CBSE Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 8

Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 8 – A Pact With The Sun.

This chapter, A Pact With The Sun, tells us the significance and healing powers of natural light and fresh air. Moreover, it also guides us on how we ought to keep our word no matter what.

Chapter 8 of Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun, briefs us about the story of Saeeda. It rotates around a girl who has an ill mother. Her mother suffers from fever, body pain, cough, joint pain and more additionally. So far, her mother has not obtained the correct treatment. Moreover, they also refuse her normal food, sunlight as well as fresh air. She has tried many treatments, but none has helped her yet. Her illness keeps relapsing. Nevertheless, they now confer a specialist who examines her and suggests quite effective medicines. Moreover, they also tell her to sit in the sunlight daily. Thus, she moves to a bigger room for the same reason. However, the sun does not rise for a few days as it is cloudy. Saeeda then beseeches to the sun’s rays, and the next morning, it comes out. Finally, her mother gets the warmth and starts recovering well.

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Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 8 – With Solution

Our skilled English professors have gathered together a long list of Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 8 by referring to diverse, reliable sources like the NCERT textbook, other English vocabulary reference books, and past year exam papers. For each and every question, our team has carefully scrutinised and designed a step-by-step explanation that will help students to understand each question. Apart from that, the questions specified would cover the full chapter topics. So by practising from our question bank, students will be capable of going through the chapter entirely and improving their knowledge of the chapter.

Below are a few of the questions and answers from our question bank of Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 9:

Question 1:What, according to you, was ‘the pact of the Sun’?

Answer 1:The little girl Saeeda made a pact with the Sun. Her mother was unwell. She required the warmth of the Sun and fresh air. Hence, she asked the rays of the Sun to come the following day to heal her mother.

Question 2: How did the sunrays react to Saeeda?

Answer 2:The sunrays endowed Saeeda’s request. They pledged to reach the Earth at a specified hour the following morning.

Question 3: How did the sunrays maintain their promise?

Answer 3: The trail to the Earth was obstructed by thick, dark clouds. The Sun cautioned the rays to keep clear of the dark clouds. But all the rays denied obeying their father’s command. They got via the clouds and thus kept their word to Saeeda.

Question 4: How did Saeeda’s mother recover?

Answer 4: Saeeda’s mother felt the Sun on her face and breathed in the fresh air.  She believed she was in an unexplored world. Her eyes shone bright, and she began healing speedily.

Question 5: What was the story’s theme?

Answer 5:The story briefs us that Saeeda’s mother was denied healthy food, sunshine and fresh air. She stayed sick. But her daughter created a pact with the sun rays to warm up the ailing old woman. And the results were excellent.

Therefore, A pact with the sun is an educative story. It briefs us that fresh air and sunshine in the open are the keys to sound health. Even sick people require these two things. They ought not to be kept confined in a dark room. They must obtain normal food.

Question 6: What was Saeeda’s worry about her mother?

Answer 6: Saeeda’s mother had been ailing for quite some time. No medicine was proven to be effective. She was shut up in a little dark room. The cloudy weather persisted for a few days. So, Saeeda, the small girl, asked the rays of the Sun to come down to the Earth and provide warmth to the ailing woman.

Question 7: How did Saeeda’s mother recover?

Answer 7: The sunrays approved and also kept their word. They came down in big numbers and gave new life to Saeeda’s mother. In this particular way, Saeeda’s pact with the sunrays enabled her mother to recover soon.

Question 8: Children can communicate with a secret language’. Elucidate.

Answer 8: Saeeda was hearing everything happening around her. She was anxious but kept her calm. She beseeched the departed rays of the Sun to come with warmth and brightness for the welfare of her mother. Saeeda’s innocence and selfless love for her mother forced the rays to fight with stubborn clouds. Therefore, her mother recovered from her care.

Question 9: ‘The doctor advised her to use sunlight and a normal diet’. Why did the neighbours react differently?

