CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2

CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2

Given the intense competition of today, it is crucial for students in Class 3 to study for their examinations and approach these difficult concepts with assurance. Students who want to do well in their examination should refer to the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2. Students should concentrate on the relevant questions, study hard, and have a solid grasp of the many concepts covered in all the textbooks. The most dependable Extramarks’ CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 are provided on its website to help students develop a thorough understanding of important concepts and score high in their examinations. 

The Extramarks website advices students to have a fundamental comprehension of the subject’s structure prior to taking their examination. By practising the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 provided by Extramarks, students can also obtain a sense of the types of questions that might be asked during the examination. In order to get ready for the examination, it suggests that students review a number of CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2. With the aid of Extramarks’ CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 and its solutions, students may better understand the topics under this subject.

The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 With Solutions helps students organise their main concepts and stay clear of the subject difficulties. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 from Extramarks has many advantages for students. They do not need to look any further because Extramarks is a reputable website that provides reliable notes, sample papers, past years’ papers etc. Students can prepare for examination using the Extramarks website. By consistently practising the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 offered by Extramarks, students can advance in their preparation. 

CBSE Class 3 EVS Sample Papers – Mock Paper 2 (2021-2022)

The primary goal of the EVS course is to increase environmental consciousness among the students. The environment has a big influence on one’s mood. Numerous studies have demonstrated how spending time in nature may elevate the mood, decrease anxiety, and even treat depression. It may also help sleep better. On the Extramarks website, students may access the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2. Students must comprehend the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 in its entirety if they wish to perform well on their examination. The Extramarks website has detailed solutions of the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 so that students do not have any trouble understanding the chapters. Students should be more familiar with the concepts presented in the sample papers in order to do well on the examination. Extramarks ensures concept learning by the interactive video modules available on its website. These modules, which provide thorough coverage of every concept, were created by a team of highly qualified subject-matter experts. The use of animations and graphics in Extramarks videos motivates students to study better. 

Sample Questions that are asked from the Subject Environmental Science

The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 is the greatest study tool for Class 3 students for the EVS examination preparation. The main component of revision work is practicing these CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2, which helps students improve their exam performance. Students do not need to go for additional websites to obtain information once they have answered all the questions in the course material. 

The Extramarks’ team of knowledgeable experts created the comprehensive CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2. It follows the recent CBSE guidelines and pattern. Students in Class 3 would experience their learning experience to be better while using these solutions, and this would undoubtedly aid in their preparation for writing the examination properly. To aid student understanding, the answers to the many textbook questions are provided in depth. Students can access resources like NCERT Books, CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Important Question, CBSE Syllabus, CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, Formulas, CBSE Extra Questions and many more with the help of Extramarks website.

Students can learn all the concepts at the Extramarks website, which has the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2. Additionally, Extramarks has instructors that are experts in their subject area; as a result, students may get their doubts answered by the professionals. Extramarks creates worksheets for students to assist them in their preparation, so they can improve upon them and achieve excellent exam scores. Extramarks supports students and helps them with doubts that they may be reluctant to ask from teachers in front of their peers. 

Importance of Environmental Science

Extramarks provides students with additional learning modules in addition to the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 for complete preparation. They can practice taking personalised evaluation exams and access their performance. Students get access to graphics and animations through Extramarks, which makes learning engaging. Additionally, it provides access to a wealth of practice materials for every subject, including interactive activities, worksheets related to every chapter, and much more. Students can monitor their performance and evaluate their levels of preparation. Students can access study materials like the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 and much more on the Extramarks website to help them perform better on their exams. 

The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 helps students gain the necessary practice they need to successfully complete the EVS question paper in the annual examinations. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 helps students to familiarise themselves with the kinds of questions that will be on the yearly examination. Students may access the sample papers on Extramarks for them to evaluate their own progress. With the recommendations, students can assess their areas of strength and the areas they need to strengthen. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 have been produced by experts from Extramarks with years of experience. Students can use sample papers to improve their answering skills because they are developed step-by-step in accordance with the marking scheme. Students should practice answering as many sample papers as possible. 

How to prepare for the Environmental Science Examination?

Extramarks comprehensive CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 helps students to thoroughly comprehend the questions even if they are attempting them for the first time. The sample papers by Extramarks also offers alternate, less complex solutions to the questions. The tools offered by Extramarks, such as the study notes, sample papers, past years’ papers, help students understand the concepts in depth and ensure that the solutions help students in various ways. This boosts students’ confidence as they get ready for examinations. On the EVS question paper in examination, there are typically a number of lengthy and difficult questions. Students spend a lot of time attempting to answer these questions. Due to time limits, sometimes students end up in a situation where they cannot attempt some questions even though they know the answers. However, they can resolve this problem by thoroughly practising and completing the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 before the exams. 

