CBSE Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10

Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10- The Comet 2

English is a fascinating subject. Students not only learn about grammar rules but also build their vocabulary, understand comprehension and read gripping poetries. As students might view it as an easy subject, they will likely overlook its preparations for their examinations. But that can have a detrimental impact on their overall results. Studying English and practising important questions is thus essential not only to score good marks but also to learn from the vast riches of stories and poems. Keeping this in mind, Extramarks has come up with a list of Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10. The list contains questions from all key parts of the chapter The Comet 2, which explains Duttada’s journey of discovering a comet that poses a great threat to the safety of planet earth. Chapter 10 is crucial as it talks about how leading scientists, astronomers, and biologists, came together to devise a plan to deflect Comet Dutta from its path. 

Extramarks understands the significance of answering important questions before exams. English is a topic that needs pupils to comprehend concepts completely and produce logical answers to questions. To assist students in delivering the best answers to questions, Extramarks has designed the Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10. Subject matter specialists at Extramarks created the important questions list post with references to NCERT textbooks, CBSE sample papers, previous years’ question papers, etc., to give students a full practice of the chapter. The knowledge will empower the pupils to answer any question in their test confidently.

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Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10 with Solutions

Extramarks compiled the Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10 from many sources to provide students with various practice questions. The questions cover the entire chapter of The Comet 2. Students can review the whole chapter while practising the Chapter 10 Class 8 English It So Happened Important Questions, questions and answers. The solutions are written in simple language to help all students comprehend Chapter 10 and perform well on the upcoming exams.

Here is a list of the Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10 for students to practice:

Question 1. Duttada was invited to a secret conference. Why was he called? 

Answer 1: Sir John’s special invitee to the conference was Manoj Dutta. Astronomers, biologists, and nuclear/space scientists were among those who attended. It lasted one week. The secret purpose was to verify James Forsyth’s discoveries concerning Comet Dutta.

Question 2. What did the scientists at the conference have to say about James’s ‘sums’?

Answer 2: Experts and scientists compared James Forsyth’s calculation to the most recent Comet Dutta sightings. They discovered his estimates and sums were true, indicating that a comet may strike Earth soon. There was, however, a remote possibility that the comet may merely brush the Earth’s atmosphere and avoid a collision. However, this brief respite did not justify delaying taking any further action.

Question 3. For a brief moment, James wondered if he had done his sums correctly. Why did James become doubtful about his sums and calculations?

Answer 3: When James gazed up from his window and saw a starry night sky, he started to doubt his calculations and figures. He was aware that Comet Dutta was en route to strike the planet and was hidden amid the stars. On such a calm night, he found it difficult to accept the impending catastrophe.

Question 4. What action needed to be taken to meet the challenge of the new comet?

Answer 4: The experts at the conference explored two strategies for saving lives. The first was an offensive measure, while the second was a defensive measure. Living in underground bunkers was one of the “defensive” solutions that the experts disregarded since it was impractical. The ‘offensive’ approach pushed Comet Dutta slightly away from its path. The scientist might accomplish this by packing a nuclear payload onto a spacecraft, sending it to collide with the coming comet, and then remotely detonating it. The defensive approach came to be known as ‘Project Light Brigade.

Question 5. What was the operation named? What were its important dates?

Answer 5: “Project Light Brigade” was the operation’s name. The critical dates were October 10. It marked the dispatch of the spacecraft with payload unless the comet had already been killed by natural causes or had changed its route. The second date was November 15, when the cargo would collide with the comet, and the third date was December 15, when the experiment would fail, and the Earth and the comet would crash.

Question 6. “I am not buying any Christmas presents till December 15.” What did Sir John mean by this statement?

Answer 6: When Sir John announced he wouldn’t buy any Christmas presents until December 15, he was sceptical about the experiment’s success. If the experiment were unsuccessful, the comet would strike Earth on December 15 and cause a collision, leading to the planet’s destruction.

Question 7. How did the bond between Macpherson and Duttada grow?

