year’s question papers can enable students to get in the mindset they need to get when writing their exams. It will help them build confidence and develop a general idea regarding the exam papers.

A very crucial task while writing language papers is time management. Most students lose marks in their exams because they are unable to manage their time properly and hence end up giving time to questions that require less time while neglecting to give enough time to questions that carry more marks.

Solving previous years papers in a systematic and timed manner can help students time themselves and hence learn time management which can help them score extra marks. Students can also fix the manner in which they want to solve their papers and focus on questions that are marked heavily first.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014 as well as other papers can be downloaded on Extramarks along with their solutions so that students can get the maximum benefit from these papers and score well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will the paper format for CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper change?

The paper format for CBSE Class 10 Hindi does not change every year. If there are any changes in the paper format, the Board makes sure to announce them beforehand. So far, no change in the CBSE Class 10 Hindi B paper has been announced. So, the same format of Reading- A, Grammar- B, Literature- C, and Writing- D will be followed this year as well. Students can familiarize themselves with the question paper formats by practising various year question papers and getting a sense of the types of questions that are asked each year.

2. Can we download CBSE question paper Hindi B several times on more than one device?

Extramarks allows you to download CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014 solved PDF as many times as you want on as many devices as you want in pdf format. The aim of providing question papers to students for download is to help them prepare well for their exams. Restricting downloads will only mean that students get unduly pressured. So, Extramarks allows you to download Hindi B question papers with solutions as many times as you want. Students should therefore make use of this opportunity and solve all available question papers and check their answers against the solutions provided along with them.

3. How should I score well on the Hindi B paper?

Students have to work hard in order to score well on any paper. In Hindi B paper, students have to practice the various types of long-form questions that they can be asked. In order to do this, they must know the types of questions that will be asked and also gain practice on how to frame the answers.

After becoming thorough with their portions and preparations, students must solve CBSE’s previous years’ question papers, CBSE practice papers, and CBSE extra questions in order to score well in their Hindi exam. They can also solve CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014 amongst other papers and hence gain mastery over the subject.

4. Is Hindi B paper longer than Hindi A paper in CBSE Class 10 Hindi?

The main difference between Hindi A and Hindi B is the way they handle literature and grammar. Hindi A is prepared for students who want to pursue Hindi in their higher studies. It contains more in-depth prose and poetry as well as more advanced grammar compared to Hindi B. Students who have studied Hindi earlier on and will study Hindi in the future are chosen for Hindi A. Usually, schools make the choice for students.

On the other hand, Hindi B is designed for students who pursue Hindi as a second language. It contains less advanced Hindi with regard to prose, poetry as well as grammar. Schools where students who have not studied Hindi in-depth usually opt for Hindi B. So students can score well in Hindi B if they put in a bit of effort and practice well for their exams in a systematic and balanced manner. 

5. Are solutions provided with the previous year's question papers at Extramarks?

Yes, at Extramarks, you can get the CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2014 solved PDF as well as other previous years’ question papers with solutions. It is a great idea to practice previous years’ question papers while having their solutions. Having solutions helps students check their answers against the solutions. It also teaches them how to write answers in a manner that can help them get maximum marks. 

While practising papers, students gain experience regarding what to expect in their exams and also how to answer the questions that may be posed in their papers.