CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2

CBSE Class 5 English Sample Papers Mock Paper 2 (2021-2022)

The language that is spoken the most over the globe is English. In many nations, it is the dominant language and is extensively spoken. Non-native English speakers are also commonly heard speaking the language. Additionally, it serves as the universal language of communication. Students must study English in school as a result. Students in Class 5 must therefore possess a solid command of the language. To do well on the tests, Class 5 students must study the subject in-depth. Furthermore, it is simpler for students to study the subject in later classes if they have a solid understanding of the concepts given in Class 5. Students who want to have great English-speaking abilities should study the topics in Class 5 in depth. For many students, it ranks among the most interesting subjects. Class 5 students often enjoy the stories and poems in the book. The CBSE suggests that students read the NCERT Books. Therefore, Class 5 students should use the NCERT textbooks for English to meet their academic needs. It is also advised that students be thorough with the various types of questions that may be asked in exams. Hence, they should solve the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2.

Students preparing for the English exams can benefit from the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2. Class 5 students can gain an understanding of the types of questions that might be asked in the exam, the relative importance of each subject matter, and the level of difficulty of the questions by completing the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2. They can use this to aid in their test preparation. Students’ time management abilities can also be enhanced by completing the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2. Students can develop their time management skills by completing the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 in the allocated time. Additionally, they can pinpoint places where they need to strengthen their accuracy and speed. Students can evaluate their level of board exam readiness by working through the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2. They can assess where they stand in each segment in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, and then try to increase their comprehension of the harder concepts. In addition, the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 can be a helpful tool for students to review and put into practice the grammar ideas and concepts covered in the syllabus. By answering the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2, students can refresh key reading, writing as well as grammar concepts associated with the syllabus and deepen their knowledge of the English language. In conclusion, working through the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 is a helpful strategy for exam preparation since it enables students to become familiar with the format of the test and identify the kinds of questions that might be asked. Additionally, it allows students to train and get better at what they do. Students can succeed in their annual exams and get ready for a bright future by using the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 in conjunction with other study tools.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 5 English – Mock Paper 2

Being a digital learning platform, Extramarks offers students access to online resources and study materials. Numerous instructional resources, like the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2, are available on the website and mobile app. The Extramarks platform’s CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 is intended to help students with their exam preparation. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 cover all of the topics and subtopics covered by the CBSE curriculum and are in line with the most recent syllabus. Students may easily download, read, and solve the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 from Extramarks because it is available in PDF format. These test questions can be used by students to assess their comprehension of the ideas presented in the syllabus.

CBSE Class 5 English Syllabus

In Class 5 English, students study a variety of fresh concepts. Some topics in English are initially challenging to understand. But with the help of Extramarks’ 3D animations, students may easily understand each topic. The CBSE Syllabus should always be consulted to identify what topics one should study. It is important to thoroughly read all of the chapters from the textbooks. Students should also practice all the questions from the English textbook. Students can additionally review the solutions from Extramarks when practising the questions. It also provides CBSE Extra Questions so that students can practice exam-style questions. Additionally, students can obtain the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 to help them prepare for their exams. A selection of study modules is also available on the Extramarks platform to aid students in preparing for the English exams. Extramarks is a highly helpful online learning platform for students who wish to prepare for their Class 5 exams. Through its broad study modules, students may access a variety of study materials and CBSE Important Question that can help them prepare for their exams. To satisfy the needs of every student, Extramarks provides a wide range of study resources, including MCQs, Formulas, CBSE Revision Notes, and practice tests. One of Extramarks’ most helpful features is the availability of CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, which allow students to practice responding to actual exam questions. Due to this, Class 5 students are able to identify concepts to which they may need to pay closer attention and gain a better understanding of the exam structure. By introducing animation and interactive exercises into the classroom, students learn more efficiently and cheerfully, which keeps them motivated and interested.

Q1-Complete the simile given below.

Mr. Sharma’s daughter topped the university. He is _______________ of his daughter’s achievement.

Ans-“as proud as a peacock

Q2-Complete the proverb.

You can lead a horse to water but ______________.

Ans-“you can’t make him drink

Q3-“Identify the type of phrase underlined.

He completed the task as quickly as possible.

Ans-“adverb phrase
Q4-“Fill in the blanks with words from the box to complete the following alliterative sentences.

