CBSE Class 8 Maths Revision Notes Chapter 2

CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 2 – Linear Equations In One Variable

In these Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 2 notes, students will learn about the concept of work and energy. In addition, in these Class 8 Chapter 2 Mathematics notes, students will get to know the major details of the chapter that are important for their final examination. Along with Chapter 2 Mathematics Class 8 notes, Extramarks will provide students with essential questions that can be asked to prepare them quickly. Moreover, Class 8 Mathematics notes Chapter 2 will be a student’s last-minute revision guide, providing all the necessary information. These notes are based on the CBSE syllabus. 

Revision Notes For CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 2

Access Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 2 – Linear Equations In One Variable

An Equation In Linear Form One Factor To Consider

An admission that two algebraic expressions with one or more variables are equivalent. An example of a linear equation having more than one variable is x+2=3x+2=3

It means the expression that makes up an equation with a single variable and the expression that has the largest power of the variable in the equation.

  • An algebraic equation is a variable-based equivalence. It means that the value of the expression given on one side of the equality sign is the same as the value of the expression given on the other side of the equality sign.
  • Linear equations in one variable are what we have learned in classes 6, 7, and 8. The expression that makes up the equation in such equations only has one variable. The equations are also linear, meaning the greatest power of the variable appearing in the equation will be 1.
  • To solve a linear equation, any rational integer can be used. An equation can have linear expressions on both sides. In classes 6 and 7, there was just one number on one side of the equation in the equations.
  • In an equation, variables, like integers, can be moved from one side to another.
  • Expressions that consist of equations must be simplified before they can be solved using standard procedures. Some equations may not be linear initially, but they can be made linear by multiplying both sides of the equation by an appropriate expression.
  • Linear equations can be used in many ways. They may be applied to answer issues that involve numbers, ages, perimeters, and combinations of money notes, among other things.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the difference between a variable and a constant?

variable denotes some unknown value and is commonly represented by a letter, while a constant means a number, the value of which is fixed.

2. What is a linear equation in one variable?

A linear equation in one variable means an equation that is written in the form of ax+b=0. Here, x is a variable with only one solution, and a and b are two integers.

3. Solve this equation?

(i) x-2=7

Ans. x-2=7

x=7+2     (putting 2 to the right side)