Answer 9: When a person falls sick, he is restricted to a room with closed windows. A normal diet is confined. But these things aggravate the condition of the sick person. The doctor prescribed medicine and invited Saeeda’s mother to proper sunlight in the morning for faster recovery. The people were doubtful. They assumed that her cold and cough won’t get healed if she was not tended to in a closed room. Meanwhile, others supported the doctor’s advice.

Question 10: The simplicity of a child is special for the heavens. Comment.

Answer 10: The blessings of heaven are showered upon those who are innocent. Their prayers were answered, and heavenly bodies kept their promises as the ray defied her father’s orders and shooed away the bewildered clouds on their way to Saeeda’s house. So a child has the power to communicate with heaven, and their prayers are often heard.

Question 11: What did the physician ask Saeeda’s mother to do to get well? Did their advice help her? If not, why?

Answer 11: The physicians advised Saeeda’s mother not to take normal food and to remain shut in a small dark room.

Question 12: What did the specialist prescribe in addition to medicine?

Answer 12:The specialist prescribed, in addition to medicine, to shift to a bigger room with open doors and windows. He also asked her to sit for one hour daily in the sunshine and to breathe in the fresh air.

Question 13: What did Saeeda tell the sun rays to do?

Answer 13: Saeeda made a special request to the sun rays to help her mother get well. She asked them to come with lots of warmth and brightness the next day.

Question 14: Why were the sunrays keen to go down to the Earth the next day?

Answer 14: The sunrays had promised Saeeda that they would come the following day. They feared that if they forgot to reach them on time, the people would call them liars.

Question 15: What is your own formula for keeping good health?

Answer 15: Health is wealth, so I get up early to do some exercises and yoga. I eat breakfast, including fruits and whole grains. Then I head to school. I play in the evening, and after eating my dinner, I fall asleep. I firmly acknowledge that early to bed and early to rise make a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

Question 16: Would you recommend that a patient in your neighbourhood contact a physician first or a specialist?  Give reasons for your choice.

Answer 16: The state of Saeeda’s mother worsened since she was not taken to a specialist. When he scrutinised her, he gave his expert advice; thus, she was cured. So I would suggest any patient in my neighbourhood contact a specialist for fast recovery. However, this also depends on the ailment. If the patient is suffering from a normal cold or cough, then they don’t need to go to a specialist. In that case, contacting a physician would be sufficient.

Question 17:Would you make a pact with the Sun while going for a picnic or before playing a cricket match? Think of other occasions.

Answer 17: I am extremely fond of playing outdoor games. Typically, most of us are compelled to stay indoors to bypass exhaustion and heat stroke. So I will make a pact with the sun to stay hidden in clouds so that we can play more frequently for long hours, at least on Sundays.

Question 18: What did the physicians ask Saeeda’s mother to do to get well? Did their advice help her? If not, why?

Answer 18: The physicians requested that Saeeda’s mother avoid normal food. She was given stern orders to stay confined to her little room with doors and windows secured in the lack of sunshine and fresh air to breathe.

Question 19: What did the specialist prescribe in addition to medicine?

Answer 19: In addition to medicine, the specialist prescribed Saeeda’s mother to sit in the sunlight from eight to nine during the daybreak. He said that sunshine and fresh air are additionally more important than medicine.

Question 20: What did Saeeda tell the sun rays to do?

Answer 20: Saeeda requested the sun’s rays to appear the next morning with tons of warmth and brightness so that her mother needs to sit in the sun.

Question 21: Why were the sun rays willing to go down to the earth the next day?

Answer 21: The sun rays were willing to go down to the earth the next day since they had vowed Saeeda to oblige her mother to get better. To keep their promise, they compelled their way through the dark clouds.

Question 22:Word – Meaning from the given chapter.

(i) Ailing 

(ii) Forbidden

(iii) Trinket

(iv) Dejected

Answer 22:

(i) Unwell or poor health

       (ii) Banned

       (iii) An item of jewellery with a low price

       (iv) Feeling sad

Question 23: Fill in the blanks:

(i) Life is ______ than money, they said.

(ii) When she became critical, her relatives and neighbours _______ even though his fee was likely to be high.

