CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1

Mathematics is one of the most crucial subject during a student’s academic career. Students usually consider Mathematics to be the most challenging subject. Students should practice solving the questions in addition to properly understanding the concepts in Mathematics. They can improve their mental focus and logical reasoning skills by studying Mathematics. CBSE gives main preference to NCERT. Therefore, students are recommended to study the NCERT solutions and the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 for understanding the concept in-depth. The CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 are provided by the subject-matter experts at the Extramarks website. Extramarks offers teachers to instruct and assist students in resolving their queries in addition to the  CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1.

NCERT exercises are the most important tool for reviewing questions for the annual examination.  As a result, it is normally recommended that students answer questions from the NCERT textbook. In order to check their solutions, they also need the correct answers to the questions. The Extramarks’ teachers resolved this issue of students by providing the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 With Solutions. Students can thus acquire the solution they need while they prepare for the yearly examinations from the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1. Students can apply the concepts from the chapter in a clearer and more precise way by using the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1.

Mathematics improves one’s life by bringing order and preventing chaos. Mathematics develops certain characteristics such as reasoning ability, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and even excellent cognitive abilities. Therefore, the subject is not just crucial for scoring good marks in academics, but it is also used in various aspects of life. Through the use of Extramarks’ NCERT textbook solutions, students can stop struggling with Mathematics by structuring their core concepts. Extramarks is a simple solution for all classes and subjects taken by students.

Students can access the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths on the Extramarks’ website. In addition to the CBSE Important Question, students may consult a number of others study resources on the Extramarks website. NCERT book solutions, CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, CBSE Extra Questions,  Formulas, and also CBSE Previous Year Question Papers are available to students. Although students have always regarded Mathematics to be hard, they will find learning Mathematics to be less tricky with Extramarks’ expert support. Students who combine practice with Extramarks’ assistance will be able to achieve the highest outcomes. The Extramarks website provides a variety of high-quality educational courses to help students learn, practice, and succeed.

CBSE Class 7 Maths Sample Papers Mock Paper 1 (2023-24)

Students must correctly manage their study schedules in order to pay attention to all topics. A strong performance in the final exam is guaranteed by the entire progress. The study of Mathematics is essential if students want to advance and master new concepts in their subsequent classes. They should focus on their learning process for this. Students are therefore required to collect the best study materials for learning and practising new mathematical skills. Students can practice from the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 as it is regarded as one of the best ways to practice Mathematics.

Students need a better platform to evaluate their problem-solving abilities in addition to answering exercise problems. They can learn new techniques and abilities by attempting to solve a problem that is distinct from the practice problems that are given in the NCERT books. Mathematics teachers with years of experience created the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1. Students should practice from these sample papers that are offered by the Extramarks website, as it contains all the important questions from all the chapters.

This section includes coverage of 14 chapters. For each of these chapters, the teachers have created important questions. After doing the exercises in the textbook, students can move on to sample papers. To evaluate their abilities, they can compare their solutions to the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 solutions. Students can use these sample papers to raise their level of preparation and maintain an advantage over the rest of the class.

There are many websites that offer the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1, but it is very important that students choose the right study material. Therefore, students must choose the Extramarks website as it provides reliable notes, NCERT solutions, sample papers etc.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 7 Maths – Chapter Breakdown

It makes sense that students would select something a little more effective than the conventional time-consuming procedures, given that the majority of students struggle to complete their mathematical assignments in time for exams. The Mathematics breakdown will help students better understand which chapters they should focus on in order to perform at their best on the examination day.

The Extramarks’ website CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 walks students through the chapter overview. These CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 offer a step-by-step approach and are organised by Extramarks’ knowledgeable educationalist. These processes allow students to understand the concepts of the chapter and the logic underlying the questions with ease. Students must comprehend the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 completely.

In order to establish a foundation for their core concepts, students must completely comprehend the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1. Once students have practiced these questions, they will be able to easily tackle any difficult problems relating to the chapter that they encounter during the exam. Also, Extramarks offers NCERT solutions, past years’ papers etc, which serve as the cornerstone of students’ conceptual understanding. Students gain in-depth understanding of concepts when they study from the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1.