1. Jack saw a __________.

2. Sanya has _________.

3. Becky __________ for me.

seven sisters baked brownies jiggly jellyfish

ANs-“1. jiggly jellyfish

2. seven sisters

3. baked brownies

Q5-“Identify the errors in indirect speech and correct them.

1. D: “Follow that bus”, the policeman said to the inspector.

ID: The policeman requested the inspector to follow this bus.

2. D: Max said, “All were looking at the joker.”

ID: Max said all were looking at the joker.

Ans-“1. The policeman ordered the inspector to follow that bus.

2. Max said that all had been looking at the joker.

Q6-“Add question tags to the following sentences.
a.I’d better go and catch my train.
b.Just help yourself.c. You used to live there.Breakfast is at seven. I’m rather late.

Ans-“I’d better go and catch my train”
Q7-“You are Mohit, staff reporter of a national daily. You were asked to write a report on the inaugural function of Jeevan Rakshak Hospital in Delhi.

Ans-“Answers may vary.


-by Mohit (Staff Reporter)

June 03, Delhi: Jeevan Rakshak Hospital was inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal in Karkardooma, Delhi on Sunday.

The 500-bed institute has been upgraded with the latest ultramodern and state-of-the-art infrastructure and machines. It has been enhanced to support and meet medical emergencies. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Deshwal, the Medical Superintendent, expressed pride and satisfaction with the arrangements and facilities provided at the hospital.

Leaflets were distributed highlighting the brief history of the institute with the facilities and the treatment available at the hospital. The institute is constructed at a cost of institute is constructed at a cost of ₹5000 crore and is spread over an acre of 91250 sq mts.

Q8-“Describe the process to prepare a vegetable sandwich.

Ans-“Answers may vary.

Step 1: Trim the edges of the bread slices.
Step 2: Spread butter on each bread slice.
Step 3: Now, spread green chutney evenly on each slice as well.
Step 4: Now place the boiled potatoes, cucumber, onions, and tomato slices on one slice.
Step 5: Sprinkle some salt, chili powder, and cumin powder over this.
Step 6: Place another slice of bread over this and press down gently so that the ingredients stick together.
Step 7: Cut the slices into two equal halves or as desired and serve with green chutney.

Q9-“You are Arpana/Arpit. You have lost your library card. Write a letter to the librarian to issue you a duplicate card.

Ans-“Answers may vary.

The Librarian

XYZ school


9th October, 20XX

Sub: Request for a duplicate Library card.


With due respect I wish to inform you that I have lost my library card. The no. of the card is SV-109/15. It came to my notice only yesterday, when I reached home after school and did not find it in my bag. I searched the bag thoroughly but could not find it. Perhaps I lost it somewhere. I am very sorry.

I, therefore, request you to please issue me a duplicate library card. Also, please ensure that no book is issued on that card in future. I shall remain obliged to you for this act of kindness.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely



Roll No. 18

Q10-Read the passage given below and answer the questions based on it.

Television has become an integral part of our lives. It seems impossible to have our meals without it. We often have arguments with our family members over the remote control. Some have to watch a cricket match, some have to watch the news channel and some their favourite TV serial. Many of us remain glued to the television screens even on a holiday. But watching too much of television can harm the viewers eyesight. We are not able to spend quality time with our family members as television takes up all our attention. Children prefer to stay at home and watch television than play outside.

(i) Why do we argue with our family members?
(ii) How is watching television harmful?
(iii) Is it wise to stop watching television? Why/Why not?
(iv) Do you share each and every happening of the day with your family members?
(v) Which is your favourite TV show and why?

Ans-(i) The argument is generally over the remote control.
(ii) Watching television harms the viewers eyesight. We are not able to spend quality time with our family members.
(iii) Answers may vary.
It is not wise to stop watching television because it is not only a source of entertainment but also a medium through we can get knowledge and wisdom.
(iv) Answers may vary.
No, I dont share each and every happening with my family member. Though I try to share some major events with them and have a healthy discussion.
(v) Answers may vary.
My favourite TV show is Wildlife on Discovery channel because I love animals and that show gives us insight about the activities and the natural habitat about the animals. It helps me to become aware and enhance my knowledge.

Q11-“You went to a zoo with your family last Sunday. Write a diary entry on the experience you had there.