Students will establish a reliable strategy for answering the questions as they go through more sample papers. They will eventually be able to write more quickly and develop better time management techniques. Due to their knowledge of the proper problem-solving techniques, students are now at an advantage during exams. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 3 EVS Mock Paper 2 are offered by Extramarks to students who make use of the website. For students to thoroughly comprehend all courses and topics, the Extramarks website offers several practice questions, past years papers, and other resources. Students may also get detailed explanations of the sample papers and have any questions regarding them answered. Extramarks offers tests, multiple-choice questions, past years’ papers and sample papers for students to measure their level of preparation.

Q1-Fill in the blank.

  1. _________ change the statement according to the definition.
  2. _________ is the fastest means of communication.
  3. Smartphones are _______ means of communication.


  1. Communication
  2. Mobile
  3. modern

Q2-List some sources of noise pollution which cause an adverse effect on living beings

AnsHonking sirens and horns of vehicles, loudspeakers, playing loud music are some of the sources which contribute to the noise pollution.

Q3-Identify the correct set of examples.

  Solids Liquids Gases
(i) Plastic pipe Water Liquid oxygen
(ii) Cotton ball Blood LPG
(iii) Molten iron Oil Oxygen
(iv) Heap of sugar Mercury Nitrogen

a-Only set (ii)

b-Sets (ii) and (iv)

c-Sets (i) and (iii)

d-Sets (ii) and (iii)

AnsSets (ii) and (iv)

Q4-Identify the landform shown in the given picture.






Q5-Write down the composition of air.

ans-The composition of air is:

Nitrogen – 78%

Oxygen – 21%

Carbon dioxide and other gases – 1%

Q6-Fill in the blanks.

  1. The topsoil is rich in ________.
  2. Humus is made up of ________ matter.
  3. ______ soil retains a lot of water.
  4. Seeds of the plant germinate in __________.
  5. _______ farming is done in hills.


  1. humus
  2. organic
  3. Clayey
  4. topsoil
  5. Terrace

Q7-State true or false.

  1. The earth rotates around its own axis.
  2. The movement of earth around the sun is called revolution.
  3. Our earth is the 2nd planet of the solar system.


  1. True
  2. True
  3. False

Q8-List any three steps that should be taken to control the pollution.

Ans-The steps that should be taken to control the pollution are –

  1. Use public transport.
  2. Plant more trees
  3. Walk to nearby places
  4. Don’t litter
  5. Use 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Q9-Name the following:
1. Closest planet to the Sun
2. Farthest planet from the Sun

Ans-1. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.
2. Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun.

Q10-Unscramble the words.


Q11-When is a shadow formed?

Ans-When an opaque object blocks the light falling on it.

Q12-From which movie did Amitabh Bachchan rise to initial fame?


Q13-Which country conferred the award of the ‘Knight of the Legion of Honour’ to Indian film star Amitabh Bachchan?


Q14-What is our main source of light?


Q15-What are sub-directions? Write down the names of four sub-directions.

Ans-The directions that fall between the main directions are called intermediate or sub-directions. These four sub-directions are: north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east.

Q16-Rashi inflated two balloons – one with a pump, and the other with the vapours of boiling water. When she released the balloons, she observed that the balloon with hot vapours rose higher than the other balloon.

What do you observe from this experiment?

Ans-Hot air is lighter than cold air.

Q17-What is matter?

AnsAnything that has mass and occupies space is known as matter.

Q18-Which of the following options have fixed volume, but do not have fixed shape?


Q19-Fill in the blank.

The process of conversion of a solid into a liquid is known as ________.


Q20-Which of the following is NOT a property of Gases?

Ans-Fixed shape

Q21-Match the following.


Q22-Fill in the blank.
_______ is used to stop heavy bleeding.


Q23-What first aid should be provided to an injured person in case of minor cuts?

Ans-In case of minor cuts, we should follow the following steps –
1. Clean the wound with cotton and antiseptic lotion to remove all the dirt.
2. Apply an antiseptic cream.
3. Tie a bandage.

Q24-What are the different modes of water transport?

Ans-“Steamer, Catamaran, Row boat, Speedboats, Sailboat, Raft, Ferry&lt”
Q25-Correct the given statements.

  1. Bus is a means of water transport.
  2. Water transport is more expensive than air transport.


  1. Bus is a means of land transport.
  2. Air transport is more expensive than water transport.

Q26-How is a shadow formed?

Ans-When an opaque object comes in the path of light and does not allow the light to pass through it, a dark region will be observed behind the object, known as shadow.

Q27-Give examples of each:

a. Soft sound

b. Loud sound

Ans-a.Sound of a piano-soft sound
b.Sound of a helicopter flying-loud sound
Q28-“Who is known as the ‘Missile Man of India’?

ANs-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is known as the ‘Missile Man of India’ for his work on the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology.

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