Benefits of Sample Paper for Class 7 Maths:

There are various benefits of using the CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 Maths Mock Paper 1 offered by the Extramarks’ website. They are:

  1. The sample papers give students a wide range of numerical problems that are most likely to appear on their examination paper.
  2. To give students the most useful sample papers, the questions have been presented in accordance with the patterns seen in past years’ papers and the relevancy of the relevant chapters.
  3. Those who want to increase their level of preparation for the exams can learn effectively by using these sample papers.

Q1. Express 65,950 in the standard forms.


65,950 = 6.595 × 10,000
= 6.595 × 104

Q2. Draw a net for a cuboid.

Ans: The net for a cuboid is shown below:

Q3. How many lines of symmetry are there in a circle?


A diameter divides a circle in two equal halves.

Since, a circle has infinite number of diameters,

Therefore, a circle has infinite lines of symmetry.

Q4. Evaluate 100 + 2a – 4b, when a = 3 and b = 2.


Given expression is: 100 + 2a – 4b
When a = 3, b = 2; we have:
100 + 2a – 4b = 100 + 2(3) – 4(2)
= 100 + 6 – 8
= 98

Q5.Solve the equation




Multiplying both sides by 3, we get

–m = 2 × 3 = 6

or, m = –6

Q6. What is the perimeter of a square having its side as 9a units?


Side of a square = 9a units
⸫ Perimeter of a square = 4(side)
= 4(9a)
= 36a units


What is the reciprocal of 23+52?


23+52=46+156        =196So, the reciprocal of  196 is 619.


What is the value of 15 of 255?


15 of 255 = 15 × 255 = 51

Q9. Find: (–7) × (2) × (–90)


(–7) × (2) × (–90) = –14 × (–90)
= 1260

Q10. A basket is full of fruits mangoes, oranges and apples. If 60% are mangoes, 10% are oranges than what is the percentage of apples.


Percentage of mangoes in basket = 60%

Percentage of oranges in basket = 10%

Percentage of apples = 100 – (60 + 10) = 30%

Q11. Find angles x and y in the following figure:


Exterior angle = Sum of two interior opposite angles
50º + x = 120º

or x = 70º

Now, sum of all the angles of a triangle = 180º

∴ 50º + y + 70º = 180º
y = 60º

Q12. A wire is broken into two pieces. If the wire is


m long and one piece is


m long, find the length of the other piece.


Let the length of other piece be x mLength of wire = 334mLength of one piece = 112mLength of other piece= 334112 m                         x=15432 m                               =   1564 m=9 4m=214 m

Q13. Two-third of a number is 3 more than one-third of the number. Find the number.


Let the number =xAccording to the given condition,23x=13x+323x13x=3213x=3x3=3x=9Thus, the number is 9.



Write the following rational numbers in ascending order.15, 37, 26, 53


15, 37, 26, 53The L.C.M of 5, 7, 6 and 3

Thus, L.C.M of 5, 7, 6 and 3 is 210.1×425×42=422103×307×30=902102×356×35=702105×703×70=350210Thus,90210<70210<42210<35021037<26<15<53


Simplify 2×34×259×42.


2×34×259×42=2×34×2532×222                =2×34×2532×22×2                =34×21+532×24                =34×2632×24                =264×342                =22×32                =4×9                =36

Q16. The highest marks in mathematics (out of 20) in different sections of Class VII are given below:

Class & Section












Draw a bar graph to represent this data.


Steps to draw the bar graph:
Step 1: Draw two perpendicular lines, one vertical and one horizontal.
Step 2: Along the horizontal line, mark Class and section
Step 3: Along the vertical line, mark the marks obtained, by taking a suitable scale.
Step 4: Take bars of the same width, keeping a uniform gap between them.
Step 5: Draw bars as per the given marks by calculating their height.

Q17. Identify the constant terms in the following expressions. Also, determine the type of algebraic expression.
1. −3+5x
2. −5a+20b−3c+4


1. Given expression is: −3+5x
Constant term in −3+5x is: −3
Since, there are two terms in −3+5x,
So, the given expression is a binomial.

