CBSE Class 6 Social Science Revision Notes

Introduction to CBSE Exam

The Central Board of Education (CBSE) is a national-level educational body for more than 25,000 schools all over India. These public and private schools are administered by the Government of India. It is a renowned and preferred board for education due to its innovations in teaching-learning methodologies. The board is growing rapidly, resulting in the improvement of education standards. 

CBSE Class 6 Social Science Notes

Class 6 marks the beginning of a new journey in a student’s educational life. There is a significant transition for students when exam pattern, marking system, educational knowledge is concerned. They will use their previous knowledge to learn high-level concepts that are introduced in this academic session. 

The CBSE syllabus and curriculum is based on the NCERT Books. The exams held are comparatively more difficult than the other boards like SSC (Secondary School Certificate) or ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). The exams are based on theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the students. To crack the CBSE exams, students should develop a habit to study using the revision notes as early as possible. 

Social Science is a subject based on historical events and things related to geographical, social and political concepts. Preparing 6th Social Science notes may be daunting to students who find the subject difficult. The CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes can prove to be very helpful for  those students who find it difficult to remember the facts in Social Science. 

Studying the CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes is the best way to to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. All topics, including ancient and global civilisations, are mentioned in detail in the notes provided by Extramarks. It prepares students to plan and manage their preparation to ease the process of studying. The CBSE class 6 Social Science Notes are one of the best study materials for students to self analyse themselves. Referring to the SST notes will help students to become proficient in all areas of Social Science, which includes history, geography and civics. 

Chapter-wise CBSE Class 6 Social Science Notes for Revision

Social Science is divided into three branches, namely, history, geography and civics. All these branches aim to form a basic understanding of the past events that took place, the reality of the amazing world around us and various events affected by political working and governance. The CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes consist of all the chapters and provide diverse knowledge about the evolution of current society and other factors influenced by it.


This branch includes an overview of the past and provides an insight into the ancient civilizations. From the discovery of fire to Harappan civilisations, the CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes for History includeall these important topics.The notes also include the formation of new ideologies, rules and regulations. 

The following are the chapters included in the History section of CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes.

Chapters in History
Chapter No. 1 – What, Where, How and When?  

Chapter No. 2 – On The Trail of the Earliest People  

Chapter No. 3 – From Gathering to Growing Food  

Chapter No. 4 – In the Earliest Cities  

Chapter No. 5 – What Books and Burials Tell Us  

Chapter No. 6 – Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic  

Chapter No. 7 – New Questions and Ideas  

Chapter No. 8 – Ashoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War  

Chapter No. 9 – Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

Chapter No. 10 – Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

Chapter No. 11 – New Empires and Kingdoms

Chapter No. 12 – Buildings, Paintings and Books


This branch includes all information regarding the Earth and solar system and its working. The existence of day, night, planets, and satellites are included in the geography section of CBSE Class 6 Social Science Notes. In Class 6, the geography subject is specifically based on our country India. 

The chapters included under CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes for Geography are

Chapters in Geography
Chapter No. 1 The Earth in the Solar System   

Chapter No. 2 Globe Latitudes and Longitudes    

Chapter No. 3 Motions of the Earth    

Chapter No. 4 Maps    

Chapter No. 5 Major Domains of the Earth    

Chapter No. 6 Major Landforms of the Earth    

Chapter No. 7 Our Country India    

Chapter No. 8 India Climate Vegetation and Wildlife    


Civics provides a basic understanding of social citizenship. It includes distinguished languages, backgrounds and religions in India. The subject also leads to democratic government in the country. The 6th Social Science notes for civics are very helpful for students to prepare for their examinations.

The CBSE class 6 Social Science notes for Civics consist of these chapters.

Chapters in Civics
Chapter No. 1 Understanding Diversity     

Chapter No. 2 Diversity and Discrimination     

Chapter No. 3 What is Government     

Chapter No. 4 Key Elements of a Democratic Government     

Chapter No. 5 Panchayati Raj     

Chapter No. 6 Rural Administration     

Chapter No. 7 Urban Administration     

Chapter No. 8 Rural Livelihoods     

Chapter No. 9 Urban Livelihoods     

Benefits of CBSE Class 6 Social Science Notes

  • Studying these notes will help students to revise in minimum time with maximum accuracy. 
  • They cover all important topics included in the CBSE syllabus in NCERT Curriculum.
  • The CBSE class 6 Social Science notes are considered to be the default resource for effective exam preparation to aid students to score good marks.
  • The notes will help students to form a good conceptual background so that they do not get confused. 
  • They help students to know their strengths so that they can focus more on the weaker areas. 

How Extramarks Can Help Students for Class 6 Social Science?

Social Science demands consistent revision. To help students of the CBSE board with their exam preparation, Extramarks has taken a step further by providing CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes. Students who face difficulty in this subject are advised to develop a habit of using these class 6 SST notes for studying efficiently. 

The CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes are curated by the team of subject experts at Extramarks. The CBSE revision notes consist of important questions based on the NCERT curriculum. The language used in preparing these 6th standard Social Science notes is very easy to comprehend and students can understand the notes easily

Students can refer to the CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes from the Extramarks app or web portal. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is class 6 Social Science difficult?

 Social Science is not a difficult subject. However, students usually don’t find it to be interesting. Students who lack reading skills and are not interested in historical events that happened in the past might not score good marks in this subject. To make the subject interesting, students should refer to the class 6 SST notes provided by the team of Extramarks. They can also study from CBSE past years’ question papers for more practise. Extramarks also provides CBSE sample papers that include CBSE extra questions for students to gain more knowledge of a particular topic.

2. Which book should I use to study for CBSE Class 6 Social Science?

The need for reference books has never been greater. CBSE reference books help to enrich students’ knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of concepts. They are one of the key resources as they provide trusted guidance quickly and easily. Students can also refer to CBSE class 6 Social Science notes to boost their exam preparation.

Some of the best books to refer to include

  1. Discover Geography Class – 6 
  2. Longman Geography (Revised Edition)
  3. Discover History – Book 6  
  4. Past Present Class 6 A Textbook Of History & Civics: Past and Present by 
  5. ActiveTeach Longman History & Civics for ICSE class 6
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