CBSE Class 9 Maths Revision Notes Chapter 12

Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes for Heron’s Formula of Chapter 12

Mathematics is a subject that is based on problem-solving and reasoning, which requires a basic understanding of the subject. Frequent revision and practice will strengthen students’ grasp of seemingly complex but simple concepts. To prepare well for Class 10 exams, students must refer to revision notes that are authentic and error-free.

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Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes for Heron’s Formula of Chapter 12

Access Class-9 Mathematics Chapter 12 – Heron’s Formula Notes in 30 Minutes

Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes for Heron’s Formula of Chapter 12

Class 9 Mathematics Notes of Heron’s Formula

In this chapter, Heron’s formula is significant. If the lengths of all three sides are known, the triangle’s area can be calculated with Heron’s formula. The two steps below can be used to calculate this:

Step 1: Determine the “s,” or the perimeter of the triangle, as follows:

S= a+ b = c2

Step 2: Next, determine the area.

Hero (or Heron) of Alexandria, a Greek engineer and mathematician who lived between 10 – 70 Anno Domini (AD), is credited for conceptualising this formula.

Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 12 Revision Notes

The chapter on Heron’s formula is engaging and, without a doubt, significant. As a result, students will be able to learn this chapter effectively with quality study materials. These Class 9 Revision Notes were created to address these needs.

Revision is essential after learning a chapter, especially for mathematics concepts. Therefore, Extramarks provide revision notes to assist students in their revision schedules. Heron’s formula for the area of a triangle, Heron’s formula for the area of quadrilaterals, and other topics are covered in these notes. Students will also find notes for finding volumes and areas of surfaces using Heron’s Formula, the cross sections of cylinders, hollow cylinders, cones, spheres, cuboids, and uniform cross sections.

Why These Revision Notes?

An overview of the entire chapter is included in the revision materials. 

Students should regularly revise the concepts mentioned in this chapter, as they can be better understood through practice. The revision notes serve the purpose of providing concise pointers.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How important is the chapter of Heron's Formula?

Heron’s Formula is an important chapter in terms of the exam. There are higher chances that an exam question will be asked from this particular chapter. Students must practise and review their exam preparation to solve the chapter’s sum efficiently.

2. How will students benefit from the revision notes for their exams?

Before the exam, reading the book chapter by chapter becomes tedious and time-consuming; alternatively, students can use these capsuled notes. Students will be able to efficiently review their notes before the test. It will be an efficient revision rather than merely a revision.

3. From where can I access the revision notes?

Students can easily access the revision notes from Extramarks.