CBSE Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 6

Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 6 – The Monkey and The Crocodile.

Chapter 6 Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Important Question, The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary will take us through the poetic version of the children’s tale, which has the same name. It is about a crocodile who lives in a river. This lesson, The Monkey and The Crocodile, briefs us that we must never undervalue ourselves, just like the monkey. Even though he did not have the upper hand, he rescued himself from the trouble by being wise.

The crocodile becomes friends with a monkey that lives on a tree on the river bank.

Consequently, the monkey shares the fruits of the tree with his friend, the crocodile. Further, the crocodile takes a share from his wife. However, he has a greedy wife who is not after the sweetness of the fruit but that of the monkey’s heart. She convinces the crocodile to bring the monkey home, which he does. But he decides not to betray his friend and tells him the truth. Thus, the monkey saves himself by making a clever excuse and ends his friendship with the crocodile. Thus, we see how the crocodile lost a friend as well as the sweet fruits.

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Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 6 – With Solution

Our professional English educators have assembled a long list of exam-oriented problems in our question bank of English A Pact With The Sun Class 6 Chapter 6 Important Questions by referring to a variety of reliable sources like the NCERT textbook, other English reference books, and past years’ exam papers. For every question individually, our team has thoroughly looked through and formed a step-by-step explanation that will help students to comprehend answers to all important questions. Furthermore, the questions specified would cover the entire chapter. So by practising from our question bank, students will be competent in going through the chapter entirely and enhancing their knowledge of the chapter.

Below are some of the questions and solutions from our question bank of Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 6:

Question 1:Why did the monkey welcome the crocodile?

Answer 1: The monkey was glad to have a friend. He welcomed the crocodile Since he had an abundance of sweet fruits to eat. Before, he had no friends to talk to as well as share the fruits with.

Question 2: How did the crocodile and the monkey land up becoming good friends?

Answer 2:The crocodile and the monkey were lonely. Secondly, the monkey had tons of tasty fruits to offer to the crocodile.

Question 3: What was the intent of the crocodile’s wife?

Answer 3: The crocodile’s wife was upset with him for spending plenty of time with the monkey. She was fed up with handling the young ones alone. So she intended to get rid of the monkey once and for all.

Question 4: Whom did the crocodile select to betray?

Answer 4: The crocodile adored his wife. He was also extremely fond of his friend, the monkey. He ultimately decided to backstab his friend and satisfy his life partner.

Question 5: How was the monkey brought to the crocodile’s home?

Answer 5:The monkey readily approved of going with his friend. But he was not a swimmer. He rode on the back side of the crocodile. And they set off.

Question 6: ‘The monkey was terrified and despondent. Why?

Answer 6: The monkey learned the danger to his life. He could not leap into the river as he couldn’t swim. The idea of his sure death made him miserable and afraid.

Question 7: What did the monkey accomplish as he reached the tree?

Answer 7:The clever monkey climbed the tree. He offered some fruit to his friend. He declared that they wouldn’t encounter it again.

 Question 8: ‘The monkey was pleasant and intelligent. How?

Answer 8: The crocodile was a good friend of the monkey who gave him plenty of fruits for him and his wife. One certain day the crocodile returned home belatedly. The wife was aggravated. She wanted him to split up with his friend. So she desired to eat the monkey’s heart. The crocodile held his friend on his back. In midstream, he revealed his wife’s plan. The monkey was intelligent enough to rescue his life. He stated that he had left his heart behind on a particular tree. As the two arrived back at the tree, the monkey ascended up.

Question 9: The monkey was content living in the fruit tree, but his contentment was not complete. What did he miss?

Answer 9: The monkey was content in his fruit tree home. He had an abundance of eating, but he had no company. He felt desolated. He required a friend to talk to and, furthermore, to share his fruits.

Question 10: What did the two companions generally talk about?

Answer 10: The two friends talked about birds, animals, nearby villages and villagers’ hardships.

Question 11: Why was the crocodile’s wife irritated with her husband one day?

Answer 11: The crocodile’s wife was irritated at waiting for the crocodile to arrive home and at handling the little crocodiles that had simply been hatched.

Question 12: Why was the crocodile not willing to invite his friend home?

Answer 12: The crocodile’s wife wanted to eat the monkey’s heart. She instructed him to bring the monkey. He couldn’t betray his friend. Therefore, he was not willing to invite his friend (the monkey) house.

Question 13: What did the crocodile reveal about the monkey midstream?

Answer 13:The crocodile briefed the monkey that his wife desired to eat his heart.

Question 14: How did the monkey rescue himself?

Answer 14: The monkey was very clever. He told the crocodile that he would gladly give away his heart to his friend’s wife, but he left his heart on the tree. He requested the crocodile to swim back to bring the heart from that given place. The crocodile could not comprehend the monkey’s plan he paddled back up to the tree. The monkey hopped on a branch and rescued himself.