Answer 7: Duttada and Macpherson met during a meeting about Comet Dutta in London. They formed a friendship there. Duttada also maintained contact with him after his return to India. Both men kept in touch regularly, and their relationship developed due to mutual respect for one another’s virtues. Duttada appreciated Sir John Macpherson’s efficiency and discipline, and he, in turn, admired Duttada’s commitment to science. They never mentioned Project Light Brigade in their long-distance conversations since it was a classified mission, but Macpherson frequently made hints to Duttada regarding its status and advancement.

Question 8. Why was the yajna planned? What is Duttada’s reaction to the reason?

Answer 8: Duttada’s relatives informed him that the yajna was planned so that the comet he discovered would have no negative impact on Earth. His wife, Indrani Debi, organised this yagna because she believed it would help lessen the negative repercussions of a comet on Earth. She also invited the priests to bless her husband. Duttada became enraged, declaring that it was all superstition because he did not believe in such things. Things like this were done in the past when people had no idea about comets; however, in present times, people know about comets, and everything about them can be calculated, but someone who has never studied science would not grasp it.

Question 9. Did Sir John buy Christmas presents on December 15? How did Duttada get to know about this?

Answer 9: Yes, Sir John purchased Christmas gifts on December 15. Duttada learned about it from Sir John’s letter, stating that he was certain of buying Christmas presents on December 15, indicating that the operation had been successful. Duttada learned about it from Sir John Macpherson’s urgent telex communication on November 18.

Question 10. What were the two pictures that formed inside Duttada “s mind when he received the news that the Project Light Brigade had finally diverted the comet from its path? How are the two pictures different?

Answer 10: Duttada pictured two alternative scenarios. His first vision saw his eight-year-old grandson Khoka conducting rites in the yajna, chanting mantras he didn’t even understand and pouring ghee into the fire at predetermined intervals. His second vision saw the conference’s scientists analysing the issue, coming up with answers, and then effectively and logically carrying those recommendations. Both of his imaginations differed greatly. There was a difference between the rich and the poor, the learned and the illiterate. There also existed a difference between people who held rational thinking and those who were gripped by superstitions.

Question 11. According to Indrani Debi, why had the comet not been disastrous for the earth? Do you agree with her?

Answer 11: According to Indrani Debi, the comet’s course did not collide with Earth because she believed the Shanti yagna conducted in her home was the best option for preventing the comet’s route from crashing with Earth.

No, I can’t entirely agree with her because her viewpoint was wholly founded on superstitions. In actuality, the scientists’ united efforts during the secretive conference resulted in the development of the ‘Project Light Brigade’, a scheme to divert the comet’s course by setting off a nuclear explosion close to it. This experiment was successful, and it aided in preserving the Earth and all of its inhabitants from total catastrophe.

Question 12. Should a scientist’s results be withheld if they appear to be disturbing? Give arguments in favour of and against the subject.

Answer 12: No, the scientist seeks to discover the truth, the factual position. The extensive study supports the conclusions. As a result, they shouldn’t be hidden or disregarded. Copernicus first proposed the idea that the Earth revolves around the sun. He established that the Earth was not the centre of the universe. And he was accurate. Because repression can lead to scientific dissatisfaction, promoting such discoveries can result in numerous discoveries.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many chapters does Class 8 English have?

There are two assigned books for Class 8 English subject, the first book is Honeydew, and the second book is It So Happened. Honeydew contains 10 Units, and It So Happened comprises 11 units.

2. Where can students easily find the Important Questions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10?

For chapter 10 of the It So Happened textbook for Class 8 English, Extramarks offers a collection of key questions to help students review, comprehend, and prepare for their exams. The list is compiled by subject matter experts who ensure that the answers are presented understandably. The questions are drawn from crucial sections of the chapter, and practising them will help students earn higher grades in their exams. Students can quickly register on the Extramarks website to access these resources and a plethora of other useful study materials.