CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2011

Social Science Question Paper for CBSE Class 10- 2011

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is responsible for conducting the Class 10 examinations across the country. Class 10 is considered a very crucial year in a student’s academic life. It not only helps them understand their skills and interests but depending on the marks they score in each subject they get to choose their future career path. They need to secure a basic cut-off mark to secure their seat in the best colleges for higher secondary. Apart from this, the stream they choose will highly depend upon their scores in the core subjects. Hence, along with learning, scoring becomes very important in the Class 10 examination.

But with the tough competition among an increasing number of students each year, the level of preparation also needs to rise. While reading the NCERT textbooks and getting an understanding of the basics is pivotal, this is not enough to get good grades anymore. In today’s competitive world, every student is vouching for a perfect 100 and to secure such a high score their level of preparation should be top-notch.

CBSE previous year question papers give students that extra edge that they will need to secure a perfect 10 on their subjects. These papers help them understand the level of difficulty of the exams, the type of questions asked, the paper pattern, marks distribution and much more. They will also be able to understand their shortcomings, weaknesses and strengths. 

Students can visit the Extramarks website and download the PDF version of all the previous years question papers. Extramarks also provides the solutions to these question papers which makes it even easier for students to self-evaluate their answers, clarify their doubts and understand the right way of presenting their answers.

Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 Social Science-2011

At Extramarks, students can find the whole set of previous years question papers with fully solved answers by toppers or subject experts. Yes, now you can download the entire social science paper Class 10 solved version from Extramarks website and analyse the type of questions. Just going through the entire paper gives you an idea about not just the questions but how to refine your answers.

Going through CBSE social science Class 10 question papers 2011 with answers will help you to somewhat clear your existing doubts too. Some of the answers are also curated by experts. Teachers at the Extramarks portal provides you with simple tips on how to write answers as well that you can clearly understand when you go through the question and answers in the paper.

Importance of Class 10 Previous Year’s Question papers

Getting your hands on the CBSE Class 10 social science question paper 2011 PDF download marks a crucial phase in your final phases of exam preparation. No doubt that there is huge importance to check out last year’s question papers on Social science Class 10 as this helps you to gain insights on several important parameters that are given below-

  •  Based on the previous year’s Class 10 social science exam papers you can check out some of the questions that seem to be repeatedly appearing in the question papers again and again. To do this you will need to spend a lot of time and understand which questions come out in common. This gives you an idea of the important sections in the chapters.
  •  With the help of the answers that are given along with the questions you can now make your CBSE revision notes on social science this time further refined just to keep your answers short and to the point. You can do this for each subject under social science such as history, civics and political science.
  •  The CBSE Class 10 social science question papers help you to formulate a strategy for your final exam day as to how you will go on attempting the questions. This is critically important as during the first hour of writing your exam you will want to have a plan and of course, it should be on how to score the maximum out during this time.
  •  The CBSE sample papers provide you with self-test preparation. You can give self-mock tests and find out about your shortcomings. Of course, to do this students must not check out the answers from the solved papers while writing their answers.
  •  The CBSE Class 10 social science question paper 2011 PDF download helps students test their learning with actual exam preparation. For this, it is important that at first, the students must go through all the chapters of different subjects to have an idea of the entire CBSE syllabus for Class 10 social science. 

CBSE Exam Pattern Class 10 Social Science

CBSE previous year question papers on social science Class 10 can give students a pattern of the marks assigned to each subject. This is important during the final stages of preparation. Getting an idea about the number of marks in each subject helps you to give importance to each subject and prioritise them along with creating your plan as to which subjects you will target for getting the maximum out of that section.

So, here is a detailed breakup for the CBSE Class 10 Social science question paper 2011. As you can know the total marks for the exam is 80. Now social science is not a single subject but an aggregation of subjects so marks are assigned to each particular subject that as history, geography, civics and economics.

The marks distribution for each history, geography, civics and economics is split into equal parts of 20 each. This means that each subject on the CBSE Class 10 social science question paper 2011 solved had equal weightage.

To further analyse the CBSE question paper in Class 10 on social science you will need to gain an idea of the types of questions it has.

Of course, if you check out the CBSE Class 10 social science question paper 2011 solved completely you will find that the paper is divided into 3 sections that are A, B and C.

Section A is for multiple choice questions with a total of 20 questions of one mark each.

Section B is a short answer type question section where the students have to answer 8 questions of three marks each totalling 24 marks.

Section C is the long answer type category with 6 questions to answer only but each question carries 5 marks totalling 30 marks.

Two map-based questions are question numbers 35a and 35b. 35a is for two marks whereas 35b is for four marks giving map allocation questions a total of 6 marks.   

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the important topics in the CBSE Class 10 social science paper?

If you check out the CBSE social science Class 10 question papers 2011 with answers you will find some sections in certain chapters are important. Some of the important ones are given below-

  • Details of the salt march and the Civil Disobedience movement
  • Soil erosion and its prevention mechanisms
  • Formal sources to get credit in India
  • Problem and reasons for water scarcity in India
  • Women’s contribution to the industrial revolution and so on


2. What advantage do students enjoy when they practice many previous year's questions?

Well, it is simply that the more CBSE extra questions that you practice the more you become efficient in dealing with questions, handling time pressure in exams and writing short and to-the-point answers.

3. What are the names of chapters to go through in social science on each subject?

Here is the list of chapters you need to go through-


  1.       The rise of nationalism in Europe
  2.       The nationalist movement in Indo-China
  3.       Nationalism in India
  4.       The making of a global world
  5.       The age of Industrialization
  6.       Work, life, and leisure
  7.       Print, Culture, and the Modern world
  8.       Novels, society, and history


  1.       Resources and development
  2.       Water resources
  3.       Agriculture
  4.       Minerals and energy resources
  5.       Manufacturing industries
  6.       Lifelines of the national economy


  1.       Development
  2.       Sectors of the Indian economy
  3.       Money and credit
  4.       Globalisation in the Indian economy
  5.       Consumer rights


  1.       Power sharing
  2.       Federalism
  3.       Democracy and diversity
  4.       Gender, religion, and caste
  5.       Outcomes of democracy
  6.       Challenges to democracy

4. Are the model questions and mock test questions at Extramarks helpful?

Yes, the model question papers and mock test questions at Extramarks give students a real-time experience of solving the board exam papers. This familiarity with the situation helps in reducing their nervousness and boosting their confidence.

5. What is the distribution of marks allocation to each subject?

Here is the marks breakup for each subject in social science Class 10:

  • History- 20
  • Geography- 20
  • Economics- 20
  • Civics- 20