CBSE Class 7 Computer Science Chapter 11

CBSE Class VII Computer Science Chapter 11 – Working with Layers

Layers are like transparent sheets on which one can paint or place the object. They are used to organise art work, animations and other elements of a movie. In Flash, the user can select a layer, rename a layer, add a new layer, change order of layers, hide/show a layer and lock a layer.

In Flash, mask is an instance that acts as a hole through which one can see the content of a layer or layers beneath it. Masked layers can be used to reveal portions of a picture in the layer below.

To create a mask, specify that a layer is a mask layer and either draw or place a filled shape on that layer. In Flash, onion skinning tools can be used to view and control animated objects as they move across the stage. The Onion Skin tool allows one to see frames before and after the current frame.