CBSE Geography Question Paper Class 12

CBSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 Geography with Solutions

Indian schools are organized and controlled by CBSE, a government-controlled education board. Most of the schools in the country are affiliated to this educational board, as it is one of the most significant boards of education in the country. The board was established in 1929 by the resolution of the Indian government. CBSE schools follow the NCERT curriculum, especially for classes 10 and 12. To keep track of the academic progress of the students, the CBSE conducts final exams for Class 10 and Class 12 every year.

In 1961, the Government of India established the NCERT to assist the State and Central Governments in improving school education. This organization promotes and coordinates research in school education, prepares and publishes NCERT Books, supplementary materials, and much more. Furthermore, it serves as a government agency for achieving the goals of elementary education by providing ideas and information related to school education.

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CBSE Last Year Question Papers for Class 12 Geography – Free PDF Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is it important to practice the CBSE Geography Question Paper Class 12?

In order to have a strong hold of the concepts of the subject and to strengthen the knowledge about the subject, students must thoroughly practice various past years’ papers such as the CBSE Geography Question Paper Class 12. They assist learners with a better preparation by making them familiar with the examination pattern, brushing up their time management skills. Furthermore, the Previous Year Geography Question Paper of Class 12 CBSE make them aware of the important questions, also helps them in acknowledging their strong and weak areas of the curriculum. Therefore, students should thoroughly practice various CBSE Geography Paper Class 12 before appearing in the Class 12 Geography board examination.

2. How can students clear their doubts about related to the CBSE Geography Question Paper Class 12?

The young minds can subscribe to Extramarks, where they have the access to live doubt solving sessions. It is also possible for students to record their lectures, which will help them revise challenging topics. Extramarks provides them with the guidance of highly qualified teachers so that they can easily find solutions to all their queries and do not waste their time in looking for answers. Furthermore, students can also refer to the CBSE Geography Class 12 Question Paper 2021-22s in order to solve any doubts related to the subject’s curriculum.

3. Are the CBSE Geography Question Paper Class 12 available on Extramarks?

Yes, Extramarks provides students with various past years’ papers along with their solutions such as the CBSE Geography Question Paper Class 12. In addition to this, the website provides students with K12 study material for their boards, live classes with the experts, smart class solution, school integrated programs and much more to provide detailed solutions for all the questions of the students.At Extramarks, students can also download the CBSE Class 12 Geography Practical Question Paper for better comprehension of the subject.