CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1

CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1

Students in Class 3 might begin learning and understanding things gradually. To build a solid foundation and gain sound knowledge in Environmental Science, students must practice more. Extramarks’ CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 might assist students in gaining sufficient practice. Additionally, these sample paper questions might help students to evaluate their preparation before examination. The reliable CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 are available on the Extramarks website. The main aim of the Extramarks website is to increase the engagement while including graphics to engage the students towards studies. Students can comprehend all the concepts at Extramarks. Additionally, Extramarks offers subject-matter experts as professors, allowing students to ask questions from them. Extramarks teachers deal with students’ problems that they are not able to understand and thereby, clear their concepts. The teachers at Extramarks also offer live classes to the students to help them clear their doubts.

CBSE Class 3 EVS Sample Papers – Mock Paper 1 (2021-22)

Students learn about the significance of the environment through the study of EVS, Environment Science. It gives students knowledge on how human actions negatively impact the environment and what they can do to safeguard it. Man and other living things are surrounded by an environment. EVS is a fundamental branch of Science that deals with the world around, the Earth, and the activities living organisms engage in on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to be knowledgeable about both this issue and the surroundings. EVS is a complicated subject that consists of so many concepts. Therefore, it is important for students to understand each concept thoroughly. The Extramarks website provides students with a variety of outstanding study material, so they can learn, practice, and succeed. 

Students can better understand the concepts provided in the Class 3 EVS textbook by using the Extramarks-provided CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1, to help them approach difficult problems. A student taking the examination is worried about a variety of things, such as how to manage their time, how to study, and how to revise so that everything is retained. One of the most important stages in preparation is studying with the help of tools like the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1. Students can avoid struggling with EVS by referring to the study notes provided by experts at Extramarks. Learning EVS will be easier for them with Extramarks’ expert guidance. When students use Extramarks guidance and practice on their own, they will be able to achieve the greatest examination results.

CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1

In general, Class 3 students are required to study the subject EVS because they should be aware of the significance of the environment in one’s lives. Students are the future generation, and if they are kind to nature, there will not be many chances for the environment to become polluted. This subject is covered in order to inform students on the importance of taking specific actions to safeguard the environment. From an academic perspective, this subject is the best-scoring one and one that the students are really interested in. Since the majority of the topics are covered in the examination, being well-prepared for the exam and completing the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 will prove to be of utmost importance. The Extramarks website gives students access to expert-designed sample papers that can help them perform well on the exam.

Students can obtain the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 supplied by Extramarks by making an account on their website. The sample papers have the important questions, which were meticulously planned out by subject-matter experts. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 are thoroughly created by Extramarks using the most recent exam guidelines and syllabus. For students preparing for the exams, the NCERT series of books is regarded as being the most important. The explanations in the NCERT Books are used while developing the CBSE curriculum. Students must make sure they have thoroughly practiced each question because the NCERT question and sample papers questions have the largest numerical weightage in the examination. With the help of Extramarks, students can access resources like CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Important Question, CBSE Syllabus, CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, Formulas, CBSE Extra Questions and many more.

Importance of the EVS Subject for the Students of Class 3

Environment Science is a critical topic that must be thoroughly discussed by today’s generation and future generations. Students can learn more about the significance of Environmental Science by reading the points that are listed below:

The study enables the students to comprehend environmental pollution, its effects, as well as natural disasters and their effects.

Students may help save the environment by putting their theoretical knowledge into practice with the aid of this subject.

A person will be able to learn about alternative solutions to environmental problems before deciding on a different course of action.

It gives students information about biodiversity, various species, and the impact of pollution and human activity on this biodiversity. 

List of Important Questions from Class 3 EVS Subject

Every student is unique in their own way. They possess a variety of abilities that aid in their learning while they are in school. Examination marks and ranks used to be the only things that mattered in old times. Examinations today reveal the analytical thinking and reasoning skills of different students. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 is specifically designed for every student that is registered with Extramarks. According to Extramarks, every student must have the opportunity to score their desirable marks. The notes are developed by experts offered by Extramarks with the intention of helping the new generation of students understand the concept in-depth. 

EVS, Environmental Science is developed from the study of Natural History and Medicine. This field of study has three primary objectives: to understand how the natural world functions; to comprehend how people interact with the environment; and to discover solutions to environmental issues and lead more sustainably. Students need in-depth notes and explanations in order to comprehend all these concepts clearly. The Extramarks’ website provides the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1. It also delivers the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 solutions in an understandable manner and in a straightforward approach. 

Students should not undervalue the importance of revision to gain the necessary competitive advantage during examination. Extramarks is useful in this regard. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 are precisely developed to help the students practice the subject, it is therefore an important resource for revision. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 solutions provided by the Extramarks’ website to the students who are registered with its website will clear up the doubts of the students. Fast, in-depth learning is always prioritised by Extramarks in order to aid students in effectively comprehending the material. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 helps students gradually enhance their academic performance and marks. 

What is the Purpose of Environmental Science Subject?

The complete EVS curriculum is covered in the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 Evs Mock Paper 1 With Solutions. The framework of the CBSE exam pattern is taken into consideration when creating the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1. The students benefit from being able to manage their time and understand where they are in their preparation. For Class 3 EVS, students should practice the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 in order to perform well in the exam. By knowing what type of questions they might expect would allow students to prepare themselves according to it. Extramarks advices students to have a fundamental comprehension of the subject’s structure prior to taking their examination. By practicing the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 provided by Extramarks, students can also obtain a sense of the types of questions that might be asked during the examination. In order to get ready for the EVS examination, it suggests that students review a number of the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 provided at the Extramarks website.

How to prepare for the Environmental Science Examination?