(iii) Exposure to sun and air for someone ______ was dangerous, an experienced lady declared.

(iv)The doctor and his advice became a subject of ______ among all present.

Answer 23: (i) more precious 

                    (ii) persuaded her to consult a specialist

                    (iii) afflicted with chronic cough 

                    (iv)noisy commentary 

 Question 24: State whether the subsequent statements are true — False

(i) The specialist suggested her mother sit in the sunshine and have some fresh air

(ii) Saeeda and her family did not have strong financial support. 

(iii) She was not given care and treatment.

(iv) Saeeda’s mother was very much fine and healthy. 

 Answer 24:(i) True

                   (ii) True

                   (iii) False

                   (iv) False

Question 25: Match the following:

                          Column I                     Column II
              Emphatically                       Rise
              Disheartened                       Remains
              Remnant                     Dispirited
              Revolt                     In a forceful way

Answer 25 :

Column I
Emphatically In a forceful way
Disheartened Dispirited
Remnant Remains
Revolt Rise

Question 26: Who is ill in the story “A Pact with the Sun”? 

Answer 26: Saeeda’s mother is ill in the story “A Pact with the Sun”.

Question 27: What happened to Saeeda’s mother?

Answer 27: Fever, cough, bodily discomfort, painful joints and other symptoms plagued Saeeda’s mother.

Question 28: Was Saeeda’s mother given treatment? 

Answer 28: Saeeda’s mother was given different treatments. She consulted diverse physicians for weeks but was not healing well.

Question 29: Was Saeeda’s mother allowed to eat food and stay in the sunlight? 

Answer 29: Saeeda’s mother was not permitted to eat normal food like oily and heavy edibles. She was also not permitted to go out in the sunlight and had to live in her small and dingy room with secured doors and windows.

Question 30 What did Saeeda’s relatives suggest to her mother? 

Answer 30: When the state of Saeeda’s mother became more critical, her relatives recommended she make a consultation with a specialist and consult him, in spite of his fees being high.

Question 31: From where did Saeeda’s mother manage money for doctor’s fees? 

Answer 31: Saeeda’s mother managed money for the doctor’s fee and her medicines by selling a few of her ornaments. 

Question 32: What did the new doctor suggest?

Answer 32: A new doctor was called home to treat Saeeda’s ill mother. He examined Saeeda’s mother and recommended she take some of his prescribed effective but costly medicines, eat regular food items like chapattis, vegetables, milk, fruits, etc. move to a bigger and immense spacious room as well as sit in the sun for one hour each day to enjoy and use the sunshine and fresh air. 

Question 33: What did the doctor say when he was asked about the food that she could eat? 

Answer 33: When the doctor requested the food that Saeeda’s mother could eat, he recommended her mother eat regular food items like chapattis, milk, vegetables, fruits, etc. He additionally added that she must go out in the sunlight and have some fresh air.

Question 32: How did their relatives react when the doctor advised her to go out in the sunshine? 

Answer 32: Saeeda’s relatives responded in various ways when the doctor instructed her to go out in the sunshine. They began making comments and arguing. Some of their relatives favoured this recommendation. Some of them were against it. One old lady yelled that it’s risky for somebody who is suffering from a chronic cough to go out in the sunlight and have fresh air.

Question 33: How did Saeeda’s mother react to all this? 

Answer 33: While all the relatives were discussing the doctor’s recommendation, the author also let us know about the response of Saeeda’s mother. She responded by remaining silent at first, as she was too tired to partake in any sort of quarrel or argument. Nevertheless, she was willing to express her determination to do what the doctor had suggested. Hence, she told everyone that she would like to overlook the consequences and follow her doctor’s suggestion. 

Question 34: Write the lines where Saeeda’s mother asks her family members to follow the doctor’s advice. What happened the next day?

Answer 34: The lines where Saeeda’s mother invites her family members to follow the doctor’s instructions are as follows—”Forget the consequences, I’ll carry out his instructions to the letter. Move my bed into the next room and let me sit in the sun on my charpoy for an hour daily.” After she repositioned to a new room, the next day noticed an overcast sky, and there was not a single sign of sunshine. 

