Important Questions Class 11 Maths

Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most significant subjects for students studying in the science, commerce and architecture stream. Along with theoretical knowledge of key concepts, the students must practice many questions during their exam preparation. Practice is a crucial factor that would help students improve their speed and accuracy in Mathematics.

Having one place access to past years’ important questions for class 11 Mathematics will help students save time spent looking for questions at multiple places. At Extramarks, our subject specialists have prepared chapter wise step-by-step solutions for the important questions for class 11 Mathematics. This solution kit proves to be quite beneficial for the students in their Mathematics preparation. These important questions provide a framework for preparing for the upcoming board examinations and numerous competitive exams.

All questions have been prepared, keeping in mind the NCERT textbook guidelines. Students need an exceptional level of preparation for acing the Mathematics subject during their board examinations. Thus, we cover all of the crucial questions that the students need to prepare for class 11th and 12th board examinations.

Further, explore more resources on the Extramarks website for primary and secondary class Mathematics. All materials such as NCERT books solution, CBSE revision notes, and many more are available to the students for free. Special tips and tricks have been used in our solutions to make it easy for students to memorise formulas and better grasp complex concepts. 

What Chapters Are Covered in Important Questions for Class 12 Mathematics?

The CBSE Class 11 Mathematics syllabus is vast, with 16 chapters, and many students find it overwhelming. So students need to have a proper study plan from the start of the academic year. The chapters from the NCERT textbook for Class 11 Mathematics are listed here:

  • Chapter 1: Sets
  • Chapter 2: Relations and Functions
  • Chapter 3: Trigonometric Functions
  • Chapter 4: Principle of Mathematical induction
  • Chapter 5: Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 6: Linear Inequalities
  • Chapter 7: Permutations and Combinations
  • Chapter 8: Binomial Theorems
  • Chapter 9: Sequences and Series
  • Chapter 10: Straight Lines
  • Chapter 11: Conic Sections
  • Chapter 12: Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Chapter 13: Limits and Derivatives
  • Chapter 14: Mathematical Reasoning
  • Chapter 15: Statistics
  • Chapter 16: Probability

One must be highly organised to cover all chapters and then develop a study plan that allows time for frequent practice. The students can benefit from Extramarks’ chapter-by-chapter Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics solutions. This solution set has various questions such as objective type questions (fill in the blanks, true or false), MCQs to subjective type questions like the answer in brief and explanation in detail, etc. Hence, the chapter-wise solutions of important questions will be beneficial in revising key concepts and grading oneself for the upcoming examinations. 

Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics – Weightage

The Mathematics syllabus for Class 11 is divided into five units, with the weightage for each unit, which is the same for both terms, listed below: 

No. Units Marks
I Sets and Functions 11
II Algebra 13
III Coordinate geometry 06
IV Calculus 04
V Statistics and Probability 06
Total 40
Internal Assessment 10

Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics – Chapter-Wise Questions – Article Links

Mathematics for Class 11 involves a comprehensive syllabus that needs preparation and practice. There are various things to be addressed, and practising is the only way to remember them. Experts advise students to practice the more complex questions regularly to avoid making any mistakes.

But students don’t need to be concerned as Extramarks give you access to all of the important questions for Class 11 Mathematics for each chapter and their solutions. 

Click the chapter-wise questions and solutions below to check the important questions for class 11 Mathematics: 

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Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics – Types of Questions

According to CBSE’s recent guidelines, the current exam paper format for Class 11 Mathematics is as follows: 

  • The paper is divided into three sections – A, B and C
  • Section A has six short answer type questions of two marks each
  • Section B has four short answer type questions of three marks each
  • Section C has four long answer type questions of four marks each
  • There is an internal choice in some of the questions

Benefits of Solving Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics

  • Students tend to search for important questions in a particular chapter after studying and understanding it. So here, they can get access to past years’ questions in one place.
  • The important questions comprise the main and significant parts of all 16 chapters of CBSE Class 11 Mathematics. As a result, this solution set of the most important questions under each chapter will help the students immensely.
  • The important questions for Class 11 Mathematics will serve as a guiding light for a student, allowing them to concentrate on the most significant aspects of the chapter.
  • The questions are all based on the most recent CBSE board syllabus for the most recent academic year, and they are revised every academic year.

Important questions for class 11 Mathematics from Extramarks is a well-organised selection of crucial questions drawn from each topic. Once you register on the Extramarks website, you will access all resources related to CBSE Class 11 Mathematics preparation. It will assist you in practising and improving your problem-solving skills.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is class 11 Mathematics as tricky as said by people?

Mathematics in class 11 is challenging as compared to classes 9 and 10. It covers some complex topics. However, one can succeed in Class 11 Mathematics by starting early, proper planning, and by following the advice given by Mathematics teachers. If you follow the guidelines below, you can even be the best in Class 11 Mathematics:

  • Thoroughly comprehend and practise NCERT Solutions and sample problems.
  • Practice with Extramarks study materials.
  • Solve a lot of sample papers and question papers from past years.
  • Practise, practise and practise.

2. What are the major concepts covered in the chapter relations and functions?

The relationships aspects are introduced in this chapter. You’ll come across the Cartesian Product of Sets and Relations a lot. You will learn about functions, including the Identity feature, Constant process, Polynomial feature, Rational feature, The Modulus function, Signum feature, Greatest integer feature, and their graphs. You’ll also learn about real-function algebra, which includes topics like adding two fundamental elements, subtracting an actual character from another, multiplying with a scalar, and so on—the quotient of two real capacities and the multiplication of two real capabilities.