CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1

CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 with Solutions (2021-22)

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CBSE Sample Paper-1 for Class 6 Social Science with Solutions – Free PDF Download

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The Social Sciences are Divided into Several Branches

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CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1

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Structure of Class 6 Sample Paper Social Science

The use of the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1 by students boosts their overall percentage by enabling them to perform well in the subject. So, before the exam, students should complete the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1 in order to earn more marks on the Social Studies exam. Using these sample papers will give students information about the format of the examination, the scoring system by unit, the types of questions answered, and the level of difficulty. These papers also allow students to evaluate their performance.

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Benefits of Sample Paper Class 6 Social Science

Social Science is one of the key subjects taught to Class 6 students. Students should carefully read every chapter. After reading the chapters from the book, students should refer to the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1 for practice. Benefits of the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1 include:

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  5. They will be aware of the important questions.

How to Download Sample Papers for Class 6 Social Science?

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Q1-Consider the following statements and select the answer using the codes given below:

I.            Xuan Zang, and other pilgrims spent time studying in Nalanda.

II.           Chinese pilgrims visited places associated with Buddhism.

III.          Taxila, was the first and most famous Buddhist university of India.


I and II


I and II


I and III


All the above

Ans-​I and II

Q2-Identify the correct answer with the help of the following information:

Ayurveda is a well-known system of health science that was developed in ancient India. Charak Samhita is a remarkable book on medicine. Susruta Samhita talks about elaborate surgical procedures.

Q. In ancient India, who were the two Ayurvedic practitioners?

Ans-Charaka and Sushruta

Q3-Who were samantas?

Ans-Samantas were military leaders who provided the king with troops whenever he needed them. For their service, they were not paid regular salaries. Instead, they received the grants of land from the king. They collected revenue from the land and used it for the maintenance of soldiers and horses and to provide war equipments. Whenever the king was weak they tried to become independent.

Q4-Why was Mathura recognized as a vital settlement?

Ans-• Mathura has been a significant settlement for almost 2500 years. It was significant because it was at the intersection of two main trade and transit routes, one from the northwest to the east and the other from the north to the south.
• Fortifications and shrines in the city made it a attraction among people. People in the city were fed by farmers and herders from the surrounding territories.
• Mathura was also known for producing some of the finest sculptures in the world.

Q5-What could have been the possible reasons behind the end of the Harappan civilisation?

Ans-The Harappan civilisation suddenly seems to have started to end around 3900 years ago. People stopped living in many cities. Writing seals and weights became extinct. Raw materials were now rarely imported.

Some scholars say that it is due to the drying of rivers while some have explained it as the cause of deforestation. In some areas, some floods have been the main reason due to which the rulers have lost control. People have abandoned Sind and Punjab and moved to the newer smaller settlements to the east and the south.

Q6-As the empire was so large, different parts were ruled differently.
1) Discuss the Mauryan empire’s political system. (3 marks)
2) Who was appointed to look after the administration of the regional sections of the empire? (2 marks)

Ans-“1) Since the Mauryan empire was so vast, different regions of it were governed differently. The emperor had direct influence over the land around Pataliputra. Officials were appointed to collect taxes from farmers, herders, craftspeople, and dealers in the area’s villages and cities. Officials in the Mauryan government also punished people who defied the ruler’s orders. Some Mauryan officials received remuneration. Messages were sent and received, and spies kept an eye on the officials. With the support of members of the royal family and senior ministers, the Mauryan emperor oversaw all officials, species, diplomats, and so on.
2) The emperor usually appointed royal princes as governors to the provinces to look after their administrative affairs.

Q7-“What do you mean by the term ‘muvendar’ ?

Ans-“It is a Tamil word meaning ‘three chiefs’, used for the heads of three ruling families – the Cholas, Cheras and the Pandyas. They became powerful in South India around 2300 years ago. Each of the three chiefs had two centres of power: one on inland, and one on the coast. Out of these six cities, two were very important: Puhar or Kaveripattinam, the port of the Cholas, and Madurai, the capital of the Pandyas. The chiefs did not collect regular taxes. Instead, they demanded and received gifts from people. They also went on military expeditions and collected tribute from the neighbouring areas.

