CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2015

Students in Class 10 are about to create their first crucial milestone during board exams. As a result, they need to work their knuckles to the bone in order to get good marks in all subjects. While most students attempting the exam have no prior experience with boards, solving previous year’s question papers can help them overcome the uncertainty preceding their exams. The CBSE board has made its syllabus very student-friendly and comprehensive. Hence, students just need to prepare for their exams thoroughly and focus on their subjects. If students cover all subjects and practise the previous year’s question papers and CBSE extra questions, they are sure to get excellent results in their exams. Extramarks believes in incorporating the best learning experiences through its own repository. To enjoy the maximum benefit of these resources, students just need to register themselves at Extramark’s official website and stay ahead of the competition.

CBSE Class 10 H1-Hindi Question Paper 2015

The CBSE Hindi syllabus is divided into Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B. Both courses differ in terms of the level of difficulty. Hindi A is focused on comprehension, prose, and poetry, whereas Hindi B is focused on basic grammar and communication skills. It’s comparatively easier than Course A.

In Hindi B, students have to write detailed answers, and thus time is of crucial importance. Long-answer questions require you to both frame answers to the point quickly without waffling and cover all of the main points. It is, therefore, very important for students to learn time management skills so that they can complete their papers on time. Managing their time well will also ensure that students don’t miss out on questions that carry more weight.

In order to enhance their proficiency, students must solve as many question papers as they can. It is even better if students can practise the paper within the allotted time frame. so that they don’t get nervous or stressed when they come across a lengthy question paper. That’s why it’s important to practise past years’ question papers once you are done with the syllabus.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course B Question Paper 2015

Previous year’s question papers help students get familiar with the question paper pattern as well as the topics that are important from an examination point of view. It helps them recognise the types of questions they can expect in their board exams and prepare accordingly. It is thus extremely important for students to solve the previous year’s question papers if they wish to score well in their exams.

Extramarks believes in incorporating the best learning experiences through its own repository, and its credibility lies in the fact that it’s the most trusted website for educational materials, especially for students taking the Class 10 board exam. Students will find it extremely beneficial to practise papers before their board exams. In addition to time management, solving previous year’s papers builds confidence among students. It makes them sure of themselves as they gain enough experience answering questions from previous years’ exam papers. Students often make mistakes when they are nervous and often waste time pondering over questions before they get down to answer. Being confident helps them be quick with their answers and complete their paper with confidence.

Class 10 Hindi Question Paper

In order to score well in Hindi, Course B students need to practise different types of long answer questions. It is easier for them to answer similar questions in exams if they have practised answering them before the exams. That is why solving previous years’ papers must be an integral part of the study plan of students aiming to score excellent grades in their board exams.

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Now, students can find all kinds of question papers on the Extramarks website. These are available directly on the official website and can be downloaded free of charge. These papers are available in PDF format and can be viewed from any device, allowing students the freedom of practising papers without being bench- and book-bound. In addition, the question papers are available with solutions so that students can revise themselves, check their answers, and get instant feedback regarding their performance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do the previous year's CBSE Class 10 question papers come with solutions?

Previous year CBSE Class 10 question papers include detailed solutions. Students must practise the question papers by solving them within the allotted time frame. Following this, they should match their answers and assess themselves based on how well they have answered their questions. This will also assist them in identifying their weak points and revising those chapters and topics for precise answers with solutions.

2. Is it okay to practise previous-year papers without timing them?

When revising, it is best for students to time their question papers. This is because timing the papers gives them a fair idea of how to answer each question within the time limit. It also helps them learn time management skills with regard to answering the paper. Students who revise questions without timing them may end up taking too much time in the beginning and lose important marks by running out of time at the end.

3. Where can I download the previous year's papers with solutions?

You can download previous year’s papers with solutions from Extramarks. Extramarks provides the previous year practice papers and their solutions are easily available on the website. The papers are available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. Students can practise for their board exams using these question papers along with solutions and ensure excellent marks in their board exams.

4. Why does the CBSE have Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B for Class 10?

The CBSE syllabus is designed to be easy and systematic in its approach towards encouraging students to learn Hindi either as their first or second language. Hindi is divided into Hindi A and Hindi B in order to help students decide whether they would like to choose Course A or Course B depending upon their linguistic skills. Students who speak Hindi as their mother tongue or first language usually choose Course A, which includes comprehension, prose, and poetry. Students with Hindi as a second language prefer Course B. It comprises basic grammar and comprehension, which is comparatively easier than Course A. It also helps students score better when they make wise choices, and cracking the language paper won’t be that difficult.

5. Are Hindi Course B papers lengthy and difficult to solve?

The Ans.Hindi Course B papers require students to write comparatively long answers compared to the short form and MCQs of Hindi A. However, Hindi B papers are easy, not lengthy, and easy to solve. The papers are designed to allow even students with little knowledge of Hindi, who find it challenging, to finish the paper easily. However, students need to practise how to write the answers by reviewing previous years’ papers and including all the relevant points so that they can attempt the paper confidently and ensure good grades.