CBSE Class 8 Social Science Geography Revision Notes

Class 8 Geography Notes

CBSE Class 8 Geography Notes

In Class 8, Geography is an important part of Social Science and is primarily a theoretical subject. To score better in exams, students need to write detailed and quality answers with keywords and concepts. For this, they must prepare well and effectively. Revision notes will help students revise crucial points before exams. They can access Extramarks Class 8 Geography Notes easily available on the website. Subject matter experts have prepared these Class 8 Geography notes in a simple and detailed manner.

Notes for CBSE Class 8 Geography

CBSE Class 8 Geography Notes for Revision

Extramarks Revision Notes for Class 8 Geography are created to facilitate a thorough understanding of the chapters listed in Class 8 Geography. By using these notes, students will gain a clear understanding of the resources used, the working industries, and the sectors on which livelihood is dependent. Written by subject matter experts, these notes will give students an edge and improve their exam preparations.

These notes are concise and well-structured in such a way that each topic in the chapter is covered one by one. Moreover, these notes follow the revised CBSE syllabus. Therefore, students need not worry about finding updated study materials.

There are six chapters in total in the Class 8 NCERT ‘Resources and Development’ Social Science book –

Chapter 1 – Resources

Chapter 2 – Land, Water, Soil, Natural Vegetation and  Wildlife Resources

Chapter 3 – Mineral and Power Resources

Chapter 4 – Agriculture

Chapter 5 – Industries

Chapter 6 – Human Resources