CBSE Hindi A Class 10 Question Paper 2007

Hindi A Class 10 CBSE Question Paper 2007 

Hindi is one of the optional subjects for Class 10 Board Examinations. Students opting for this language keep the door open for multiple job options concerning Hindi literary works and government and private jobs that require employees to know Hindi. As Hindi is a phonetic language, learning it is easy. Also, once someone masters Hindi, they can speak and understand other similar languages like Urdu, Punjabi, etc. That is why many languages in the country consider this language of utmost importance, just like the CBSE, which made it compulsory till Class 8. 

In Class 10, students have four Hindi NCERT Books – Kshitij-2, Kritika, Sparsh, and Sanchayan Bhag-2. While the first two books are covered under Course A CBSE Syllabus, the others are under Course B. 

The Hindi Course A Question Paper contains multiple choice questions, creative questions, etc., depending on the prose and poetry by stalwarts mentioned in Kshitij-2 and Kritika. The paper also contains essay writing. While studying four Hindi books may appear overwhelming, the best part is students do not have to refer to multiple books to prepare themselves. The NCERT Books are enough if they study them thoroughly and solve the exercise questions of each chapter. For practising, it is recommended that they consider the past years’ question papers available on the Extramarks website, along with the sample papers. Practising them will give them a precise idea of how the examination can be. Students can find the papers for the past several years, including those dating back to 2007, like the CBSE Hindi A Class 10 Question Paper 2007 at Extramarks.

Students who practise past years’ question papers and CBSE Sample Papers and give mock tests are found to have a better confidence level, reflecting their performance on the test. So, why take chances when all the necessary study materials are available at Extramarks?

Solving these question papers has multiple benefits. They are discussed below.

Students become aware of the question patterns, the concepts that are covered the most, and the marks distribution system.

Revision becomes easy and exciting. Instead of going through all the chapters repeatedly, they can start solving the question papers after their first thorough revision. This will help them revise better as they will be writing the answers. 

Solving the question papers helps them work on their speed, and the swifter they become, the better they get at time management. Many students find it hard to answer all the questions on the paper as they run out of time. Practising helps them manage time better. It helps them set the time for each section and stick to it. 

As students continue solving past years’ question papers and give mock tests, they realise their strengths and weaknesses. They get to identify the areas where they are lagging and the areas where more effort are needed. There is no other better way to assess the preparation level than practising.

Practising also helps students strategise better for solving the question papers. For example, they might find solving the descriptive or creative section first easy and can plan accordingly. 

Students get exposed to tricky or challenging questions and learn to deal with them in a short time. As a result, they do not panic upon finding such questions in the real examination. 

Students also overcome examination fear while practising. This increases their confidence levels and boosts their performance. Anxiety often becomes a reason for poor performance for many. 

Whatever strategies students make, achieving good marks becomes possible when they practice a lot and solve sample papers and past years’ question papers. However, do not forget to go through the NCERT Books thoroughly and solve the questions after each chapter. 

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Paper 2007 

Just like Extramarks offers chapter-wise PDFs of all chapters of every subject and their NCERT solutions for free, it also offers the past years’ question papers without charging students a penny. Once students sign up, they get access to the question papers. Extramarks has walked the extra mile to help students score the highest exam marks. How? Well, they have on board highly-experienced professional teachers who solve the question papers and provide detailed solutions to the students. 

CBSE wants students to follow certain guidelines while answering the questions. For example, it prefers to-the-point answers in simple language within the prescribed word limit. The teachers have prepared all the answers by strictly following the guidelines. 

For Hindi, past years’ solved question papers are a boon as they can help students cover the entire syllabus while practising. Also, all the question papers, including those for courses A and B, are available separately in PDF format. One such example is the CBSE Hindi A Class 10 Question Paper 2007 solved PDF. This 2007 question paper has a pattern similar to all other Hindi course A question papers published by CBSE in different years. Following this paper will give students an idea of how to move ahead with their preparation.

Study Strategy 

A strategy is a plan of action devised to attain a goal, and every student needs one such plan of action to score marks as per their expectations. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to chalking out a strategy. It all depends on the student’s ability to grasp new ideas, understand them, and retain the information for a long time. Accordingly, countless strategies can be planned, but all of them have one thing in common – practice. Irrespective of the student’s learning abilities, practice forms an integral part of revision that helps them to score the highest marks. And what better way to start practising than solving previous years’ question papers? Especially when it is a subject like Hindi that requires students to understand a lot of themes, retain all the information, and successfully write them to the point on the answer sheet while including the relevant keywords and terms. 

Extramarks is an education technology company that offers both online and offline education to students. This apart, it has in-store multiple study materials that can be a game changer for the students, including previous years’ question papers like CBSE Hindi A Class 10 Question Paper 2007.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to score good marks in CBSE Class 10 Hindi A examination?

While hard work is the key to success, in this modern world, people need to be smart workers than hard workers. The same applies to students. So, they need to make a proper action plan to ensure their efforts do not go in vain. First, they need to study the NCERT Books thoroughly. There is no point in cramming the concepts and topics without understanding them, as retention becomes tough when one just learns things without comprehending them. Once they complete the entire syllabus, they must revise them and then shift to practising. The best way is to solve past years’ question papers and sample papers. Solve them as much as you can.

2. What is the allotted time for solving the Hindi A Question Paper in the CBSE board examination?

Students get three hours to solve the Hindi Question Paper in the CBSE board examination, which includes courses A and B. So, they must manage time well to ensure they can answer all the questions satisfactorily. And the ideal way to learn time management is by giving mock tests. Extramarks here offers a bunch of past years’ question papers to help you give mock tests at your convenience. Take a printout of the papers, set the time, and get going.  

3. Is solving all the questions in the CBSE Hindi A Question Paper compulsory?

Students do not have to solve all the questions mentioned in the question paper as there are internal choices, meaning some questions will have two questions with an ‘OR’ between them. This gives students the freedom to answer any one of them and score. Solving both questions will not fetch them extra marks and will only waste their time. So, students need to carefully and thoroughly read the question paper before they start solving it. 

4. Can I download the CBSE Hindi A Class 10 Question Paper 2007 solved PDF?

You can easily download the CBSE Hindi A Class 10 Question Paper 2007 solved PDF from the Extramarks website or the app. Enter the site, register, and head to the question papers section. There, there you will find the past few years’ question papers for all subjects. All the papers come solved, so you do not have to search for their answers. Download them without paying anything and start solving them. Once done, cross-check the answers with the solutions provided by the Extramarks experts and evaluate your performance. 

5. Is the CBSE Hindi A Class 10 Question Paper 2007 available offline?

All previous years’ question papers, including the one for Hindi A paper for 2007, are available offline. Once you download them, you can access them anytime you want without caring about the internet connection. However, you need to sign up to download the question papers.