CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2017

CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2017

CBSE Class 10 Maths is a subject of great importance. The Class 10 syllabus of Mathematics introduces students to important concepts like trigonometry, probability, statistics and more. These concepts are explored further in their higher classes if they choose to pursue science or commerce. That is why it is very important for students in Class 10 to get a good grasp of the concepts. Also, studying this subject well is very important to crack entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, GATE, or G-MAT.

Students in Class 10 are recommended to go through the NCERT textbooks thoroughly and they must practice the sums given in the examples and practice exercises regularly. They must also go through additional study material like NCERT solutions to explore the different methods in which a sum can be approached. It also gives elaborate explanations that help them develop a good understanding of the working of a problem statement. In addition to that, Mathematics is a subject that involves step marking and students must learn to show all the necessary steps in a clear way. The NCERT solutions for Class 10 can help students understand the steps.

Apart from the NCERT textbook and NCERT solutions, students in Class 10 must practice the CBSE sample papers and CBSE previous year question papers at least for the past 5 years. All the CBSE Class 10 Maths question papers are available on Extramarks for free download.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2017 with Solutions

In case you are wondering where to find CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2017 with solutions, get all the CBSE question papers with solutions on Extramarks. Extramarks offers a wide range of study materials for CBSE board examinations. The CBSE examination paper for Class 10 is one of the most important sources of study material that every student in Class 10 must practice.

Solving these CBSE question papers will help students develop their accuracy, time management, and paper solving skills. They must also check out the solutions to these CBSE question papers to cross-check their answers. In addition to that, solving these CBSE question papers will give students an understanding of the weightage of the chapters.

CBSE class 10 Maths question paper has all the topics from CBSE Class 10 Maths syllabus. It has topics from number systems to probability. CBSE Class 10 Maths solutions aim to provide students with the correct and appropriate solutions for each and every question. The step-wise detailed explanation of the solutions makes it easier for students to understand the method and formula used.

The focus on the usage of formulas in different types of questions is important. This helps students understand what is the mechanism and working of a formula. Students gain conceptual clarity with this procedure. Also, regular practice with CBSE Class 10 Maths solutions can help you measure your improvement in the subject. You can figure out the complex sections of the topic. Study and practice your weaker points. You can also analyze CBSE previous years’ question papers and mark the repetitive question patterns or topics from the syllabus that are very important from the examination point of view.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2017

Go to the CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2017 and solve it as soon as possible. Mathematics is a subject that holds high significance. Students and teachers put their highest effort into this subject. Teachers make sure that students are able to solve any type of question with all the possible methods. This helps students the most during examinations. Download the CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2017 PDF for free. Download and store the question paper with you on your device. Or you can get them printed to keep a hard copy of the question papers.

NCERT Maths book is one of the most important books to study. Students must first go through the NCERT Class 10 Maths textbook. They are published in both paperback and pdf format. NCERT cares that its content reaches the maximum number of students preparing to appear for the board examinations. Students can download NCERT Books and NCERT Solutions from the Extramarks website. NCERT has the best explanations of each and every topic in its textbooks. Teachers and students can avail the best of it by downloading it from the NCERT website. You can also download the NCERT Class 10 Maths books PDF for free on Extramarks.

Importance of Solving 2017 Maths Question Paper

CBSE Class 10 board is an extremely important part of a student’s life. You can improve your board preparations with the help of CBSE examination question papers. You need to face a maximum number of questions to learn the most about a topic.

Importance of Solving 2017 Maths Question papers: –

  1. You get an idea about the CBSE Class 10 Maths question paper pattern.
  2. Practice solving 3 hours of question paper within the time limit to increase efficiency.
  3. You understand the different formations of questions from each topic.
  4. You can become faster after repeatedly solving questions from a particular method. This helps you save time in the CBSE examinations.
  5. You face a lot of tricky and twisted questions which help you explore the topic.

It is important to go through CBSE’s previous examination question papers for other subjects as well. You can visit CBSE’s previous years’ question papers for Science, English, Hindi, and Social Studies. Also, take a quick look at the CBSE sample papers. Try solving each subject sample paper and check your results.

In addition to that, you should also get thoroughly revise the matter and the CBSE revision notes can come in handy. You will increase your confidence after practising so many questions. During examinations, always try to save some time for revision. You can check the points you are missing out on or made a silly mistake or any leftover part of any question. You can make the required corrections.

Revision in the Form of Question and Answer

Revision is a key part of the examinations. There are different methods of revising. One such way is a revision in the form of a question and answer. CBSE’s previous years’ question papers with solutions can help you revise all the topics. This is a different way of revising. Students can acknowledge the paper pattern. Also, they can figure out and decide the best method of solving a sum as per their understanding. This revision revolves around the chapter that you have already learned. With the help of CBSE Class 10, students can understand Maths solutions and put more effort into an important topic.

