CBSE English Language And Literature Question Paper Class 10

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Paper with Solutions

CBSE conducts Class 10 board examinations every year. It is a significant step in all the students’ lives. English is a language subject taught in CBSE Class 10. CBSE English Class 10 examination is one of the most scoring subjects. English language and literature exams hold a significant place in the CBSE Class 10 board examinations. English language and Literature papers consist of both the language and literature portion of the syllabus.

Students must study the entire syllabus before appearing for CBSE Class 10 board examinations. CBSE examinations are usually held in March month of the year. Students are advised to be prepared with the full latest English syllabus for Class 10. Teachers and students both work hard all year long for great results. Students and their parents have high hopes for this examination.

Last Year Question Papers of CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature

All the Class 10 students work hard to achieve great results in their CBSE board examinations. The Class 10 English language and literature paper is one of the most awaited papers. Students can easily score well if they pay due attention to the lessons in the NCERT textbook for Class 10 English.

English language papers focus on assessing the basic grammatical skills and writing skills of the students. Students are advised to read more and enhance their vocabulary. To build a good grip on grammar it is important for students to get into a habit of reading. The writing section of the paper tests your English comprehension and vocabulary. You can excel with the help of your imagination and analytical skills. The writing section usually consists of writing articles, reports, essays, etc. You need to build a good story on the given situation. Take good care of the grammar in the writing section.

The English Literature section consists of the lesson in the NCERT textbook prescribed by CBSE. Students must read each and every chapter from the NCERT English textbook Class 10 PDF. Learn the names of the authors and the poets. The figures of speech in the prose and the moral of the stories are also important to understand.

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Papers

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CBSE Class 10 board examinations are based on the prescribed book. NCERT textbooks for English are called First Flight and a supplementary book called Footprints Without Feet. The CBSE English examination question paper is dependent on these books. Students must download the CBSE Class 10 NCERT English book from Extramarks. A thorough reading of the incidents in the chapter is required. Students must make note of the moral of the story. Also, the students must practice the summary of each story. Students are advised to read and learn all the figures of speech and symbolic meanings in the poems. This can be asked in the question paper.

CBSE English Language and Literature Question Paper for Class 10 with Solutions

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Practicing previous year question papers is a basic need for Class 10 CBSE board preparations. Students can find all the CBSE Class 10 previous year question papers PDF online at Extramarks. Download the CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Paper with solutions at Extramarks.

Class 10 Previous year question paper with solutions helps you simultaneously match your answers. You can see your performance in the practice sessions. This helps you analyse the places that need improvement from your side.

Ideal for CBSE Class 10 English Exam Preparation

Preparation tips for CBSE Class 10 English Exam

Download NCERT English Textbook PDF for Class 10 from Extramarks. Study each lesson thoroughly. Understand the story and the prose.

Solve the NCERT back exercise questions given at the end of each chapter. You can download NCERT Class 10 English solutions from Extramarks and check your solutions. Additionally, you can ask your teacher to check your solutions and tell you the areas where improvement is needed.

After studying the chapter, practice lots of previous year’s question papers. Download the CBSE previous year English question papers PDF from Extramarks. You can get them printed and solve them. You must set a time limit of 3 hours before you solve the question paper. Try to manage your time and spare some time for revision. Solve one question paper every day. And check your efficiency and improvement in the subject. Writing so many papers helps you get an idea about the question paper pattern and your best approach towards it. Give a good presentation on your answer sheet.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I score well in English literature in My Class 10th?

Studying and constant practice can make you succeed in your Class 10th examinations – Delhi Scheme. Apart from that, all the study materials like NCERT book PDF, NCERT solutions, CBSE previous year question papers for each subject, CBSE question papers with solutions, CBSE sample papers, and CBSE revision notes for each subject are provided to you on our platform.

Apart from English, other subjects also require continuous practice and focus on conceptual learning. If you are clear with the concepts you can easily tackle any question with ease. Even the tricky questions can be solved with logic and reasoning, especially in Science and Maths papers. Apart from that, solving most of the past year question papers makes you aware of the following question pattern. You can prepare yourself with everything that is important.

2. Where can I find the previous year English Literature question paper for CBSE class 10 -2020?

The Extramarks website has the previous year English Communicative question papers for CBSE Class 10. Each year’s question paper is available for download. You can even view the solutions of the question papers. This can help you greatly in fixing the errors made by you while solving the paper.

3. Where can I get NCERT Books for English for Class 10?

The NCERT book for English Class 10 is available online on the NCERT website. You can easily download NCERT English Book for Class 10 PDF on the Extramarks website. You can also download other NCERT Books for Class 10 PDF from Extramarks. You can download the NCERT English book as a soft copy of the book for free or you can get it printed at your convenience.

4. Where can I get chapter-wise NCERT solutions for English for Class 10?

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 are available at the Extramarks website. You can avail all the solution PDFs online and study. You can download all English solutions from the Extramarks website.

5. How to avail of study materials for NCERT English Class 10 study materials online?

Extramarks provides NCERT study materials for Class 10 English. You can study with NCERT English solutions for Class 10. It is the best way to check your improvement in the chapter.

6. How can I achieve more than 90 percent in Class 10 English?

Achieving more than 90 percent in Class 10 English is truly a dream for all students. It is advised to follow all the study materials by CBSE. It not only makes you efficient but also confident about your knowledge. Apart from that, you should maintain your own important notes where you detail all important grammatical rules and important terms. Keep revising them on a regular basis.

The main course book for the Class 10 English Book is NCERT. Students are advised to practice with English solutions PDF and revise Exercises. Get revision through English Practice Papers in grade 10.

7. Where can I find useful study resources for my competitive and board exams?

The CBSE board examination is one of the most important exams in a student’s life. There are various different kinds of study materials available for students everywhere. Extramarks provides you with all kinds of study materials for your ultimate preparations. From NCERT book PDF to CBSE revision notes everything is available at Extramarks. You can easily access all the CBSE Boards Class 10 study material for each subject on our platform. It becomes extremely simple for you to study online as you get all the required study material in one place. Simply visit the Extramarks website to find all the useful study resources for board exams.

8. How can I download Class 10 NCERT Textbooks for all subjects in PDF?

NCERT Textbooks for classes 1 to 12 are available on Extramarks. CBSE has prescribed NCERT books for conducting its academics. Extramarks introduces all academic study resources to you on its online platform. You can download NCERT books, NCERT Solutions, CBSE Sample papers, CBSE previous year question papers, Extra questions, Formulas and CBSE revision notes PDF.

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