Q8-“Write about discoveries in the field of science and literature during ancient India.

AnsIndia was scientifically advanced during ancient times. India cultivated many intelligent brains like Aryabhata, a famous astronomer and mathematician who established that day and night were produced by the earth’s rotation on its axis and published the book Aryabhatiyam. He also discovered a method for calculating the circumference of a circle and explained eclipses. Ayurveda was another branch of science that flourished in ancient India. Well-known practitioners like Charak and Sushrut did revolutionary studies in medicinal science and surgical science respectively. India was also blessed with astronomers and mathematicians like Varahamihira, Brahamagupta, and Bhaskaracharya.


Identify with the help of the following information.

The most frequent vessels manufactured with Painted Grey Ware are plates and bowls. Apart from grey, wares of which other colour were used in this period?


Q10-Who was the best known Chalukya ruler?


Pulakeshin I


Kirttivarman I




Pulakeshin II

Ans-“Pulakeshin II

Q11-Who was the supposed author of the ‘Puranas’ and the ‘Mahabharata’?


Q12-Who patronized Kalidasa, the famous poet?

Ans-“Chandragupta II

Q13-“The efforts by humans to save natural vegetation and wildlife are important.” Explain.

Ans-The efforts by humans to save natural vegetation and wildlife are important. We should plant more trees and protect the existing ones. We should make people aware of the importance of trees. We should organise special programs like Van Mahotsav to involve more people in making our earth green. To save wildlife, we can refuse to buy things made from parts of the bodies of animals e.g., bones, horns, fur, skins, and feathers.

Q14-​India is the second-most populous country after China. Name the most populous region within India and explain why.

Ans·  The Northern Indian Plains located in the south of the Himalayas are the most populous region within India.

·      The plains are level and uniform, which makes it easy to industrialise, urbanise, and build infrastructure like communication and transport lines.

·      They are formed by the Indus, Ganga, and Brahmaputra rivers, making them rich in alluvial soil and fertile for cultivation.

Q15-Plateaus are of great importance for human beings.” Justify.

Ans-“Plateaus are of great importance for human beings because:

  • Plateaus are rich in mineral deposits. Many mining areas in the world are located in the plateau areas. For example, the African plateau is famous for gold and diamond mining. In India, huge reserves of iron, coal and manganese are found in the Chhota Nagpur plateau.

  • They are sources of waterfalls. In India, the Hundru falls in the Chhota Nagpur plateau on the river Subarnarekha and the Jog falls in Karnataka are examples of such waterfalls.

  • Some lava plateaus are rich in black soil that is fertile and good for cultivation.

  • Many plateaus have scenic spots and are of great attraction to tourists.

Q16-“Distinguish between tropical rainforests and tropical deciduous forests.


Tropical Rainforest Tropical Deciduous Forest
i) They are known as an evergreen forest. i) They are known as monsoon forest.
ii) They are found in areas of rainfall having more than 200 cm. ii) They are found in areas of rainfall 50-200 cm.
iii) Trees are very tall. iii) Trees are of medium height.
iv) Trees have very thick canopies that are joined together. iv) Trees do not have thick canopies.
v) Thick undergrowth is found. v) No undergrowth

Q17-Why does the density of air vary from place to place? How does variation in air density affect us?

Ans-“Reason for variation in density of the air from place to place:

  • The density of air is affected by height. It is maximum at sea level and decreases as we go upward. The places situated at lower altitudes have high air density whereas places situated at higher altitudes such as mountainous and hilly areas have lower air density.

Effect of variation in density of air on us:

  • Humans are adapted to live in a specific range of air density. Air density higher or lower from this range affects us negatively. For example, mountain climbers have to carry oxygen cylinders with them because they face breathing problems high up in mountains due to lower air density.

Q18-“How are fold mountains formed?

Ans-“Fold mountains are generally formed in the less deformed areas adjacent to areas strongly affected by thrust tectonics. Typically they are found in the foreland region where a major mechanically weak horizon is present. The frontal thrust (or thrusts) propagate(s) a long distance along the horizon and subsequent movement on the thrust can give rise to a sequence of folds as the hanging wall of the thrust effectively crumples. The anticline crests may be high enough to form mountains. Most fold mountains are likely to be relatively young in geological terms as they will start to be eroded as soon as they are formed.

