CBSE Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 2

Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 2 -The Friendly Mongoose

This lesson, The Friendly Mongoose, teaches us that we must not be judgmental and act hastily. In fact, it tells us that we must think properly before reaching a conclusion and understand everything with a calm mind.

Chapter 2 of Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 2 – The Friendly Mongoose is a story about a farmer and his wife. They have a son whom they love dearly. Further, their boy wishes to have a pet as his companion. Thus, the farmers bring home a baby mongoose. On one fine day, the mother of the baby goes to the market. However, she asks the farmer not to leave their son alone with the Mongoose. After that, the farmer leaves to meet his friends, and the wife returns to find the Mongoose soaked in blood. This angers her as she thinks it has killed her baby, so she throws the basket at him. But she finds out that he was protecting her son from a snake to protect him. Thus, you learn how we must not jump to conclusions and make decisions with a calm mind. Thus, the Friendly Mongoose Summary will help you understand this story clearly.

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Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 2 – With Solution

Our English teachers have gathered an entire list of Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 2 by referring to numerous reliable sources like the NCERT textbook, other English language reference books, and past year exam papers. For each and every question, our team has prepared a step-by-step explanation that will enable students to comprehend the concepts used in each question. Similarly, the questions selected would cover entire chapter topics. So by practising from our question bank, students will be able to go through the chapter thoroughly and improve their understanding of the chapter.

Below are a few of the questions and answers from our question bank of Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 2:

Question 1:What was the farmer’s reason for having a pet?

Answer 1: The farmer desired the boy to have a companion when he grew up. Hence, he decided to bring home a pet to offer his son company.

Question 2:How was the farmer’s child rescued by the Mongoose?

Answer 2: The Mongoose rescued the life of the farmer’s son from a poisonous cobra. He had killed the snake. He had given up his life.

Question 3:What did the friendly Mongoose do when somebody came home?

Answer 3: The Mongoose used to run to the door to receive the farmer’s wife when she returned home. He also sat outside the house waiting for her. It was customary.

Question 4:Why was the farmer’s wife angry?

Answer 4: The view of blood on the mongoose’s face and paws of the Mongoose made the farmer’s wife furious with anger. She presumed that the Mongoose had killed her little son.

Question 5:What made the farmer’s wife repent?

Answer 5:The farmer’s wife had headed to the market. She left their baby in the care of her pet; the Mongoose was friendly. She returned back home and saw blood covered all over the face of the pet. Blind with anger, she killed the Mongoose. Shortly she realised that her baby was alright and the Mongoose had killed a snake in order to rescue and therefore saved the baby’s life. She regretted it and wept. But it was extremely late.

Question 6: “Hasty decisions lead to regret’. Comment in the light of the story ‘The friendly Mongoose’.

Answer 6: The farmer’s wife had a preconceived idea that the Mongoose would not be trusted. The mongoose saved the child from the snake when the farmer’s wife had gone to the market. However, she did not trust her husband’s words, no matter how much he assured her that the mongoose was a sweet friend to their child. But without giving it a second thought, she acted in haste and killed it. Her blind fear and whim had taken the life of a blameless animal. Hasty action causes the loss of something valuable. So one should always think twice before taking action.

Question 7: Animals are more loyal and faithful than human beings. Do you agree?

Answer 7: It is considered that human beings are as intelligent as all animals if not more. Nevertheless, their actions do not justify this statement. Their rash act often leads to misfortune. No one thinks of outcomes for their irresponsible and cruel behaviour. The mongoose, in the given story, performed his duty and rescued the innocent child, but he was punished merely because of the lady’s preconceived whim, fear and inability to trust the pet. One must learn honesty, loyalty and integrity from animals like the mongoose.

Question 8:Why did the farmer bring a baby mongoose into the house?

Answer 8: The farmer brought a baby mongoose into his house since they wanted a pet so that their son would have a companion when he grew up. 

Question 9:Why did the wife of the farmer not want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose?

Answer 9:The wife of the farmer didn’t really want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose since she was terrified that the mongoose would hurt him.

Question 10: What was the farmer’s comment on his wife’s fears?

Answer 10: The farmer comprehended why his wife was terrified of leaving the baby alone with the mongoose. Thus, he tried to drag out her fear. He stated that the mongoose was a friendly animal, as gentle and sweet as their own baby.

Question 11: Why did the farmer’s wife hit the mongoose with her basket?

Answer 11:The farmer’s wife hit the mongoose with her basket because she assumed that the mongoose had killed her son.

Question 12: Did she regret her hasty action? How did she show her repentance?

Answer 12: She really regretted her hasty decision. She touched the dead Mongoose and cried out, “Oh! What have I done? I killed you, and you saved my son!” She looked at the dead mongoose for a long time and sobbed. 

Do you own a pet, a cat or a dog? If not, would you like one? How would you look after it? Are you okay with keeping birds in a cage as pets? 

I like to have pet animals. I have a little dog, and I adore playing with it all day. I am against holding on to birds in cages as pets.

Question 13: How did the farmer calm his wife when she was going to the market?

 Answer 13: When his wife was going to the market after putting their son to sleep, the wife stated her fear towards the mongoose and leaving their son alone with it. The farmer stated to her that she did not fear the Mongoose as it was a very friendly animal, and it had grown up with their son. He would not harm him.On the contrary, the mongoose would protect our children. 

 Question 14: Did the wife feel regretful after she had killed the Mongoose? Write a few lines from the lesson where she shows grief. 

Answer 14: When she killed the Mongoose and witnessed that the Mongoose had even killed a snake to rescue her baby, she broke down and started sobbing. The lines from the poem that communicate her regret is- “Oh! You saved my little child! You killed that snake! What have I done?” She exclaimed, touching the dead Mongoose, which lay lifeless, unaware of her sobbing. The farmer’s wife, who had conducted rashly and hastily, watched long at the Mongoose, which was already dead.

 Question 15: Write a summary of the story “A Friendly Mongoose”. 

Answer 15: “A friendly Mongoose” is all about a farmer and his wife, who love their newborn son. The farmer brought the baby mongoose that would shortly grow up with their son. A few months later, the Mongoose developed into a lovely animal. On one particular day, the farmer’s wife decided to go to the market when her baby was asleep. She was told by her husband not to leave their son alone with the mongoose. He headed to the fields to see his companions and did not return back for quite some time. His wife came back home with groceries to discover the mongoose covered with blood all over his paws and face. She assumed that it had killed her son, and in utter fury, she flung the basket on the Mongoose to kill him and immediately rushed inside to see what had happened. Her son was sleeping in a peaceful manner, and a snake was lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Instantly, she realised her mistake and ran back outside to check on the Mongoose, but it was too late. The mongoose was already dead.

 Question 16: Write the moral of the story “A Friendly Mongoose”.

Answer 16: The moral of the given story “A Friendly Mongoose” is that we should “Look before we leap”. In the required story, the farmer’s wife was extremely scared that the Mongoose would hurt the baby. When she came back home from the market, she discovered that the Mongoose’s mouth as well as feet were covered in blood. She presumed that the Mongoose had killed their son. However, the fact was that the Mongoose had killed the venomous snake that had come to attack her son. On finding this, she totally regretted her actions. Thus, it is believed it is always better to think and react than to react and repent later.

 Question 17: Why did the wife of the farmer strike the Mongoose with her basket?

Answer 17: When the wife of the farmer reached home with her basket, she noticed the Mongoose was at the door with his entire face and paws covered all over with blood. She presumed that the Mongoose had killed her baby. In a fit of rage, she hit the Mongoose with her heavy basket. 

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