Ans-“Answers may vary.

19th September, 20XX
6:00 p.m.

Dear Diary,
Last Sunday, I along with my family went to the central zoo. We were a total of 7 members—me, mom & dad, my little sister, Vaani, grandpa and grandma, and our dog Bruno. We hired a local six-seater cab to reach the zoo. We also packed some snacks and games to play on the way. We reached the zoo at around 1 p.m. We bought the tickets and went inside. At first, we saw a troop of monkeys. Some were mimicking us while some were jumping from tree to tree. We also fed some bananas to them. Then we saw a herd of elephants. Next to the elephants were the herd of deer. They had big horns. Then, we went inside the aquarium and saw many fishes and snakes. I was completely shocked to see the pride of lions in their cage. They were so scary. One of them looked sick. The zookeeper said he was the oldest of them all. After seeing the animals, we saw different kinds of birds. We were lucky enough to spot some peacocks. They looked so beautiful. In the evening, we all were tired, so we sat down in the garden area and had some yummy food. We also played cricket and badminton. We even played catch the ball with Bruno. On the way back home, dad treated us with our favourite ice-cream flavours. We all had a wonderful time.


Q12-“As the sports captain of your school, write a notice informing the students about the inter-house cricket championship. Mention all the necessary details.

Ans-“The answer may vary.

Q13-Write a narrative paragraph on your visit to the railway station.

ansAnswers may vary. 

Probable Answer.

Recently, I was told by my dad to accompany him to the railway station to receive a distant aunt who was visiting us after a long time. I happily agreed because I had never visited the railway station before. As soon as we entered the station, I saw how busy the place was. There were few platforms and trains were coming and going, picking and dropping passengers. People were waiting on the benches for their respective trains and also many were waiting just like us to receive somebody. Announcements were continuously heard about trains. There was also an enquiry section where passengers crowded to enquire about trains. I saw a number of people in black coats standing near the entry and exit points of the station. I came to know they were the ticket collector. Their job is to check passengers tickets while entering and exiting the station. There were many stalls inside the railway station like a mini-market, selling items such as magazines, biscuits, cold drinks, etc. Soon, my aunt arrived and we left the station. It was one of the most hectic places I had ever visited.

Q14-Neha reaches her house and realizes that she has left her bag along with her phone back in her office. Her parents are about to reach home but she has to rush back.
Write a message on behalf of Neha for her parents.

Ans-Answers may vary.



21ST April 20XX

7:30 p.m.

Mom & Dad

I have to rush back to office as I have forgotten my bag and my phone in my office locker. I am taking Dad’s car and will be back soon.




Q15-“Complete the story by filing the words from the box.

opener prepare cat next opening
food cans fish buy containers

Andre’s wife, Iris, is visiting her mother in Iowa. She left this

morning, and she won’t be back until (1) __________week. Before she left, she bought many cans of food so Andre could (2) __________

his own meals. She bought cans of soup, tuna(3) __________, chili, spaghetti, and vegetables. She bought enough food for the whole week.

Iris is a great cook, and she prepares all the meals for the family.

Andre doesn’t cook, so she had to show him how to use the microwave and

the electric can(4) __________. She left the can opener on the kitchen

counter and told him to be sure to put the (5) __________in plastic

containers once he opened the cans. Poor Andre! He thinks that he is

supposed to open all the (6) __________of food and put the contents in plastic containers. He

doesn’t understand what his wife meant. She meant that he should put the

uneaten portion of food in plastic(7) __________.For the past one hour, Andre has been(8) __________cans of food and putting it in plastic containers. He’s frustrated because there aren’t enough containers for all the food.

He needs to go to the store to(9) __________more, but he doesn’t want to leave the opened cans of food on the counter because the (10)__________

might eat the food or it might spoil.









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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can Class 5 students find the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 With Solutions?

Class 5 students preparing for their exams can find the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2 With Solutions on the Extramarks website and mobile application and solve the questions to help get better results.

2. Is it advantageous to complete the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2?

Students can get a sense of the questions’ difficulty level and the amount of time needed to complete them by practising the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 5 English Mock Paper 2. This might assist students in developing a time management strategy for the exam and a plan for answering the questions within the allotted time. As students become accustomed to the exam pattern, solving the CBSE Sample Papers can also help students develop confidence and lessen exam anxiety.