Q19-Planets do not have their own

Ans-“Heat and light

Q20-“Natural vegetation is so called because:
Ans-“It grows without human interference.

Q21-“Which of the following reserves and parks has been set up to protect wildlife? Select the correct option/options.

  1. National Parks
  2. Sanctuaries
  3. Animal Reserves
  4. Wildlife Park
  5. Biosphere Reserves

Ans-“1, 2 and 5 only

Q22-“Match the List-I with List–II and select the correct answer from the given codes given below.

List- I List- II
a. World’s largest desert 1. South America
b. World’s longest mountain range 2. Africa
c. World’s coldest continent 3. Asia
d. World’s highest mountains 4. Antarctica

Ans-“a-2, b-1, c-4, d-3

Q23-Which of the following correctly explains the difference between erosion and deposition?

AnsErosion lowers the Earth’s surface, whereas it was rebuilt by deposition.

Q24-“Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason(R).
Select your answer from the codes given below.
Assertion (A): Only one side of the moon is visible to us on the Earth.
Reason (R): The moon does not rotate like planets do.

Ans-“(A) is true, and (R) is false.
Q25Describe the role of Patwari in maintaining land records.

Ans-The following roles of the patwari in maintaining land records are:

1. Measuring land and keeping land records is the main work of the Patwari. The Patwari is known by different names in different states. In some villages, such officers are called Lekhpal, while in others, they are called Karamcharis or village officers.

2. The Patwari is responsible for a group of villages and has ways of measuring agricultural fields and comparing them with the measurements on the map.

3. The Patwari is also responsible for organising the collection of land revenue from the farmers and providing information to the government about the crops grown in this area.

Q26Why Urban Administration is important?

Ans-“Urban administration is necessary to provide the basic amenities like street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the markets clean, collecting of house tax and water taxes, etc. They are responsible for cleaning of city drainage system, maintenance of parks, and market. It had made possible for regulating the urban development and local management of civic facilities.

Q27-How do prejudices and stereotypes lead to inequality and discrimination?

Ans-​Prejudice means to judge other people negatively or see them as inferior. Once we view a person as inferior to us, we create a stereotype, which means that we develop a fixed picture in our minds about the person, and we are not able to see anything beyond that image. Discrimination happens when we start to act on our prejudices or stereotypes. Discriminating against people based on stereotypes and prejudices gives rise to inequality in our society.

Q28Write five rules that became effective from April 1993 regarding Panchayati Raj.
Ans-“In 1992, the Parliament amended the constitution and formulated rules for the Panchayati Raj system. The state and the centre had to follow these rules from April 1993 onwards. The rules are listed below:
I. It should be a three-tier system – the village level, the intermediate or block level and the district level.
II. Direct elections should be conducted for all the seats in the panchayats.
III. The state should ensure representation of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes in proportion to their population in the area. Minimum of one third of the total number of seats is to be reserved for women.
IV. A member of panchayat should not be less than 21 years of age.
V. The State Election Commission should hold regular panchayat elections.

Q29-“Two statements are given in the question below as Assertion (A) and Reasoning (R). Read the statements and choose the appropriate option.
Assertion: Street vendors are always hired by companies, and they work for the company.
Reasoning: Street vendors usually work their own and are not employed by anyone.

Ans-“A is false but R is true.

Q30-Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a permanent job?

Ans-“Salary cut for leave

Q31-“Who keeps the records of the land revenue and collect revenue?


Q32-“Identify the option/s with the help of the following information.
– They reside in the Phek district.
– They have individual lands as well as they work in other fields.
– They form groups of 6-8 to clean mountain weed.


Q33-“Two statements are given in the question below as Assertion (A) and Reasoning (R). Read the statements and choose the appropriate option.
Assertion: People from rural areas earn incomes from several means.
Reasoning: Farming, fishing and non-farming activities provide income to rural livelihoods.

Ans-“Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A.

Q34-“Read the source given below and answer the following question:
A common stereotype about some Muslims is that they are not interested in educating girls and therefore do not send girls to school.
Q. What is the main reason for low among Muslims according to the study?


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