CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2009

Social Science Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 – 2009 

Social Science is a very important subject that every student must learn in their school curriculum. This subject teaches students about the rich culture, history, administration and economics of a nation. Social science is a very high-scoring subject as well. Along with understanding the concepts, students will also need to get their factual data right, e.g the years of important events, the places of importance, etc. 

Students can also discover interesting stories about your country. Social Science requires a lot of practice and consistency. Class 10 boards’ previous year question papers help a lot with the exam preparations. You should practice all the CBSE previous year’s Social Science Class 10 question papers. Solve them in a way as if you would solve them in an examination. Set the time limit for 3 hours. This is important so that you understand the time foundation and finish off the paper within the set time limit. Solve one paper each day and check your solutions to meter the improvement made. 

Download the previous year’s question paper for CBSE Class 10 from Extramarks. 

Download Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 

Extramarks offers a wide range of study materials for students. Extramarks has majorly helped students reach their expected results in the final examinations. A full range of study materials from textbooks to previous year question papers is available on our platform. 

CBSE has recommended NCERT books for conducting academic sessions for students of Classes 1 to 12. Some other boards also follow NCERT textbooks in their schools. NCERT books are known for bringing standard quality content to their readers. NCERT books for each subject are revised with the latest CBSE syllabus and published. This helps maintain the authenticity of the lessons. It is highly recommended for students study from NCERT books and prepare their personal notes. This helps you learn better and also revise from time to time. NCERT back exercises provide students with practical and conceptual clarity over the topics described in the lessons. It is thus advised by the teachers to focus on the NCERT exercises. 

After the thorough completion of chapters provided in the syllabus, it is time to consistently practice solving question papers.

Download the Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 from Extramarks online and solve all these before your examinations.

CBSE previous year question papers for each subject in Class 10 are provided below:- 

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  • Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 Social Science
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How to Prepare for Class 10 Social Science?

CBSE Board Class 10 examination is a crucial examination in a student’s educational life. They prepare all year long for their final examinations. The important question is how to prepare for CBSE board examinations Class 10 Social Science. 

The best thing about CBSE is that it already provides a lot of pretty good study materials for students to prepare themselves for examinations. CBSE highly recommends the usage of NCERT books for study purposes. It is important for students to learn all the essential topics and prepare their notes from NCERT books. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 are available at Extramarks. You must try to solve all the exercises given after the completion of each chapter. Extramarks helps you to keep a track of your correctness. You can download NCERT solutions for Social Science Class 10. Match your solution and find your doubtful topics. Be conscious of revisiting all the topics which seem to be unclear. And study them thoroughly again and again until you gain confidence. 

CBSE’s previous year question papers are a great source of understanding the paper pattern. You need to solve most of the previous year question papers to be able to acknowledge the tricky questions that are present in the question papers. It is important to deal with the most number of questions to be able to face any kind of twist and turn in your final examination. Never forget that conceptual clarity is the main essence of achieving great results.

The Social Science paper also has different map questions. Students usually ignore this topic. But the map section is the most scoring topic to gain good results. Therefore it is advised to practice continuously all the important locations on the map. Do not miss any location. Apart from this, solving the previous year question paper gives you a rough idea of the repeated or similar topics or kinds of questions. 


Extramarks is an educational website. It offers you resources related to your CBSE examination. You can easily access NCERT Textbooks from Classes 1 to 12. Download NCERT book PDF online from Extramarks. You can gather all the NCERT Solutions from Class 1 to 12 with Extramarks. CBSE Previous year question papers are accessible at Extramarks. Download the previous year question papers PDF. Just a month before your examinations you must refer to CBSE sample papers for thorough and final practice. You can strengthen your efficiency with so much consistent practice. 

At last for the final revision visit, CBSE Revision notes for Class 1 to 12.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I find useful study resources for my competitive and board exams?

The CBSE board examination is one of the most important exams in a student’s life. There are various different kinds of study materials available for students everywhere. Extramarks provides you with all kinds of study materials for your ultimate preparations. From NCERT book PDF to CBSE revision notes everything is available at Extramarks. You can easily access all the CBSE Boards Class 10 study material for each subject on our platform. It becomes extremely simple for you to study online as you get all the required study material in one place. Simply visit the Extramarks website to find all the useful study resources for board exams.

2. How can I score well in Social Science in My Class 10th?

Studying and constant practice can make you succeed in your Class 10th examinations. Apart from that, all the study materials like NCERT book PDF, NCERT solutions, CBSE previous year question papers for each subject, CBSE question papers with solutions, CBSE sample papers and CBSE revision notes for each subject are provided to you on our platform.

Continuously practice and focus on conceptual learning. If you are clear with the concepts you can easily tackle any question with ease. Even the tricky questions can be solved with logic and reasoning, especially in Science and Maths papers. Additionally, solving most of the past year question papers makes you aware of the following question pattern. You can prepare yourself with everything that is important.

3. Where can I find the Previous year’s Social science question paper for CBSE class 10?

The Extramarks website has the Previous year’s Social science question papers for CBSE Class 10. Each year’s question paper is available for download. You can even view the solutions to the question papers. This can help you greatly in fixing the errors made by you while solving the paper.

4. Where can I get NCERT Books for Social Science for Class 10?

NCERT book for Social  Science Class 10 is available online on the NCERT website. You can easily download NCERT Science Book for Class 10 PDF on the Extramarks website. You can also download other NCERT Books for Class 10 PDF from Extramarks. You can download the NCERT Science book as a soft copy of the book for free or you can get it printed at your convenience.

5. Where can I get chapter-wise NCERT solutions for Science for Class 10?

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 are available on the Extramarks website. You can avail of all the solution PDFs online and study. You can download all Social Science solutions from the Extramarks website.

6. How to achieve more than 90 percent in Class 10 Social Science?

Achieving more than 90 percent in Class 10 Social Science is truly a dream for all students. It is advised to follow all the study materials by CBSE. It not only makes you efficient but also confident about your knowledge. Moreover, you should maintain your own important notes where you detail all important concepts, important events and important locations. Keep revising them on a regular basis.

The main course book for the Class 10 Social Science Book is NCERT. Students are advised to practice with Social Science Solutions PDF and revise Exercises. Get revision through Social Science Practice Papers in grade 10

7. How to download Class 10 NCERT Textbooks for all subjects in PDF?

NCERT Textbooks for classes 1 to 12 are available on Extramarks. CBSE has prescribed NCERT books for conducting its academics. Extramarks introduces all academic study resources to you on its online platform. You can download NCERT books, NCERT Solutions, CBSE Sample papers, CBSE previous year question papers, Extra questions, Formulas and CBSE revision notes PDF.

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