CBSE Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 9

Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 9- The Comet 1

When students properly comprehend the key principles, English may be a very engaging subject to learn. Additionally, Extramarks has developed Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 9 to aid students in understanding the story and provide them with a deeper understanding of the story of The Comet 1. English language professionals write these solutions in an easy-to-understand way so that students can readily understand the main parts of each chapter. Students can also rely on the solutions, updated regularly, following the most recent CBSE norms and syllabus. Students can get high marks in their future examinations with trustworthy and reputable study resources.

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Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 9 with Solutions

Extramarks have collated the Important Questions Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 9 from various sources to provide students with various questions for practice. The questions cover the full chapter of The Comet 1. Students can revise the whole chapter while practising the questions and solutions from Chapter 9 Class 8 English It So Happened Important Questions. The solutions are provided in easy language to help all students understand chapter 9 and score well on the upcoming examinations. 

Below are a Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 9 Important Questions for students to practice:

Question 1. What does Duttada name the telescope? 

Answer 1: Dudttada names his telescope Dibya Chakshu. The literal meaning of the name was ‘divine eye’.

Question 2. Indrani Debi dislikes Duttada’s “hobnobbing” with Dibya. Why is this so?

Answer 2: Duttada loved to see the stars, and he would spend a lot of time with “Dibya,” his telescope looking for comets in the night sky. Indrani Debi disapproved of Duttada’s “hobnobbing” with Dibya because she perceived the telescope as a woman who had captured her husband’s interest and had captured him. As a result, his wife resented Dibya as a competitor for Dudttada’s attention. 

Question 3. How did Duttada manage to buy a telescope?

Answer 3: As an amateur astronomer, he had wished for enough money to purchase a nice telescope and enough free time to explore the cosmos. When he retired and had plenty of money, and that is when he bought his first good telescope Dibya and also had the time to observe the galaxy. The telescope was duly mounted, and Duttada spent many dark evenings gazing at the stars.

Question 4. 

(i) What was Duttada’s secret ambition?

(ii) What did he do to achieve his ambition?

Answer 4: 

(i) Duttada was an amateur astronomer whose sincere hope was to one day discover a comet. To him, the telescope represented the realisation of a lifelong dream. He was hopeful that the experts, working with their predetermined programmes, may overlook something so trivial as a comet when they were observing faint stars and foggy galaxies. Professional astronomers frequently overlook new comets, whereas amateurs occasionally succeed.

(ii) Duttada, an amateur astronomer, had always yearned for the money to purchase a fine telescope and the free time to use it to observe the night sky. After retiring, he purchased the telescope he had always wanted, which he named Dibya Chakshu or Divine Eye. Every night, Duttada would sit down with Dibya and look up at the starry sky to spot a comet. He was certain the experts might overlook such a little event because of their already scheduled space exploration programmes.

Question 5. What does Duttada discover one night that he had not seen before? How did he react to it? 

Answer 5: One day, Duttada was using his telescope to observe the sky when he spotted a faint stranger. After re-examining the charts he usually used and checking if his telescope had any marks, he realised the stranger in the sky could be a new comet. 

Question 6. Duttada says — “I almost wish I had not discovered this comet.”. Why does he feel so?

Answer 6: Duttada admitted that he nearly wished he hadn’t discovered the comet since it garnered unwanted attention. He was required to attend a lot of receptions and functions. Being an introvert, he did not enjoy such a lifestyle.

Question 7. What predictions were made by James Forsyth? What were the rare circumstances mentioned by him? 

Answer 7: James Forsyth was a well-known scientist who predicted that a comet would collide with earth. He concluded that the collision would be disastrous, the earth would be destroyed, and there would be no way to prevent it unless the comet melted, split in two near the sun, or collided with an asteroid. The comet would only take ten months to reach earth; therefore, they should conclude as quickly as possible.

Question 8. How did the new comet cause such a stir around the globe? How was the disaster finally averted?

Answer 8: Duttada developed an interest in stargazing. His secret goal was to find a new comet. He found a comet approaching the planet using a little telescope. According to James Forsyth’s calculations, the comet would strike the earth in ten months. The scientists became restless and anxious because of Comet Dutta. Sir John Macpherson devised a covert scheme to give the deadly comet a shove. It was known as Project Light Brigade. Forsyth and Macpherson completed the mission successfully, and Project Light averted the calamity. However, Duttada’s wife credited the earth’s safety to the yajna she had done.

Question 9. What conclusions do Forsyth and Macpherson reach regarding the comet’s context?

Answer 9: James Forsyth made a few predictions regarding the comet and the earth colliding, but he kept revealing them to the public until he was certain they would come true. Later, Macpherson discovered this and summoned Forsyth to London to learn the entire truth. They both agreed that suppressing it would not change the fact; thus, they needed to arrange a worldwide secret meeting within a week. They determined the mission would continue until the comet was out of harm’s way.

Question 10. Show the difference between Duttada’s and his wife’s perspectives on the new comet. Who do you believe deserves to wear victor’s crown?

Answer 10:   Duttada was an amateur scientist. His hobby was star gazing. His covert objective was to locate a new comet, and h He was dedicated to his hobby. He discovered a comet on its way to earth. Later, scientists studied by scientists observed that the comet might ultimately collide with the earth and lead to its destruction. However, they might solve the emergency by detonating a nuclear payload close to the comet. This strategy was logical and based on science. However, Indrani Debi, his wife, had a superstitious nature. She relied on the advice of the priests. To counteract the negative effects of the collision, she organised a yajna. Ultimately, she attributed the earth’s safety entirely to the yajna.

While Duttada can be considered logical and scientific in his approach towards problems, his wife, Indrani Devi, is superstitious. 

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