Analyzation and Strategizing the Preparation

Solving previous years’ questions is like facing multiple sets of papers. Every day you can practice one paper such as the CBSE Class 10 Maths question paper 2017. Regular Maths Class 10 question paper practice can make you efficient in solving papers within the set time limits.

Students can check their performance after every examination. The needed improvements can be made. Topics that are still unclear can be studied again. Never shy away from checking your mistakes even in the small steps. This helps you recognize problem areas and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Interpretation of Important Questions and The Complexity Level

Consistent practice makes you aware of different aspects of the question paper. You can figure out the types of questions asked in different marking schemes. There are certain types of topics that are repeated yearly. Continuous practice helps you get to know about important topics and prepare them well. You can also check the weightage of each chapter and the marking scheme for CBSE examinations of Class 10. As you move forward with the questions, the complexity level of the questions increases. This also hints to students about the sequence of solving questions depending upon the solutions they know.

Improvisation of Speed Through Practice

Regular and proper practice of the previous question papers makes you efficient. You can improve your speed of solving all the questions in the examinations. Practice makes you realize the repetitive and non-repetitive topics. After practising almost ten years of CBSE examination papers you practice the same questions in different ways which eventually leads to memorization of the concepts.

Syllabus and Weightage of Units for CBSE Maths Class 10 – Exam 2020

Here is the syllabus for CBSE Class 10 Maths –


Number System


Coordinate Geometry



Statistics and Probability

Marking scheme:-

Number Systems                                06

Algebra                                                 20

Coordinate Geometry                        06

Geometry                                              15

Trigonometry                                      12

Mensuration                                         10

Statistics and Probability                 11

Total                                                      80

Why is Mathematics so important?

Maths is one of the most important subjects in a student’s academic life. Mathematics is a subject of logical reasoning. It attempts to increase the sharpness of students’ brains. The application of Mathematics in everyday life is very common. Maths helps children develop mathematical thinking abilities.

Maths develops counting and calculating skills. It is useful in every career path that is available. All jobs or businesses require knowledge of Mathematics. Our daily lives revolve around planning and calculating wages, timings, prices, costs etc. All these need good knowledge of Mathematics.

Mathematics helps one train their brain. You can develop good discipline in your life with the help of Mathematics. Mathematics also makes you more decisive because of the exact results it is based on.

How to study for the Maths exam?

Maths is a subject that requires consistent practice with clarity in concepts. You can refer to various books for studying Class 10 Mathematics. NCERT Maths book for Class 10 is one of the most used books in Class 10. Other than that, there are RD Sharma books, RS Agarwal books, or any other side books to practice. It is very important to understand every topic, formula, and concept in depth.

After studying and thoroughly practising from the textbooks, one should move to the CBSE previous years’ question papers. CBSE previous year Class 10 Maths question papers are available in PDF format for free on Extramarks. Download CBSE’s previous years’ question papers online from Extramarks.

It is essential to solving each year’s Maths examination papers. Examination papers are basically the papers that your seniors must have faced. You can solve those papers and analyze the strengths and weaknesses in your preparation. After solving multiple question papers, you can achieve a pretty decent speed in writing. This will ensure you finish your examination on time. If you practice more, you can also spare some time to revise after solving the paper. The different paper patterns, common types of questions, marks weightage and tricky questions can be figured out after facing a lot of previous year question papers.

You need to understand your difficult topics and readdress them. You can discuss your improvement with your teacher and gather some comments and ideas on how to improve your performance.

There are pre-board examinations conducted in every CBSE school. You can excel in all of those papers with this amount of effort and practice. Now, there are CBSE Sample papers that are released by CBSE every year. This is intended to make students examinations-ready. You can download CBSE Sample papers for Class 10 Maths from Extramarks. Either store it on your device or you can even get it printed. You can choose whatever suits your comfort.

Try solving CBSE sample papers in the given time period. You can learn to manage your limited time of examination with this. CBSE sample papers give you a rough idea about the paper pattern of the final CBSE board examination.

The importance of practising in Maths is very high. Mathematics is a subject based on logic and formulas. You can earn marks based on the correct steps taken to solve a particular sum. Also, your calculation needs to be strong. In order to able to figure out how to solve a particular question, one needs to be aware of the concept and idea behind every formula. You can gain this level of clarity by solving the ample number of questions. This way you can face any sort of question, even the tricky ones during the examinations.

