CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Revision Notes

Introduction to CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most creditable boards in the country that conducts final exams for class 10th and 12th. CBSE envisions a holistic school education allowing the child to prosper in every sphere of life. It aims to provide the highest quality of learning to promote intellectual, cultural, and social vivacity. The CBSE board exams are a vital part of a student’s life. Students can prepare for the exam by referring to the CBSE syllabus and solving CBSE sample papers

CBSE class 11 Business Studies Notes

The Extramarks class, 11 Business Studies notes, are designed to help students revise the subject efficiently. Business studies is a subject demanding consistent revision to remember all the key points. Our BST class 11 notes contain all important points summarised precisely. The CBSE class, 11 Business Studies notes, contains important questions from different topics and Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOTS) so that students can polish their understanding of concepts mentioned in their textbooks. It includes topics ranging from Business trade, Business organisations to the Business environment. The notes stay true to the NCERT book and contain all the concepts and tips and tricks by our experts to maximise exam scores. 

Chapter-Wise CBSE class 11 Business Studies Notes

The Business notes of class 11 are vital for students preparing for the CBSE board exam. These chapter-wise notes are prepared by highly experienced teachers along with subject matter experts. It contains different questions from CBSE’s previous year’s question papers, CBSE sample papers, and the NCERT book questions. It helps students brush up all the important concepts before the examination, thereby scoring well. The notes have been planned and designed so that students will find them easy to read and follow. Precise notes are available for chapters like Business Services, Small Business, Internal trade, etc. Students can check them from the links given on the Extramarks website to boost their preparation. 

Chapter 1- Business, trade, and Commerce

Business, Trade, and Commerce introduce students to the basics of Business Studies. It includes topics like the risks and objectives of a business, Commerce and its significance, and so on. 

Students can check our CBSE class 11 Business Studies notes for the chapter for practice purposes. 

Chapter 2- Forms of Business Organisations

Forms of Business Organisations give students an insight into the different types of business structures. It includes different topics like Joint Stock Company, Unlimited liability, Hindu Undivided Family. 

Chapter 3-Private, Public, and Global Enterprises

Private, Public, and Global Enterprises include different topics from the different types of sectors to the type of economies in a country. It is important and is filled with a lot of basic concepts. The chapter’s CBSE class 11 Business Studies notes will give students extra questions and an easier understanding of the concepts.

Chapter 4- Business Service

Business Service is a chapter that sheds light on different activities performed to support a business that’s not delivering a tangible outcome. The CBSE class 11 notes for the chapter can be found here. 

Chapter 5- Emerging Modes of Business

Emerging Modes of Business is a chapter with a lot of relevance to our modern interconnected world. It explains the digital revolution by introducing e-commerce, e-business, and outsourcing. These concepts are explained thoroughly with questions to solve in the CBSE class 11 Business Studies notes.

Chapter 6-Social Responsibilities of a Business

Social Responsibilities of a Business explains the responsibilities of business people towards the development of society. It includes topics like Business Ethics and social responsibilities of different organisations. Students can check out the CBSE class 11 Business Studies notes for this chapter from the link given above. 

Chapter 7- Formation of a Company

Formation of a Company introduces students to the time-consuming and vital process of starting an organisation. It entails concepts like Technical feasibility, registration of a company, financial feasibility, etc. 

Chapter 8- Sources of Business Finance

After learning the basics of starting a company in the previous chapter, candidates are introduced to the basic methods of obtaining funding for the company. Candidates can learn the basics of funding and revise it from the CBSE class 11 Business Studies notes. 

Chapter 9-Small Business

The chapter gives students an insight into what a small business is and the resources involved in running one. The chapter sheds light on the types of small-scale industries, the role of small businesses, and their support in development. 

Chapter 10- Internal Trade

The chapter highlights and explains the importance and types of trade. It includes different topics such as retail trade, wholesale, and so on. The chapter notes for Internal Trade are available in the link given above. 

Chapter 11- International Business

International Business can be considered one of the most important chapters in the syllabus. It includes all the essential information like import, export, and international and domestic business. 

CBSE Class 11 Business Studies-  Distribution of Marks

  • 80 marks- Term exams conducted by the school
  • 20 marks- Based on Internal marks given by the school

CBSE Quick Revision Notes for Class 11 Business Studies

Revision is a vital part of every student’s preparation. It helps them keep in touch with previously learned concepts and also helps in understanding subjects deeply. Business studies is a subject in which revision is of utmost importance. The Business Studies class 11 notes provided by Extramarks are students’ one-stop solutions to revise Business Studies in one go. The notes contain everything from concepts to formulae, concisely for students to revise all the topics efficiently. 

How Extramarks Can Help Students for Class 11 Business Studies?

Extramarks provide students with numerous resources to aid them in their preparation. We provide Revision notes, sample papers with solutions, tips and tricks by subject matter experts, etc. By practising them, students feel confident, thereby allowing them to score well in the exams. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the best way to prepare for Business Studies class 11?

Students are advised to start their preparation by becoming familiar with the NCERT books followed by solving extra questions. Students can also refer to the CBSE class 11 Business Studies notes provided by Extramarks.

2. Which is the best book for Business Studies?

NCERT textbooks are considered the best books for Business Studies. Students can also use Business Studies by Poonam Gandhi to refer to a few extra points and solve more questions.