CBSE Class 6 Maths Revision Notes

CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes – Introduction to CBSE Exam

CBSE is a big board of education preferred in the country for many reasons. The Central Board of Education aims to maintain uniformity, so all students across India are treated equally and given equal opportunities. It tests the basic and general knowledge of the child to move forward in education. Each year there is an increase in the number of schools affiliating with the CBSE board. From 300 schools in 1962, when the board was officially formed, to over 25,000 schools in India and abroad, the Central Board of Education has set a high standard of effective education. 

CBSE Class 6 Mathematics 

Mathematics is a subject that demands logical thinking from the beginning. It also requires analytical and problem-solving skills. That is why students consider Mathematics very difficult to crack. But, to master the subject, students need to put in a lot of hard work and consistently practice sums, formulas, etc. the topics learnt in Class 6 plays an important role in building up the base for a solid foundation. Till Class 5, students majorly study mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Class 6th Mathematics takes it a level higher with more complex chapters. As it is a base for your future classes, it is important to understand all the chapters in depth. 

Students should develop a habit of using the CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes to get their doubts clarified. The CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes include all 14 chapters based on the CBSE syllabus. Students will learn more about numbers, shapes, fractions and decimals, geometry, statistics, mensuration, algebra and ratio proportion. The NCERT curriculum has also provided CBSE extra questions and the summary behind each chapter. 

With regular practice, students will be able to solve questions of all difficulty levels in less time. They also learn time-management skills, enabling them to solve more important questions. Students have to give the 6th standard Mathematics solution based on theoretical and practical applications.

All chapters in the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes are equally important as they carry equal weightage. Therefore, students should make sure that they don’t skip any chapter. To improve outcomes and score better in Class 6 Mathematics, students must focus on understanding each concept and apply them to their daily life. Students can use CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes to understand all minute details from the curriculum. 

CBSE Class 6 Mathematics Notes for Quick Revision

The 6th class Mathematics notes for the CBSE board provides detailed and well-explained solutions for all the questions from the NCERT books. The CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes include chapter-wise Mathematics solutions and helps students to clear their queries. In addition, it offers a thorough understanding of all complex concepts included in the textbook. With the help of the CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes, students can solve different types of questions in the book. They can also practise those questions which are most likely to be asked in the examination. While preparing for the exam, students are advised to practice CBSE extra questions as well. 

An in-depth understanding of all concepts in Class 6 will become a strong foundation for higher-level concepts in further classes. If the students face any difficulty or cannot understand any concept, they can use the CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes. These will be available online that can be referred to easily on any device. The student can get clear conceptual knowledge and good grades as well. For students’ assistance and guidance, the notes provide solutions to all questions in the textbook. Students can check the questions and answers and practice with better understanding and help. 

Study effectively and efficiently with the CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes provided by Extramarks. 

Chapter-wise CBSE 6th Standard Mathematics Notes

The Mathematics syllabus of Class 6 has a total of fourteen chapters, and the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes contain all these chapters. The table below gives a detailed list that includes all the main concepts covered in each chapter in CBSE Class 6 Mathematics Notes. Students must make sure they study and learn these concepts well. A summary of each chapter is given below as well. 

Chapter-Wise Summary

Chapter 1 Number System

The chapter teaches students a large number, up to one crore. It also helps students learn the Indian and the Universal System of numeration. The chapter has three exercises in which concepts like estimation, roman numerals, comparison of numbers, etc., are included. 

Chapter 2 Whole Numbers

This chapter introduces Whole numbers to the students. It teaches concepts like predecessor and successor of number and mathematical operations like addition and subtraction and number line. All these are divided into three exercises. The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes include solutions to all the questions in the NCERT book.

Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers

In this Mathematics Class 6 chapter, students will learn to find factors and multiples on a number using which they can obtain LCM and HCF. The chapters consist of 7 exercises that include concepts like the perfect number, prime, composite and co-prime numbers, and the prime factorisation method to solve various questions. 

Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas

Geometrical Ideas is one of the most crucial chapters of class 6 Mathematics. The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics Notes includes solutions to all questions in the exercises under this chapter. The chapter gives a rough idea about Geometrical shapes and line segments. Students will be introduced to various concepts related to angles, triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals, circles, and other geometrical shapes.

Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes

In this chapter of Mathematics, students will learn about all types of shapes formed using curves and lines. Higher concepts like corners, edges, planes and types of curves (open and closed) are included in this chapter. Students can understand shapes better by practising all questions included in the exercises. The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes have solutions for all questions based on this chapter.

Chapter 6 Integers

The 6th standard Mathematics solution answers all questions included in the 6th chapter. It deals with the idea of positive and negative numbers. Students learn about the concepts related to the number line, order of Integers and mathematical operation (addition and subtraction) of integers with and without the number line.

Chapter 7 Fractions

In this chapter, students will get an idea of the representation of fractions on a number line, different types of fractions, fractions in simplest form, tier comparison, addition and subtraction of fractions, etc. 

Chapter 8 Decimals

The chapter, Decimals introduces the idea of decimals through word problems. Complex concepts related to the topic like conversion of units of money, length and weight, addition and subtraction, tenths, hundredths, etc. The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes include solutions to all questions in the exercises of the chapter.

Chapter 9 Data Handling

The chapter introduces concepts of data, types of data and its representation. Students will also learn about recording data and organising data. The chapter will also teach the students about pictographs and bar graphs, how to interpret them and how to draw them. The exercises help students to practice and understand better. 

