Important Questions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 4 Prose

Important Questions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 4 Prose – The Adventure of The Three Garridebs 

The world of English Literature has always introduced people to phenomenal storytellers, essayists, philosophers and poets. English Literature is one of a kind subject that is a fascinating and brilliant mix of various genres of storytelling. The stories’ styles and themes are unlimited and new every time a reader picks up a book. Stories of mystery and thriller have especially influenced readers’ minds worldwide, which is why literary enthusiasts can never forget the works of legendary crime fiction authors such as Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Class 11 English Literature students will be delighted to read one of the most interesting mystery stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The story is The Adventure of The Three Garridebs and is led by the most brilliant fictional detective ever created – Sherlock Holmes, and his partner in sleuthing, – Dr Watson.

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Important Questions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 4 Prose – With Solutions

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Students can check out Important Questions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 4 Prose and the respective solutions below:-

Question 1. What clues did Sherlock Holmes work upon to get at the fact that the story of the three Garridebs was a ruse?

Answer    1. Sherlock Holmes felt something was wrong when the Garrideb of America got angry at Nathan for hiring a detective. Secondly, Sherlock easily noticed that Garrideb, who visited him, was not English but an American. To further confirm his suspicions, Sherlock tells Garrideb about events and people who did not exist, like  Dr. Lysander Starr. Garrideb fell into Sherlock’s trap and told him that people knew Dr. Starr’s name. It proved that Garridebs claims about being a lawyer in Kansas were false. At the end of the story, Sherlock Holmes is sure that it must have been John Garrideb who brought up the news of the fake third Garrideb. Sherlock again understood that the advertisement was in American English, and it must have been a trap to send Nathan Garrideb to Birmingham so that John Garrideb could enter the former’s house when there would be no one in it.

Question 2. What do you know about John Garrideb?

Answer    2. John Garrideb was a short, muscular man with a round face. He looked like an American businessman. He spoke like an American, and Sherlock could easily catch that John was pretending to be an Englishman when he was an American.

Question  3. Examine the structure of the short story ‘Adventure of the Three Garridebs’ with the help of this framework 

♦ The narrator of the story 

♦ Introduction of the topic of the story 

♦ Introduction of the main characters in the plot 

♦ Development of the plot 

♦ Climax 

♦ Resolution of the mystery.

Answer    3.

♦ The story’s narrator – Dr. Watson is the story’s narrator. The narrator does not reveal much about the climax. Dr. Watson, however, tells the readers how things will turn out at the end of the story.

♦ Introduction of story’s topic – The story’s narrator does not reveal complete details of the story. That is why the reader must wait until the climax to know the ultimate truth in the detective story.

♦ Introduction of main characters in the plot – The narrator introduces readers to the story. Readers only know the narrator’s name when Sherlock addresses him as Watson.

♦ Development of the plot – The story begins when Sherlock tells Watson about the case of finding a person with the same surname as the client who hired them for the case. Sherlock advises Watson to listen to the case details from the client himself.John Garrideb arrives on the scene and explains the need to find a person with the surname”Garrideb”. The story unfolds itself with Sherlock’s suspicions about John Garrideb and ends with the revelation of the ultimate truth.

♦ Climax – Throughout the story, the readers are given hints to work out the main suspense of the story. Readers come to know before the climax about Sherlock’s suspicions. However, the ultimate revelation of the secrets within the story unfolds at the end. The evidence of the emotional friendship between Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes is also shown to the readers through Sherlock’s immediate reaction to Watson getting shot.

♦ Resolution of the mystery – The mystery complete resolution makes up the story’s climax. The story turns into a comical tragedy, and the mystery is revealed. Watson and Sherlock’s firm friendship also becomes evident in the end.

Question 4. What was John Garrideb’s objective in inventing the story of Alexander Hamilton Garrideb and his legacy?

Answer    4. John Garrideb was the “Killer Evans’ who killed Rodger Presbury, the previous owner of the house where Nathan Garrideb lived. John Garrideb knew about the note printing mentioned somewhere beneath Nathan’s room. John planned to make Nathan leave for Birmingham. The house would become empty, and John or Killer Evans would make his move to steal the printing machine, and no one would catch him. However, Sherlock was suspicious of his intentions and caught him in the act. Consequently, John Garrideb’s brilliantly built plan to steal the machine.

Question  5. What was the condition according to which the Garridebs would have money?

Answer     5. John Garrideb told Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson about Alexander Hamilton Garridebs will. John informed the detective and his friend that Mr. Hamilton’s will was rather queer as it divided his property into three parts. John Garrideb could have a share in that property if he could find two more people with “Garrideb” surnames. After the three Garridebs were located, each would receive $5 million.No one could lay a finger on the property unless all three Garridebs were together simultaneously.

Question     6. How did Holmes guess that John Garrideb would go to 136, Little Ryder Street? Did he expect to find what he ultimately did before he went there?

Answer        6. John Garrideb was angry at Nathan for involving the detectives in the case. Sherlock and Watson knew it and wanted John to visit Nathan’s apartment. They know that Nathan’s actions would make John uncomfortable, so they win his trust by telling him they want to help Nathan and John find the third Garrideb. Therefore, John Garrideb went to 136 Little Ryder Street with an advertisement about the third Garrideb. John Garrideb faked the third Garrideb to send Nathan to Birmingham and steal the note-printing machine without any difficulties.

Question      7. What were the contents of the envelope?

Answer         7. Sherlock Holmes took out an envelope from his pocket. There was some essential information in the envelope. The information was about a man named  Killer Evans, a native of Chicago, aged forty, who shot three men. He escaped imprisonment due to political influence and shot a man in London in 1893. Then he shot a man in Waterloo while playing a game of cards in 1895. The man, who died, was Rodger Presbury, a famous Chicago forger and coiner. Killer Evans was released from prison in 1901 but has been under police supervision. Sherlock further informs Watson that Killer Evans is never without his arms or weapons and is extremely dangerous.

Question     8. ‘It was worth a wound—it was worth many wounds—to know the depth of loyalty and love that lay behind that cold mask’— how does this comment throw light on the kind of relationship between Holmes and Watson?

Answer        8. The words describe Dr. Watson’s feelings during a violent incident that happens at the end of the story and deeply hurts him. Killer Evans shot Watson in the thigh. When Dr. Watson was shot, Sherlock made him sit on a nearby chair. When Dr. Watson was seated, Sherlock asked him if he was okay. Sherlock was concerned for his friend, and his friend noticed it all too clearly. Dr. Watson comments that Holmes’s eyes were dim and his lips were shaking. At this moment, Dr. Watson commented that it was worth many wounds to become aware of the loyalty and love behind Sherlock’s cold mask. The incident was evidence that the professional relationship was in no way deprived of the elements of friendship between the two partners.

Question     9. Why didn’t John Garrideb like the idea of including Holmes in the hunt for the third Garrideb?

Answer        9. Sherlock Holmes was a legendary and renowned detective. John Garrideb knew this fact. Therefore, he did not want to involve detectives in his plan as it could lead to the failure of his plans and his ultimate arrest.

Question    10. What was printed in the advertisement?

  • The advertisement stated Mr Hamilton’s death.
  • The advertisement stated information about a Garrideb.
  • The advertisement stated a warning that Killer Evans was out of jail.
  • None of the above

Answer      10. Option (2) The advertisement stated information about a Garrideb is correct.


Option (2) is correct. The advertisement stated information about Howard Garrideb, a constructor of Agricultural Machinery.

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