Format of CBSE 10th Mathematics Question Paper

  • There are 25% of objective-type questions in the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics question paper. You can visit CBSE’s previous years’ Class 10 Maths paper on Extramarks online.
  • Although the total marks remain the same as it was previously i.e. 80 marks, the total number of questions has been increased from 20 to 50 questions.
  • CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Question Paper pattern will be the same for both, basic and standard versions of the examination.
  • Section A will have objective-type questions. They can be in various forms like very short answer type questions, multiple choice type questions and fill in the blanks type questions. You need to write the absolute correct answer to such types of questions. First, read the paper thoroughly then only answer it.
  • All the questions given are compulsory.
  • Students are now provided with an increase in the choices of questions. This can help them solve the ones they can easily solve within a limited amount of time. There have been around 33 percent increase in the choices given.
  • The internal choices given are for 2 questions in Section A. 2 questions in Section B, 3 questions in Section C and 3 questions in Section D.


Extramarks website is ready to serve you all your study material. CBSE examinations play an important role in a student’s life. And here is Extramarks to make it easier for you. There is a whole range of study material available for teachers and students. You can download them for free. There are NCERT Books for Class 10 PDF, you can easily download them online from Extramarks. CBSE previous years’ question papers, CBSE sample papers, CBSE revision notes, formulas, and NCERT solutions all are available at Extramarks. You can make the best use of this. Prepare at your own pace. You can also refer to the solutions for checking your progress.

It is necessary to prepare yourself fully for the CBSE Board examination. Extramarks are here to back you up. You can get as many resources as you want here. Regular and consistent dedicated practice will give you fruitful results. The most important thing after syllabus completion is to practice a lot of previous year question papers and sample papers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is class 10 Maths paper hard?

No, it all depends on the practice of the student. Therefore, students are always advised to practice as much as possible. CBSE releases its examination papers strictly based on its syllabus. It also provides the latest CBSE sample papers before examinations. So, students have a rough idea about the upcoming examinations.

Maybe the questions are tricky but this is just to test the conceptual clarity of the students. If a student is confident in the topics, then it is easy to solve the paper. Also solving a lot of question papers makes you efficient and serves an ample amount of free time which you can utilize to revise.

2. Is CBSE Maths difficult?

No, Maths is a subject based on logic and analytical thinking. It is important to learn every topic and understand it in its depth. There are various formulas and concepts in Mathematics. You need to practice questions based on all the formulas. Usually, questions are presented in a twisted form. This is solely done with a motive to understand the conceptual clarity of the student

3. What type of questions are asked in the 10th board exam?

CBSE makes sure to involve different types of questions divided into different marking schemes. It is best to go through all the previous years’ question papers.

4. Is Class 10 basic Maths easy?

Yes, absolutely. You can make Maths a very easy and fun subject. It totally depends on the practice and effort you give in this subject.

5. Is it important to solve all the questions given in NCERT Solutions for Maths Class 10?

Yes, it is important to solve all the questions given for practice in the NCERT Maths book for Class 10. Consistent practice will make topics clearer and all doubts go away. A thorough practice of the wide varied range of questions will help grasp all the topics. NCERT book questions will also prepare you for the final board examinations.

6. Where can I get NCERT Books for Maths for Class 10?

NCERT book for Maths Class 10 is available online on the NCERT website. You can easily download NCERT Maths Book for Class 10 PDF on the Extramarks website. You can also download other NCERT Books for Class 10 PDF from Extramarks. You can download the NCERT Maths book as a soft copy of the book for free or you can get it printed at your convenience.

7. Where can I get chapter-wise NCERT solutions for Maths for Class 10?

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 are available at the Extramarks website. You can avail of all the solution PDFs online and study. You can download all Maths solutions from the Extramarks website.

8. How to avail of the study material for NCERT Maths Class 10 study materials online?

Extramarks provides NCERT study material for Class 10 Maths. You can study with NCERT Maths solutions for Class 10. It is the best way to check your improvement in the chapter.

9. How to achieve more than 90 percent in Class 10 Maths?

The main course book for the Class 10 Maths Book is NCERT. Students are advised to practice with Maths Solutions PDF and revise exercises. Get revision through Maths Practice Papers in grade 10.

10. How to download Class 10 NCERT Textbooks for all subjects in PDF?

NCERT Textbooks for classes 1 to 12 are available on Extramarks. CBSE has prescribed NCERT books to cover their syllabus. Extramarks introduces all academic study resources to you on its online platform. You can download NCERT books, NCERT Solutions, CBSE Sample papers, CBSE previous year question papers, extra questions, formulas, and CBSE revision notes PDF.

Visit the Extramarks website and all the PDF links are given.