CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2018

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Question Paper 2018

One of the key subjects to do well in for the Class 10 Board exam is Hindi. A high score in this subject might raise your overall percentage by a significant amount. A precise plan is necessary if one wants to score good marks. One must first comprehend the syllabus, the grading system, and the question paper from the previous year to develop a clear strategy.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course B Question Paper 2018

The previous years question papers offered by Extramarks can aid you in effectively studying for your forthcoming exam in 2018. You can increase your exam confidence by practising these previous year’s questions, which have the same paper format as those used by CBSE in previous years. You can become familiar with the paper format and practise it thoroughly with the help of the Class 10 Hindi Course B previous year question paper. An assortment of questions from last year’s tests is included in these papers. You can gain an understanding of the types of problems and the amount of time needed to solve them by mastering these sample papers. You’ll be able to perform and comprehend more effectively as a result of this.

For the students to have a clear understanding of the impending tests, the professors are also giving them these past years questions as assignments.

Hindi B Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 – 2018

Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B are the two courses that makeup Class 10 of the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE). The literature in Hindi Course A mostly consists of Hindi poetry and prose. The main aim of Hindi Course B is language proficiency and comprehension of the Hindi language. Extramarks offers the 2018 CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course B Question paper as a resource to assist students in achieving higher marks in this course. The question paper is entirely solved and is available for free download.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course B Question Paper 2018

On this website, you can access the 2018 CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course B Question Paper with Solutions as a free PDF download. The most recent lesson plan for the current session will be available at Extramarks first to Class 10 students studying for the CBSE board exam. Get a sample paper for the CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course B based on the CBSE syllabus and grading methodology. The Extramarks Web page also provides free access to answer keys in PDF format.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Hindi prepared by knowledgeable professors using the most recent edition of NCERT books are available for free PDF download. By working through the CBSE Important Questions for Class 10 Chapter by Chapter with Solutions, you can improve your exam results. Students can access free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials on the platform Extramarks.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course-B Previous Year Question Paper

Students can better understand the exam format and the most recent themes by completing class 10 previous years question papers. If you want to increase your chances of doing well in the board exam, you must have a strong command of language papers. Only a few students can achieve perfect scores in Hindi. Most students do not regard Hindi to be an attractive subject, primarily because of its vastness and time-consuming nature. But don’t worry, because with our CBSE sample papers, getting good grades in Class 10 Hindi is now simple.

Regularly working through Hindi previous years question papers will help you do better in the exam and finish the paper in the allocated time.

Tips to Approach CBSE Class 10 Hindi Board Examination

First and foremost, ensure that you are stress-free and have a clear mentality during the exam. Examine the entire test paper very attentively. Sort out the questions that are simple to answer and go straight for those with efficiency and precision. Avoid writing too much stuff because it could result in poor grades. Answer questions reliably and accurately. Keep your attention on the task at hand when responding to the questions because even little errors might lead to incorrect replies and waste time. Keep an eye on the time and respond appropriately. Don’t forget to check your answer sheet at least  once after the exam is over to confirm that all the answers are right. After the examination, maintain your composure and focus on studying for the next one. One of the most pertinent exam question papers from 2018 was the CBSE Hindi Course B question paper.

The information in this essay tells the students what to concentrate on when taking the test. The question paper also provides insightful information on all pertinent viewpoints on the subject.

Significance of Extramarks

Extramarks aids students to the core, which is a very important contribution to the education sector. To bring out the best in youngsters, a large number of highly qualified teachers are engaged in their grooming. It is the best online learning environment available since it enables professors and students to communicate in a mutually beneficial way. For the students, it provides a wealth of options and paves the way for a promising future. Through its official website, it offers educational notes to students for each subject and each class. Additionally, the students have access to the question papers from the previous year, which will aid them in their exam preparation. A group of motivated and knowledgeable subject matter experts work for Extramarks. They are constantly available to assist students who are having trouble grasping the material.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. In CBSE Class 10, how can you distinguish between Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B?

The following are the distinctions between Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B:

Course A has a more extensive syllabus of Hindi prose and poetry. Compared to course A, it has a less comprehensive curriculum for Hindi prose and poetry.
There are lengthier classes, challenging grammar, and challenging literature. Compared to course A, it offers much shorter lessons with simpler language.
Getting high score requires a lot of work. In comparison to course A, getting higher scores is simple.

2. What are some recommendations for getting higher marks in the Class 10 Hindi exam?

The following are some pointers for improving test results in class 10 Hindi:

  •   Given the length of the Class 10 Hindi exam’s question paper, effective time management is essential for success. So, once you’ve finished the syllabus, practise as many questions from past years as you can.
  •   To succeed in the writing section—which is quite general—be familiar with some popular or contemporary issues connected to the environment, politics, sports, or value-based topics.
  •   Read the comprehension and texts during the first 15 minutes allotted for exam paper reading.
  •   Try the reading portion first, then the literature portion, and finally the writing portion (this may be changed depending on your preference)

3. How can I get a better grade in Hindi B's literature section for CBSE Class 10?

Here are some suggestions to help you get higher points in the literature section:

  •   Read each chapter attentively to grasp the main concept before moving on. To help you recall the names of the writers, poets, and chapters with the correct spelling, use flashcards or keynotes.
  •   Try to remain true to the lesson’s central idea throughout the play, story, and novel. Given that most inquiries are related to it.
  •   Answers should be written based on interpretation, understanding, and inference. The wording used in the answers should be appropriate, and free of grammatical and spelling faults.

4. Does the 2018 CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course-B exam question and answer sheet include both?

Yes, the CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course-B 2018 question paper PDF includes a thorough explanation of each question from top academicians and professors in India. The solutions are presented in a way that allows every student to comprehend them without difficulty. To learn and practise offline, you can download the exam in pdf format. Additionally, Extramarks offers solved test questions for every previous year and for all topics for all standards as they get ready for their final exams.

5. Is the CBSE Class 10 Hindi Board Exam difficult to pass with high marks?

No, you can achieve high marks in the Class 10 Hindi Board Exam by having a thorough understanding of the syllabus, adhering to a daily study schedule, thoroughly learning from the appropriate study materials, concentrating more on the chapters with the highest weightage, asking teachers and mentors for clarification, preparing a revision notes for last-minute review, remaining calm and focused, solving more practice questions from CBSE previous year question papers, managing your time, and giving your best effort during the exam. We believe that these pointers would enable you to succeed