Chapter 10 Mensuration

Mensuration is an important topic. In class 6, students will learn to calculate the area and volume of different shapes. In addition, students will be introduced to the perimeter or irregular and regular shapes. These fundamental topics are also covered in the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes.

Chapter 11 Algebra

This is a relatively new concept of Mathematics that students will learn. Matchstick patterns, ideas of variables, examples, common rules, equations and solutions to the equations are some fundamental topics covered in this chapter. 

Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion

This chapter helps students to learn about ratios. They will have to solve sums related to equivalent ratios. The concept of ratio deals with the idea of proportion and the unitary method. The exercises in the chapter help students to cover the chapter easily. 

Chapter 13 Symmetry

In this chapter, we learn how to determine symmetrical items and operations. Learning lines of symmetry, figures with multiple symmetry and reflection are principal topics in the chapter. 

Chapter 14 Practical Geometry

The last chapter of the CBSE class 6 book deals with geometry and shapes. It includes topics related to the circle, construction of the circle, line segment and its construction, perpendicular, angle and construction of angles, bisectors, etc.

Students may click on the respective chapter to access the Extramarks CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes.

Benefits of CBSE Class 6 Mathematics Notes

The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes are very beneficial for students. The main benefit is that students get all the important concepts of the chapter under Extramarks. They can revise the entire chapter in a quick time without any hassle. Since these notes are based on the revised guidelines by the CBSE board of education, students can read and practise the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes daily to complete their homework or assignments. This also enables the students to prepare for their examinations effectively. 

Students can access the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes from anywhere, which is a boon as they can study at any time and any place. The notes can also be accessed on any device such as a mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, etc. The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes help students self-study and prepare a timetable for their studies. 

The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes ensure that the students study each and every minute detail from the Central Board of Education (CBSE) curriculum. The notes decrease the chances of making silly mistakes and help to reduce the stress and anxiety of students. If students use the notes daily, they will notice improved outcomes and better results, thus higher scores in the examination. 

CBSE Class 6 Mathematics Notes Features

The key features of CBSE CLass 6 Mathematics notes provided by Extramarks include

  • The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes contain detailed and well-explained answers to questions from the CBSE curriculum. 
  • These notes are organised properly in a chapter-wise and page-wise format to help students find solutions quickly. 
  • The solutions provided in the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes prepared by the experts are easy to understand. It also explains difficult questions lucidly. 
  • Mathematics formulae, theorems, and solutions can be revised in minimum time with maximum accuracy. 
  • The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes are based on the latest guidelines by the CBSE board of education.
  • These notes are available to students belonging to every board of every standard. This enables each and every student to use these notes and excel in their examinations. 
  • Studying with the help of the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes will save students’ time on the day of the examination. 
  • The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes are a great reference tool that help to ease the studying process.

How Extramarks Can Help Students for Class 6 Mathematics

Extramarks, an e-learning platform in India, provides students with the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes. They are easily available for all students belonging to the schools affiliated with CBSE. The solutions are specially curated by the best teachers and experts who have been in this field for many years. If students use these CBSE revision notes to study for their examinations, they can score high grades. 

The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes can be referred to without any hassle. The 6th standard Mathematics notes make studying easy, simple and interesting on Extramarks. The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes are lucid, so students will not face any difficulties while studying. Notes on every subject like  Science, Mathematics, English, Hindi, Social Studies, etc., can also be accessed. 

Extramarks aims to provide students with a helping hand by providing notes, CBSE sample papers, CBSE past years’ question papers, revision notes, mock tests, and other study materials. Notes provide better assistance and guidance in the students’ exam preparation. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which book should I use to study for CBSE Class 6 Mathematics?

The CBSE class 6 Mathematics notes are highly recommended by all teachers as they help students prepare for their exams without misleading them. In addition, it helps them to understand how to solve a problem. Reference books play an important role in giving them new and easier ways to solve questions. These books are created after extensive research, and the solutions provided are in a step-by-step format. Using the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes along with reference books will assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of every concept. 

Here is a list of must-use reference books that students must add to their list of study materials to refer to. 

  1. Longman ICSE Mathematics Book 6 by V.K.Sehgal
  2. New Guided Mathematics Book 6 02 Edition by Sushil Kumar Sharma & Abhijit Mukherjea
  3. ICSE Mathematics-06 by Full Marks
  4. GEM’S Mental Mathematics 6 by Ratna Sagar

Students can also use the books published by  R. D. Sharma, R. S. Agarwal and Selina solutions for preparing for the exams.

2. Which chapters in CBSE Class 6 Mathematics require more practise?

Mathematics is a subject that demands lots and lots of practise. A few important chapters like numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, and geometry require a lot of attention and regular practice. An in-depth understanding of these concepts will also help the students to attempt the higher-level and more complex concepts related to these chapters. The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes provide solutions to all chapters. Some important tips and tricks are also mentioned in the notes. Students can use them to solve the sums in a simple way without taking much time.

3. From where can I download the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes?

The CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes are available  on the Extramarks website and app. These can be accessed on any android and iOS device such as mobile, laptops, tab, etc. To access the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes, students must first register on Extramarks. 

Here is how you can access the study material.

  • Visit the Extramarks website.
  • You will see a tab on the menu that says ‘Study Material’
  • After clicking on it, Tap on the CBSE section and choose the Class for which you are looking. 
  • Click on the subject of your choice. Remember, you must be registered and log in to access the study material. 
  • Under this, you can select the CBSE Class 6 Mathematics notes option or any other study material you are looking for.
  • After selecting your notes, there is a chapter-wise list of all notes for all subjects. 
  • You can select the one you need and refer to the study material as and when needed.