Question 15: What does the final sentence of the story suggest? What would the crocodile convey to his wife?

Answer 15: The story’s last sentence indicates that the crocodile understood a lesson. He acknowledged that he had lost a fine friend because of his wife’s stupid wish. So it seems that the crocodile would blame his wife for her greed.

 Question 16: What do you learn from the lesson about friendship?

Answer 16: Friendship grows among individuals of their common welfare and mutual respect. The bond increases if they plainly make an effort to make it successful. Nevertheless, if anyone of them backstabs, then his act is unpardonable, and the bond is snapped. It can not be taken any further. Monkey willingly welcomed the crocodile to be his friend. But he was stabbed in the back. Nevertheless, he managed to rescue his life.

 Question 17: ‘Trust and faith are the foundation stone of friendship’. Justify your answer.

Answer 17: The monkey was living in a tree. To avoid the loneliness of the monkey, the crocodile was gaily invited by him. He presented fruits, and they spent time together. But when his wife desired to eat the monkey, the crocodile could not withstand his wife’s wish. He violated his friend’s trust. Nevertheless, the monkey was intelligent and came out of the situation. The bond could have been preserved. The fact is that the crocodile could have persuaded his wife, and the friendship would have gone further. He could have appreciated fruits for a longer time period. So when the crocodile lost confidence and trust in his friend, he lost his friend forever.

 Question 18: The monkey was happy living in the fruit tree, but his happiness was not complete. What did he miss?

Answer 18: The monkey was content living in the fruit tree, but his contentment was not complete. He had no friend to talk to or share fruits with. He felt desolated.

Question 19: What did the two companions generally talk about?

Answer 19: The two companions, the monkey and the crocodile, typically talked about birds and animals, as well as the nearby villages. They also used to speak about the problems villagers encountered in raising good crops because of the scarcity of rain.

Question 20: Why was the crocodile’s wife irritated with her husband one day?

Answer 20:  The crocodile’s wife was irritated with her husband one day since the crocodile came home extremely late that day, and she had to handle the little crocodiles all by herself.

Question 21: Why was the crocodile not willing to invite his friend home?

Answer 21: The crocodile was not willing to invite his friend home since his wife desired to eat the monkey’s heart. The crocodile did not desire to backstab his best friend. Hence, he refused to oblige her and yelled angrily at her.

Question 22: What did the crocodile tell the monkey midstream?

Answer 22: The crocodile told the monkey midstream that he would have to go underwater now so that he could kill the monkey as well as give the monkey’s heart to his wife for a feast.

Question 23: How did the monkey save himself?

Answer 23: Although he was stunned and distressed, the monkey kept calm. He said that he would do anything for the crocodile and his family. But unfortunately, he did not fetch his heart along with him and left it on the tree. The unintelligent crocodile believed the monkey and took him back to the tree. The monkey leapt to the tree at once and, therefore, rescued himself.

Question 24: What does the last sentence of the story suggest? What would the crocodile tell his wife?

Answer 24: The crocodile was more heartbroken and wiser after he realised his mistake. He would have briefed his wife about all that occurred and how she broke a great friendship because of her insecurity and greed.

Question 25: Word – Meaning from the given chapter

  1. Laden 
  2. Hatched 

iii. Sarcasm 

  1. Pester 

Answer 25: i) Loaded

  1. ii) Open and produce a young animal of an egg.

iii) The act of mocking someone.

  1. iv) Annoy someone continuously.

Question 26: Fill in the Blanks:

(i) “I can’t kill a friend, though I won’t mind a monkey occasionally for a ______.”

(ii) The monkey ______ some from the nearest branch and threw them down.

(iii) “I did come here in search of food for myself and my wife. Nice of you to ______.”  

(iv) The monkey was happy but lonely and wanted a _____ to talk to and share the fruits with.

Answer 26: (i) change of taste

                   (ii) plucked 

                   (iii)offer me fruit

                   (iv) companion

Question 27: State whether the subsequent statements are True – False:

(i) The crocodile took the monkey for his wife to eat.

(ii) The monkey denied being friends with the crocodile.

(iii)The crocodile first came to eat the monkey.

(iv)The monkey lived alone on a tree loaded with fruits.

Answer 27: (i)True

                    (ii) False

                    (iii) False

                    (iv) True

Question 28: Match the following:

                i. Crocodile                     Sky
              ii. Monkey                     Jungle
              iii. Lion                     Tree
              iv. Birds                     Water

Answer 28:

                        i. Crocodile                         Water
                        ii. Monkey                         Tree 
                        iii. Lion                           Jungle
                        iv. Birds                         Sky

Question 29: How many characters are mentioned in the story “The Monkey and the Crocodile”?

Answer 29: Three characters are mentioned in the story “The Monkey and the Crocodile”.

Question 30: Where did the monkey live? 

Answer 30: The monkey lived on a tree loaded with fruits on the bank of the river.

