CBSE Important Questions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 2 Essay

Important Questions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 2 Essay – My Three Passions

An essay in English Literature describes the author’s perspective on a particular event or situation. Writers often use essays to state their ideas about various subjects. An essay revolves around multiple themes or, in some cases, single themes. Literature embraces originality, and that’s why essays form an integral part of the library of English Literature works. Bertrand Russell, a well-known British writer and philosopher, wrote an essay for the second chapter of Class 11 English Woven Words.The essay titled – ‘My Three Passions’ is based on the author’s attachment to the abstractness of love and knowledge and his desire to make the world free of anguish and misery.

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Important Questions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 2 Essay – With Solutions

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Here are a few solutions to Extramarks’ Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 2 Essay Important Questions: –

Question 1. What are the three passions of the narrator? What does the reader understand from the narrator’s perspective about his passions?

Answer    1. In the essay titled “My Three Passions, ” Bertrand Russell mentioned his life’s simple three passions. The three passions are his longing for love, his quest for knowledge, and his pity for the anguish and suffering of humankind. The narrator has called his three passions strong enough to govern his life. The narrator mentions his enthusiasm for the three passions so that the readers can conclude the necessity of these passions in the narrator’s life. The three passions give the narrator a will to live. The readers of this essay will understand how the three passions of love, knowledge, and pity for humankind help the narrator move forward in life.

Question 2. Why does Russell call the three passions ‘simple’?

Answer    2. Russell’s essay “My Three Passions” is from his “Autobiography”. In the essay, Russell talked about the three passions of his life that helped him survive through the most difficult times. The three passions of love, knowledge, and pity are strong enough to govern his life. However, Russell calls the passions simple. People have various desires in life, such as money and luxury. But Russell wants to live, pursuing his three most essential passions. He sought love, the first passion that gave him ecstasy and removed his loneliness.The desire for knowledge was significant to him, and he achieved it through his works in philosophy, education, mathematics, and literature. Russell’s love of literature is reflected in his receipt of the Nobel Prize in Literature.The most significant passion in Russell’s life is the pity he feels for the entire human race. He feels pain for children and people whose lives are destroyed by war and poverty and wishes he could end all of it. Therefore, Russell’s passions may sound simple, yet they reflect his deep perspective on life.

Question 3. What does the author write about the ‘union of love?’

Answer    3. Love brings ecstasy and joy into the narrator’s life. Moreover, it also relieves the narrator from the pain of loneliness. The narrator has also sought love because he believes in the meaning of the union of love. He writes about mystic miniatures and the prefiguring vision of heaven in the union of love. Poets and saints have imagined different versions of heaven; all are in the union of love. Therefore, the narrator continued searching for the union of love, as it appeared beneficial to him and his entire life.

Question   4. How does Russell’s definition of knowledge differ from what is commonly understood by the term?

Answer      4. Russell mentions in his essay that he has pursued knowledge with the same zeal that he has loved.The author has a curious mind and explains that he desires to understand the hearts of men. Russell wishes to know about people’s lives. The author explains his quest to know the universe’s secrets by mentioning that he wants to know how and why stars shine. He also tried to capture the Pythagorean power of numbers. The author’s quest for knowledge is one of his greatest passions, which drives him to know about society.

Question   5. How have the three passions contributed to the quality of Russell’s life?

Answer      5. Russell’s three passions are the driving forces in his life. Russell’s quest for love, knowledge and pity towards humankind’s suffering helped him realise life’s importance. The author could understand the meaning of love and the union of love because he searched for the meaning of love. The author’s second passion, curiosity, and knowledge helped him learn about people and their behaviour and gain information about the stars and universe. The third most significant passion in his life was the pity he felt for people suffering worldwide due to the evils of society. The author mentioned in the essay that he would not have lived a good life without his three passions.The author will always need passion to move forward with his life.

Question   6. What kind of human life should not exist?

Answer      6. The author mentions that love and knowledge make him happy. However, the misery of humankind brings him back to earth. The author feels pity for humanity’s perilous situation.He feels pain when he looks at children and people stuck in calamities, wars, and poverty. The author condemns oppression and sons perceiving their old parents as a burden. The author adds that poverty, loneliness, and pain mock the beauties of human life. Therefore, he wants all the world’s anguish to disappear forever.

Question   7. What, according to Russell, is the importance of love in life?

Answer      7. The passionate love makes Russell appreciate his life more. The author seeks love to acquire joy in his life. The quest for love makes him happy and removes his loneliness. Love adds ecstasy to the author’s life and attaches spiritual importance to it. The author states that the “union of love” exists in the heavens that poets and saints imagine. Love has helped the narrator reach heaven beyond earth and recognise the beauty and meaning of life around him.

Question    8. Why is the quality of pity earthbound while the other two passions are elevating?

Answer       8. Throughout life, the author sought three passions that made his life meaningful. His first passion was love, and his second passion was knowledge. Both passions were strong enough to make him feel like he had reached heaven. His third passion is sad feelings towards humankind. People worldwide face various painful hardships, which deeply affect the author. Therefore, his third passion makes him earthbound. The author feels for the oppressed and the tormented. His heart aches with pain when he looks at children being affected by war wars and poverty, and he wishes that if he had power, he would end every misery in the world.

Question    9. How does the author find meaning in his life?

Answer       9. The author has three passions: love, knowledge, and pity for the anguish of humankind. The three passions help the author survive the difficulties in his life. The author’s passions prevent him from giving up his life amid the most troubling atrocities. The author finally mentions that he found his life worth living due to his passions, and if given a chance, he would live the same kind of life again with three passions.

Question   10. How did love and knowledge help the author?

Answer      10. The author’s two passions, love and knowledge, brought him joy and an escape from the loneliness. The knowledge helped to understand the people around him. Both love and knowledge led the author upwards towards the heavens.

Question     11. Why has he compared the three passions to great winds?

Answer        11. The author’s passions helped him live happily. The three passions are like the wind that helped the author find meaning and direction in his life. Love helped the author become ecstatic about life and leave behind all the loneliness that consumed him. Knowledge made him curious about the world and the stars. Both knowledge and love led him to the heavens, whereas pity for tormented humanity brought him back to earth. The author couldn’t imagine a life without the three passions. He mentions that he would again choose life. The passions are important to the author because they add purpose to her life.

Question    12. Why can’t the author alleviate evil?

  • The author’s passions are too weak to end the world’s evils.
  • The author has given up on alleviating evil.
  • The author is also a victim of the world’s evils.
  • None of the above

Answer      12. Option (3) The author is also a victim of the world’s evils.

Explanation: –

  • Option (3) is correct. The author feels pity for the difficulties people around the world face. It makes him painful to look at the innocent lives of children and older adults being taken for granted. He wants to protect all people in the world by ending all of the miseries present in it. However, he cannot fully end the world’s torments by himself because he is also afflicted by the world’s evils.He feels powerless in front of the difficulties, as he is a victim of this terrible world.

Question     13. What does the author feel about loneliness?

  • Loneliness is the result of the union of love.
  • Loneliness traps people in an unfathomable abyss.
  • Loneliness is necessary to understand love.
  • None of the above

Answer       13. Option (2) Loneliness traps people in an unfathomable abyss.


  • Option (2) is correct. Loneliness, according to the author, is a terrible thing that captures shivering consciousness over the world’s rim.Loneliness traps a person in a cold, unfathomable, lifeless abyss. However, love helps him escape the loneliness of life.

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