2. Given expression is: −5a+20b−3c+4
Constant term in −5a+20b−3c+4 is: 4
As there are four terms in −5a+20b−3c+4,
So, the given expression is a quadrinomial.

Q18. In the following fig. , DA⊥AB, CB⊥AB and AC = BD. State the three pairs of equal parts in ΔABC an ΔDAB. Which of the following statements is meaningful?



The three pairs of equal parts are:
∠ABC = ∠BAD (= 90°)
AC = BD (Given)
AB = BA (Common side)
From the above, ΔABC≅ ΔBAD (By RHS congruence rule).
So, statement (i) is true
Statement (ii) is not meaningful, in the sense that the correspondence among the vertices is not satisfied.

Q19. Subtract the sum of (–545) and 125 from 1005.


According to the question,

1005 – {(–545) + 125}
= 1005 – (–420)
= 1005 + 420
= 1425

Q20. Determine the solid shapes for the following nets.




1. The given net has a square base and 4 triangular faces.
So, the given net is of a square based pyramid.
2. The given net has 3 rectangular faces and two triangular faces.
So, it represents the net of a triangular prism.
3. The given net has a circular base and a triangular curve.
Therefore, it is a net of a cone.

Q21. Multiply:
(i) –25 by 11
(ii) –15 by –12
(iii) 0 by –33


(i) (–25) × 11 = – (25 × 11) = –275
(ii) (–15) × (–12) = 15 × 12 = 180
(iii) 0 × (–33) = 0 (as multiplication of any number with 0 is always 0)


Plot25, 15 and 35 on a number line.


Q23. In the gven fig., ray AZ bisects ∠DAB as well as ∠DCB.
(i) State the three pairs of equal parts in triangles BAC and DAC.
(ii) Is ΔBAC≅ ΔDAC? Give reasons.
(iii) Is AB = AD? Justify your answer.
(iv) Is CD = CB? Give reasons.


(i)  In ΔBAC and ΔDAC, the three pairs of equal parts are as given below:
DAC = ∠CAB        (AZ bisects ∠BAD)∠DCA = ∠
ACB        (AZ bisects ∠BCD)
and AC = AC (Common in both)
(ii)  From (i) above, ΔBAC≅ ΔDAC      (By ASA congruence rule)
(iii)  AB = AD        (Corresponding parts of congruent triangles)
(iv)   CD = CB        (Corresponding parts of congruent triangles)

Q24. Find angles x and y in the following figure:


In triangle PQR,

∠P = x ( vertically opposite angles)

∠Q = x

∠R = y = x (vertically opposite angles)

Therefore, ∠P + ∠Q + ∠R = 1800

⇒ 3x = 1800

⇒ x = 600.

Since, x = y (Verically opposide triangle)

Hence, y = 600.

Q25. The length of a rectangular field is twice its breadth. If the perimeter of the field is 150 m, find its length and breadth.


Let the breadth be x m
Then the length = 2x m
Perimeter = 150 m
2(2x + x) = 150
⇒ 6x = 150
⇒ x = 25
Therefore, the breadth of the rectangular field is 25 m and the length is 50 m.

Q26. Simplify:

i32×45×x434×43×x9                     ii45×95×x723×36×x5



i32×45×x434×43×x9 =324×453×x49                        =32×42×x5                        =4232×x5ii45×95×x723×36×x5=225×325×x723×36×x5 =                   210×310×x723×36×x5                       =2103×3106×x75                        =27×34×x2

Q27. The figure given below, shows two circles with the same centre. The radius of the larger circle is 10 cm and the radius of the smaller circle is 4 cm.

