CBSE Class 6 Social Science Political Science Revision Notes

Class 6 Social and Political Life Notes

Class 6 Social and Political Life Notes BSE

Social and Political Life, which is covered in Class 6 Social Studies, is an important branch for students. Social and Political Life is primarily a theoretical subject, so students must understand the subject and provide more in-depth answers in the exam. With the right preparation, students will find the subject interesting and easy to prepare. Extramarks provides straightforward and comprehensive Class 6 Social and Political Life Notes that are created by subject matter experts. In order to ace their exams and to have a great understanding of the subject, students can use these Social and Political Life Class 6 Notes

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CBSE Class 6 Social and Political Life Notes


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Social and Political Life in Social Science of Class 6?

This field of study known as Social Science is concerned with examining societal norms and structures. When students study Social Science, they learn about how societies work, their nature, and the various social relationships that people must deal with to live in society. It basically covers the various aspects of social, political and economic life. With Extramarks’ Class 6 Social Science Notes, they will have a clear understanding of the subject, and perform well in exams.

2. How do I study Social and Political Life for Class 6 Social and Political Life?

Students must be familiar with the chapters and topics covered in Class 6 Social and Political Life. To start, read the chapters and understand every concept. Students can ask their teacher or elders for help in case of doubts. Revision notes or brief descriptions can then be studied to aid in understanding. Students can visit Extramarks’ website to access Class 6 Social and Political Life Notes.

3. What can students learn in Social and Political Life?

In Social and Political Life, students can learn about the entire political and governmental structure and how it works, from the Parliament to the village panchayat. Additionally, it describes various governing bodies and the various roles and responsibilities they play in the system. Social and Political Life covers topics such as human rights, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, voting rights and regulations, and more. 

Furthermore, Social and Political Life students can get a proper understanding of the functioning of democracy and give more clarity about the processes, various institutions, and people’s participation in the government with concrete examples.

4. What does the word "Civics" mean?

Civics is the study of a citizen’s rights and obligations.

5. What does "Panchayati Raj" mean?

Gram Panchayats serve as the fundamental administrative units in the Panchayati Raj system of government.

6. What is ‘Evolution’?

The term “Evolution” refers to the process by which plants, animals, etc., evolve over thousands of years from primitive forms to more complex ones. How they adapt in response to the changing environment.