CBSE Class 7 Maths Revision Notes Chapter 10

Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 10 Revision Notes

CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 10 Revision Notes – Practical Geometry

Practical Geometry is the 10th Chapter in Class 7th Mathematics subject. In previous classes, students have learnt to draw perpendicular lines, line segments of a given length, circle, angle bisector, angle, etc. But, in this chapter, students can learn different types of triangles as well as ways of drawing parallel lines.  Most importantly, students should understand the concepts thoroughly so that they will be able to better grasp advanced concepts in higher classes.

The experts at Extramarks, after thorough analysis, have specially curated the Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 10 Notes on “Practice Geometry”. Easy language and relevant examples have been used to make it easier for the students to grasp the concept with clarity. The Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 10 Notes have been drafted in accordance with the prescribed syllabus. When read along with the NCERT book, this Extramarks revision guide will help students have a comprehensive understanding of the chapter. These revision notes will help the students go through the important aspects of “Practical Geometry.” Our experts believe that with regular revision of Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 10 Notes, the students will secure good marks in their exams.

Revision Notes for CBSE Class 7 Maths Chapter 10

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Properties of a Triangle 

  • The sum of all the angles in the triangle is 180∘.
  • The sum of the inner opposite angles is equal to the sum of the exterior angles of the triangle.
  • If we add any two sides of the triangle then it will be greater than the length of the third side of the triangle.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the important topics to be studied in Chapter 10 Mathematics of Class 7 for practical geometry?

The topics that should be given more emphasis are given below:

  • Parallel Line
  • Triangles
  • Sides
  • Angles
  • Pythagoras theorem and many others

2. From where can I access the class 7 Mathematics chapter 10 notes?

You can access the notes by reaching out to the Extramarks official website and you can access the NCERT official website as well.

3. What type of questions are generally asked from class 7 Mathematics chapter 10?

Generally, short answer questions are asked from the class 7 Mathematics chapter 10. You can find the sample of practice questions on the Extramarks’s website for the practice.

4. Is it important to cover each subtopic from chapter 10 class 7 Mathematics?

Yes, each concept defined in the chapter holds equal weightage. You must learn and practise each concept from chapter 10.

5. How to prepare well for class 7 Mathematics chapter 10 for the examination?

You must first understand each concept given in the chapter; don’t skip any. Apart from that, you can practise the questions given in the back exercise or important questions that you can get from Extramarks website.