(a) the area of the larger circle,

(b) the area of the smaller circle,

(c) the shaded area between the two circles. (Take = 3.14)


(i) Radius of the larger circle, R = 10cm
So,        area of larger circle, A = R2
= 3.14  10 10
= 314cm2
(ii) Radius of the smaller circle, r = 4cm
So,        area of smaller circle, a = r2
= 3.14  4 4
= 50.24cm2
(iii)          Area of shaded region = (314 – 50.24)cm2
= 263.76 cm2

Q28. Anand took a wire of length 44 cm and bent it into the shape of a circle. Find the radius of that circle. Also, find its area. If the same wire is bent into the shape of a square, what will be the length of each of its sides? Which figure encloses more area – the circle or the square?


Q29. Draw a line, say AB, take a point C outside it. Through C, draw a line parallel to AB using a ruler and compass only.


Steps of Construction:
(i) Draw a line AB. Take a point P on it and a point C outside this line. Join C to P.
(ii) Taking P as centre and with a convenient radius, draw an arc intersecting line AB at point D and PC at point E.
(iii) Taking C as centre and with the same radius as before, draw an arc FG intersecting PC at H.
(iv) Adjust the compass up to the length of DE. Without changing the opening of the compass and taking H as the centre, draw an arc to intersect the previously drawn arc FG at point I.
(v) Join the points C and I to draw a line ‘l’.

This is the required line that is parallel to line AB.

Q30. If A = 3x3 + x2 + 5 and B = 5y3 – 6y2 + 17 for x = 3 and y = –4, what is the value of 2A + 7B –AB and 12A – 5B?


For x = 3,
A = 3x3 + x2 + 5
= 3 (3)3 + (3)2 + 5
= 81 + 9 + 5
= 95
For y = – 4,
B =5y3 – 6y2 + 17
= 5(–4)3 – 6(–4)2 + 17
= –320 – 96 + 17
= –399
2A + 7B – AB = 2(95) + 7(–399) – (95) (–399)
= 190 – 2793 + 37,905
= 35,302
12A – 5B = 12 (95) – 5(–399)
= 1140 + 1995
= 3135

Q31. Five years ago, A father was seven times as old as his son. Five years hence, the father would be three times as old as his son. Find their present ages.


5 years ago, let the son’s age be x.
Then, father’s age = 7x

Present age of son = x + 5
Present age of father = 7x + 5

After 5 years, son’s age = (x + 5) + 5 = x + 10
After 5 years, father’s age = (7x + 5) + 5 = 7x + 10

According to the given condition
7x + 10 = 3(x + 10)
⇒ 4x = 20
⇒ x = 5

Therefore, the present age of son is 10 years and the father’s present age is 40 years.

Q32. The following table shows the points of each player scored in four games:

Player Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
A 14 16 10 10
B 0 8 6 4
C 8 11 Did not play 13

Now, answer the following questions:
(i) Find the mean to determine A’s average number of points scored per game.
(ii) To find the mean number of points per game for C, would you divide the total points by 3 or by 4? Why?
(iii) B played in all four games. How would you find the mean?
(iv) Who was the best performer?


(i) As average number of points = 14+16+10+104 = 504=12.5(ii) To find the mean number of points per game for C,we will divide the total points by 3 because C played 3 games.(iii) Mean of Bs score = 0+8+6+44 = 184=4.5(iv) The best performer will have the greatest average among all.Now, we can observe that the average of A is 12.5, which is more than that of B and C.Therefore, A is the best performer among these three.

Q33. In the figure given below, ACD is a triangle such that AB is a median, and AD = DB = AB = 25 cm. What is the value of ∠ADB, ∠ABC and BC?


In ∆ACD,
AB is a median, so BD = BC = 25 cm.
Given: AD = DB = AB
So, ∆ADB is an equilateral triangle.
We know that the measure of each angle of an equilateral triangle is 60o.
So, ∠ADB = ∠DBA = ∠DAB = 60o
∠DBA and ∠ABC form a linear pair.
So, ∠DBA + ∠ABC = 180o
60o + ∠ABC = 180o
∠ABC = 120o

Q34. ABCD is a quadrilateral, diagonal AC bisects ∠A and
AB = AD,prove that DC = BC.


AD = AB              [Given]
∠DAC = ∠BAC          [Given]
AC = CA              [Common]
ΔACD ≅ ΔACB        [By SAS]
therefore, DC = BC       [By CPCT]

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