Question 31:What did the monkey do on the tree?

Answer 31: The monkey made the tree his home and happily ate the fruits of his choice. 

Question 32: Who visited the monkey and why?

Answer 32: The crocodile visited the monkey in search of fruit for himself and his wife.

Question 33: Why was the monkey sad?

Answer 33:  The monkey was sad because he was alone for a long time and had no friends around. He desired somebody to share the fruits with.

Question 34: Did the crocodile come to eat the monkey? Do they become enemies?

Answer 34: No, the crocodile did not come to eat the monkey.The crocodile arrived there in search of food. They did not become enemies. In fact, they became best friends.

Question 35: What conversations did the two friends generally have?

Answer 35: The two companions generally talked about the birds and the other animals that lived nearby and in the wilderness. They also talked about the villagers that suffer from difficulties in raising good crops due to the shortage of rain. 

Question 36: What made the wife crocodile annoyed at her husband?

Answer 36: The wife crocodile was irritated at the husband crocodile as she alone had to take good care of their children alone while he had dwelled at the monkey’s place extended than on other days. She was irritated because he disregarded his duties towards his children.

Question 37: Did the crocodile immediately agree to invite the monkey?

Answer 37: No, the crocodile did not approve of inviting the monkey immediately. Firstly, he refused that he would not do it as the monkey was his companion, and he assisted him a lot. But then his wife persuaded him of the heart, and he had to listen to his wife and ask the monkey.

Question 38: Who expresses this dialogue and why?

“Sorry, my friend,” he said hesitatingly, “but I have to go underwater now. I’ve brought you here to kill you. My wife cannot survive without eating your heart. Goodbye.”

Answer 38: The provided dialogue is spoken by the husband crocodile as he faces a problem swimming through the hefty current in the river. He conveys this to his friend monkey, whom he and his wife want to kill and eat.

Question 39: How did the monkey react knowing the truth of the invitation?

Answer 39: When he came to know the truth, the monkey got angry at the crocodile for tricking him. Then he became scared. As he was very intelligent and wise, thus, he acted consequently. He played the crocodile’s simple-mindedness and briefed him that he left his heart on the tree and they’ll have to head back to get it back. So the monkey carried him back to the tree and rescued himself.

Question 40: Describe the character of the monkey in the story “The Monkey and the Crocodile”.

Answer 40: The monkey in the required story, ‘The Monkey and the Crocodile,’ is represented as a humble animal at first. He merrily lived on a tree and devoured fruits. Nevertheless, he became sad as he yearned for a friend in his lonely life. Eventually, he became friends with a crocodile from the river. He shared fruits with the crocodile and invited him for chats. He showed true friendship and unselfishness to him. However, when he discovered that his friend was betraying him, he cleverly saved himself and went back to living alone.

Question 41: Describe the character of the husband crocodile in the story “The Monkey and the Crocodile”. 

Answer 41: The character of the crocodile presented in the story of ‘The Monkey and the Crocodile’ directed many opposing qualities. He was hospitable and friendly towards the monkey but functioned selfishly by backstabbing him. He made a quick companion with the monkey and shared his fruits. Nevertheless, his wife readily affected him and deceived the monkey into arriving at his home, wishing to provide the monkey’s heart with food. Similarly, at the end of the given story, when he not only got misled by the monkey and lost his friendship, we see sorrow and groan in him because he had lost such a wonderful friend.

Question 42: Describe the character of the wife crocodile in the story “The Monkey and the Crocodile”.

Answer 42: The wife crocodile is depicted as a selfish and doubtful animal. The husband crocodile every day got her fruits and food to eat every day, but she distrusted him and his friendship with the monkey. She could not find the explanation for why a monkey had to befriend a crocodile. She influenced the husband crocodile to backstab his friend and bring him over to her house. She desired to eat the monkey’s heart. She also had the upper hand in the family as her unwilling husband, a crocodile, approved of deceiving the monkey. 

Question 43: What is the required moral of the given story “The Monkey and the Crocodile”?

Answer 43: The required moral of the given story “The Monkey and the Crocodile” is to never trust someone blindly and also that we should never backstab anyone.

In the story, the monkey blindly had faith in the crocodile and almost got killed. Only his cunning nature saved him from becoming food for the crocodile’s family.

Question 44: What would you have accomplished if you were at the place of the husband crocodile? Do you believe he did the right thing by hearing his wife?

Answer 44: If I were in the position of the husband crocodile, I would never backstab my friend, who had been nothing but considerate and friendly towards me. Even if my beloved family member requested me to do so. No matter what, it was the incorrect thing to do. We should never backstab or betray people who aid us in our needs and family and friends that have forever been with us. No, the husband crocodile didn’t do the correct thing by listening to his wife. Rather, he should have reasoned with her and explained that the monkey was his friend; no matter what, he wouldn’t do any such thing to him, and nor should she.

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