Students must comprehend the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 in its entirety if they hope to perform well on their examination. The Extramarks website has detailed CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 so that students do not have any trouble understanding the chapters. Students should be more familiar with the concepts presented in the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 in order to do well on the examination. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1 from Extramarks has many advantages for students. They do not need to look any further because Extramarks is a reputable website that offers the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 1. Students can prepare for examination using the study material provided by the experts at the Extramarks website.

Q1-Name the regions where following harvesting festivals are celebrated.
1. Kut –
2. Tamang –
3. Nuakhai –
4. Hareli –

Ans-1. Kut – Manipur
2. Tamang – Nepal
3. Nuakhai – Orissa
4. Hareli – Chhatisgarh

Q2-Name the body parts which rhyme with the given words.

1. Check –
2. South –
3. See –
4. Cart –

Ans-1. Check – Neck
2. South – Mouth
3. See – Knee
4. Cart – Heart

Q3-How is an aquarium similar to a pond?

Ans-Aquariums and ponds are similar as both contain water, plants and animals. Both provide a habitat for plants and animals.

Q4-What is poultry farming?

Ans-Poultry farming is the rearing of poultry in which birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese are raised commercially or domestically to produce meat or eggs for food.

Q5-Do you agree or disagree with the given statements?
1. Cricket is a team sport.
2. Football is an indoor game.

Ans-1. Agree
2. Disagree

Q6-Name the water bodies that surround India on three sides.

Ans-India is surrounded by water on three sides – the Arabian sea on the west, Bay of Bengal in the east and Indian ocean in the south.

Q7-How did early men communicate with each other?

Ans-Early men did not have any language but they used gestures or hand movements to communicate and talk. They started copying the sounds made by animals while hunting.

at the given picture and complete the labels with the help of the hints.

precipitation, ground water, evaporation, percolation, condensation,


Q9-What are indoor games? Name any two of them.

Ans-The games which are played inside a room or in a house are called indoor games. For example – chess, carrom and table tennis.

Q10-How is yoga beneficial for our health?

Ans-Yoga stretches our muscles and provides flexibility to the body. It also improves our physical and mental health.

Q11-What is the difference between a fibre and fabric?

Ans-Fibre – Fibre is the basic element of which thread is spun. It can be natural or synthetic.

Fabric – Fabric is made several fibres woven or knitted together.

Q12-Why should a house have a good drainage system?

Ans-A house should have a good drainage system to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and germs in dirty water. Accumulated and dirty water can cause various diseases.

Q13-Why do people living in hilly areas prefer to make wooden houses?

Ans-People living in hilly areas prefer to make wooden houses because these areas are very prone to natural calamities like earthquakes and landslides. Wood causes less harm as compared to stones.

Also, wood is a good heat insulator. It keeps the house warm.

Q14-Do you agree or disagree with the given statements?

  1. Means of mass media are used to both entertain and educate people.
  2. Email is the oldest means of communication.


  1. Agree
  2. Disagree

Q15-It is a system of communication in which visual gestures and signs are used to convey the message.

Ans-It is a system of communication in which visual gestures and signs are used to convey the message.

Q16-Why do all animals depend on plants for food?

Ans-All animals depend on plants directly or indirectly for their food because they are producers. Animals cannot produce their own food. They either eat plants or the flesh of plant-eating animals.

Q17-Name two types of roots.

Ans-Two types of roots are:

  1. Taproot
  2. Fibrous root

Q18-What type of beaks do sparrows and pigeons have?

Ans-strong, short and hard beaks

Q19-Which bird ties knots in its nest building materials?

Ans-Weaver bird

Q20-Which of the following products is obtained from flowers?


Q21-Select the correct option and fill in the blank.
A flower is said to be complete when it has __________________.

Ans-petals, sepals, pistil and stamen

Q22-Read the sentences given below and select the correct option.
a. A lion feeds on deer.
b. An eagle feeds on rats.

Ans-Lion and eagle, both are carnivores.

Q23-Select the correct option to complete the sentence.
The main function of photosynthesis is to help the plants to produce _______.


Q24-What is the full form of PIN?

Ans-PIN stands for Postal Index Number.

Q25-Identify the bird shown in the picture.


Q26-Rahul fell down stairs and his arm got fractured. Which organ of his body was affected due to the fracture?


Q27-Match the picture of the organ with its name.




Q28-Identify the correct pairs and select the options:

1. Onam Tamil Nadu
2. Makar Sankranti Gujarat
3. Baisakhi Punjab
4. Pongal Kerala

Ans-2 and 3 only

Q29-Classify the following games as indoor and outdoor sports.
Football, chess, cricket, table tennis, ludo, basketball

Ans-Indoor games – Chess, table tennis, and ludo
Outdoor games – Football, cricket, and basketball

Q30-Is the following statement true or false? Why?
Digestion of the food is completed in the large intestine.

Ans-The given statement is false.
The digestion of food starts inside the mouth. It moves to the stomach where it gets mixed with digestive juices. Now, it is known as chime and further moves into the small intestine. Digestion completed in the small intestine where food molecules are absorbed and passed into the bloodstream.
From the small intestine, the undigested food goes into the large intestine where the water is removed from it.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What study plan is most effective for the EVS examination for Class 3?

Each chapter must be thoroughly understood. Students must consult the Extramarks website that offers sample papers. All the chapters are explained in simple language so that they can easily understand them.

2. Are sample papers beneficial for students?

Extramarks resources are a comprehensive one-stop solution for all the classes and chapters as the solutions are developed by experts. The Extramarks’ website-offers the sample papers and they are crucial for improving students’ performance. They help students test their knowledge of the subject matter they have studied.