CBSE Class 8 Maths Revision Notes Chapter 12

CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 12 – Exponents and Powers

In these Class 8 Mathematics chapter 12 notes, students will learn about exponents and power. In addition, in these  Class 8 chapter 12 Mathematics notes, students will get to know the significant details of the chapter that are important for their final examination. Along with Chapter 12 Mathematics Class 8 notes, Extramarks will provide students with essential questions that can be asked to prepare them quickly. Moreover, Class 8 Mathematics notes chapter 12 will be a student’s last-minute revision guide providing all the necessary information. These notes are based on the updated and the latest CBSE syllabus. 

Here are the exponent laws that are applicable to the numbers with exponents.

  1. aman=am+n
  2. aman=am-n
  3. (am)n=amn
  4. ambm=(ab)m
  5. a0=1
  6. ambm=abm
  • Small values in standard form can be expressed using negative exponents. To express a small number in standard form, exponents are used.
  • Extremely large and very small numbers can both be expressed using a standard form.
  • Standard form is another term for scientific notation form.
  • If a decimal number is named m, where 1 m<10 and n is either a negative or positive integer, then m10n can be said to be in standard form. For instance, 150,000,000,000 = 1.51011 is in standard form.
  • It is highly helpful to use exponential notation to indicate repeated multiplication of the same value. For each non-zero rational integer “a” and a natural number “n,” the product a × a × a × a × a… × a (n times)= an.
  • It is referred to as the nth power of “a” and is written as “a” raised to the power “n.” The rational number n serves as the exponent, while the rational number “a” serves as the base.

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