Question 35: What did neighbours tell Saeeda when she ran to tell her mother that the sun was out?

Answer 35: Saeeda was playing with her doll when she noticed a ray of sun. She had attended her mother grumbling to God about the bad weather and absence of sunshine that day. So, she rushed to report it. Nevertheless, the neighbours stopped her to exclaim that the mother could not go out since it was extremely late and chilly, as what Saeeda noticed was not the sun but just its final remains that were tangled in the top branches of the tree. This response made Saeeda return to her doll disappointed. 

Question 36: “Dearest sister, do come tomorrow with lots of warmth and brightness. You see, my mother is ill and needs your help.” “Surely,” answered the light, “don’t look unhappy. We’ll be here at the fixed hour.” Illustrate these lines.

Answer 36: The lines mentioned above were said by Saeeda to the last departing ray or just the remnants of the sun. It is considered that children have their own secret language to intercommunicate with the trees, animals, flowers, the sun, the moon and even God. Hence, Saeeda made this statement because she was mindful of her mother’s ill health and knew that only sunlight and fresh air could heal her. She couldn’t see her mother tense for a prolonged time and wanted the sun to fulfil her dire need for its rays. To her amazement, she believed that even the sunlight had answered her and said that she would definitely visit the following day.

Question 37: Does Saeeda have a conversation with the sun and nature? Explain how? 

Answer 37: Yes, Saeeda had a discussion with the sun. To begin with, when she requested the sunlight to visit the next day again, it replied to her affirmatively. And when sun rays tried to make their way to the earth on the next day to fulfil Saeeda’s desire, they couldn’t as the road to earth was obstructed by an army of dense clouds. The sun exclaimed it to be also a day off for them. The rays desired to come down to the earth, but they stayed quiet. Nevertheless, one of the rays revealed the sun about its promise to Saeeda to visit that day in order to cure her ailing mother. As all the rays rose their voice, the sun finally enabled them to go carefully by safeguarding themselves from the clouds. The rays streamed towards the earth, made the clouds escape from their position and warmed up Saeeda’s courtyard. This made Saeeda extremely happy, and her mother could ultimately feel the sun. Therefore, the little girl’s discussion with the sun’s rays finally made them visit the earth after days. 

Question 38: How did other sunlight react when one ray told them about the condition of the mother of Saeeda? 

Answer 38: When the clouds obstructed the sun’s rays from coming down to earth even after Saeeda’s appeal, the sun exclaimed it to be again a day off for them. To this, one ray suggested to the other rays that it had vowed Saeeda to come down as her mother required their therapy. Knowing that all the other rays began arguing with their father, the sun. All of them muttered, “Fancy staying back again”. And that individuals on the earth would surely call them liars for not fulfilling a promise. They put forward such powerful arguments and finally managed to win over the sun. Then the rays made their approach on the way to the earth. After beating the mushy clouds that obstructed their way, all the rays of light triumphed over her heart as they reached Saeed’s courtyard.

Question 39: How does the title “A Pact with the Sun” describe the story? 

Answer 39: The story’s title, “A Pact with a Sun”, has a very elevated moral. It is an educational story. This title itself reminisces how we can live content with natural phenomena such as sunset, sunlight and the wind. The small girl Saeeda makes a pact with the sun to come down to the earth to cure her ailing mother. Therefore, the title presented is absolutely suitable for the story. It briefs us that fresh air and sunshine are the two most vital, even for sick people, and they must not be kept in dark, gloomy rooms. They are also authorised to these two things – sunlight and fresh air and food. And if they are denied these essentials, innocent children like Saeeda have their own secret language to communicate with nature and ask for assistance from them. Therefore, the story also underlines the importance of natural resources and that they should never be taken for granted or exploited. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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The CBSE Class 6 English Prose section of the A Pact With The Sun syllabus has a lot of ten chapters. These are given below:


  • Chapter 1: A Tale Of Two Birds
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  • Chapter 8: A Pact With The Sun
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